Stickers on vinyl wallpaper, as well as how to properly affix themselves vinyl wallpaper

Stickers on vinyl wallpaper (54 photos) choices and sticking to the wall


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  • 1 secrets of choice
  • 2 mounting and dismounting Features
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Modern interior design has a lot of trends and directions. The interior should be organized in such a way that the free space has been as much as possible. Particular attention should be paid not only to the availability of space, but also its functionality, personality, as well as eco-friendly materials.

In the interior plays an important role decoration of the walls. What to use as a decoration? Our answer - Stickers vinyl wallpaper.

Stickers vinyl wallpaper Over the past few years, the tendency to use vinyl stickers on the wallpaper showed a significant increase in popularity. Using this decor, you can decorate a fragmentary one or another part of the room.

The peak of popularity similar means dressing rooms reached in Europe. With their help children walls decorative trim or the living room can be performed. they will also help you brush up on old building, make it original and stylish.

secrets of choice

office design

Example labels for office space or working room

Most often, sticker vinyl wallpaper painting ends. The result is a classic walls, as if to bring the share of diversity. The decor is most often made of vinyl, but other materials.

The highest quality are vinyl films, from which you cut yourself you need the image. Silhouette transferred onto the mounting tape with it - directly on the wall.

For the first time such a decor appeared in France. To this day, the French design studio offers you the highest quality labels on different topics.

Note! Equally popular stickers Spanish production. but as you know, for the quality you have to pay. For example, the price of the decorative element Miraentu Interior 60h100 size can reach 95 cm euro per unit. The smallest size stickers of foreign manufacturers will cost you about 15 euros.

how pokleit vinyl wallpaper

decorating the living room

Price stickers domestic production is significantly lower than foreign. However, be prepared for a very unoriginal design, in addition, you will have to use a conventional adhesive non-woven wallpaper.

You already know how to stick the vinyl wallpaper, it's time to consider the process of decorating.

mounting and dismounting Features

Glue stickers is much easier than with how pokleit vinyl wallpaper. This process will not take much of your time and effort. It all depends on the area of ​​a pasted over surface, as well as its state. If the room is painted vinyl wallpaper - like pokleit stickers - a simple question.

Making room with the help of stickers

Making room

Remember that when removing labels may damage the paint or wallpaper.

glue stickers


  • Pasting surface should be clean and dry.
  • Before starting work on the wall, apply a mark indicating the position of the elements.
  • Before you glue the vinyl wallpaper and labels, remove the portion of the substrate.
  • Decor straighten from the center toward the edges and downward, sequentially pulling the substrate from the drawing.
  • Well flatten the surface of the drawing. This is to ensure that the label is well stuck to the wall.
  • After final gluing iron the pattern several times a squeegee.
  • After the film assembly removed progladte a soft, dry cloth.

remove stickers

In order to remove the sticker from the wall, you will need to try to pry the edge of a sharp metal object and pull the end.

If you plan to use the re-decoration, make sure the integrity of the pattern. Professionals in this case recommended to preheat the dryer wall.

Making children's room

Making children's room

design subtleties

Today, the market for building materials decoration stickers you can meet a wide variety of colors, textures, themes, forms, as well as manufacturers. The most popular stickers in black and white.

Very often, wallpapering one tone ends dressing room monochrome stickers. Most often, these tones are used for interior bathroom.

These stickers can be huge in size and occupy a whole wall or be small and only emphasize any of its individual elements.

Adhesive wallpaper, bright colors are not recommended. Designers in one voice declare that to do such daring deeds are not worth it. It is best to stay at any of pastel shades, and then decorate the room accessories, more saturated colors.

Labels have increased stability to light and moisture. That is why they are able to for a long time to maintain its rich color.

There are many individual subjects labels: floral, textual, psychedelic, children or business, which, in turn, are designed for wall decoration of public premises.

Stickers can be pasted on the part of the ceiling or floor, on window sills or columns.

This solution will give your interior a special depth and saturation, so, knowing the answer to the question, how can pokleit non-woven wallpaper, proceed safely to the decor.

Such stickers can be smooth or have a relief surface. You can easily combine decorations in different shapes, colors and textures. Also available in the shops ready packages of design combinations.

wall decoration stickers in the nursery

wall decoration stickers in the nursery

For the operation, use glue for vinyl wallpaper with paper backing.

Labels may be subjected to repeated wet cleaning, treating with their surface various detergents. These stickers are eco-friendly.

Their composition is very simple - all 3 layers. The first - a paper substrate. After it vinyl layer is located, and then drawing and film assembly.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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