How beautiful wallpaper paste: how interesting gluing different coverings, with a border

How beautiful wallpaper paste (42 photos). Features alternation. The choice of adhesive


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  • 2 Details of the alternation
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Wallpapering - this process for a long time to remember those who have decided to perform the repairs yourself. The choice of material and glue, cutting and overlapping webs, leveling and removal of defects on the surface - all this takes a lot of time. The slightest inaccuracy - and the room interior will be ruined. So, today we will try to find an answer to the question, how beautiful wallpaper paste.

how beautiful wallpaper paste

For this experienced designers often use this technique as an alternation of paintings of different colors or textures. Due to this, to add to the dynamics of the atmosphere of the room, pick out some details of the interior and smooth out the shortcomings of the room: Too high ceilings or disproportionate length and width.

A few tips

how interesting wallpaper paste

Vertical striping wallpaper

If you are looking for ways on how to apply wallpaper wonder, our article is exactly what you need.

how to glue different wallpapers

The horizontal alignment of the wallpaper with different patterns

Original methods of decoration of various rooms of the apartment.

  • Do not be afraid to experiment and combine color and texture: suitable for a combination of different cuisines finishing materials (tiles, paint, wallpaper) in the living room will have to limit different types of wallpaper and shades.
  • Highlight areas of the TV in the living room - a fairly popular technique. If the basic background of the room - fabric with a pattern, decorate the wall behind the TV striped wallpaper without pattern.
    Accent allocation allows us to emphasize the individual elements of the decor.
  • Highlight accent wall can also be used in the bedroom - usually paintings with a bright ornament paste over the surface of the bed.
  • The combination of bands one invoice, but in different colors will create a unique interior. You can alternate patterns on sheets of one color: change in flower pattern with monogram or straps across the two bands.
  • horizontal division - a great alternative to the vertical alternation. Bottom glued textured strips and the top - textile.
    line interface is hidden behind the border, or molding strip. Before gluing pattern with a border, carefully measure the width of the decorative element. In smaller rooms it should not exceed 3 cm.
  • Example of application of inserts: Use for a child's room a single background that stick vivid characters from cartoons, sketches or forming compositions.
  • The technique of "patchwork" or quilt It looks great in any environment. To implement it, we need a few different sheets, which we shall cut into equal pieces and randomly pasted on the wall.
  • Nishi and the protrusions can be isolated contrast materialEspecially impressive it looks when using variegated background.

Details of the alternation

how to hang wallpaper with a border

The symmetry in the vertical alternation

If we decided that sticking beautiful wallpaper, let's take a closer look with modern design techniques.

Symmetry and asymmetry

Hide imperfections of the room layout - the main purpose of alternating.

If the room is elongated, we use the method of "symmetry". Wallpapering do almost all of the room background blades bright color, and in the middle with both sides sticking bright wide fabric other textures. This reduces the visual size of the room to the width of these strips.

Acceptance of "asymmetry" is similar to the previous one: the background and one of the walls are pasted in the same way. On the opposite wall is glued narrow strip of bright material located closer to the corner.
This will not only reduce the length, but also to expand the room.

wallpaper duo

If you decide to combine the two colors of wallpaper in one room, use a smooth transition: on one wall begin to alternate between two colors of fabric, which will create an original effect and smooth out sharp contrasts.

how beautiful wallpaper paste

Example Interior striped wallpaper

Note! When the horizontal interleave optionally use a proportional combination of 2: 1. In rooms with high ceilings, it is desirable to leave the bottom of a broad band.

Very popular solution to the question, how beautiful wallpaper glue are pasting. They can be not only a detail of the interior, but also self-decoration.

For this purpose on a light background fabric glue a square of bright textured canvases, framed his beautiful frame, and no pictures are no longer needed.

Glue for wallpaper: choose a versatile composition

The choice of adhesive

The choice of adhesive

High-quality adhesives for wallpaper - a prerequisite for a successful outcome of the epic wallpaper. A wrong composition does not allow the paintings beautifully lie on the surface of a wall, be sure to form a crease.

Depending on the type of selected paintings and the adhesive composition, it allows for maximum compatibility of materials.


  • Universal. Used for stick coatings of any type, but not 100% reliable gluing.
  • For light through webs methylcellulose. Used for gluing paper and other light wallpaper.
  • For heavy fabrics based on PVA. Can safely claim to be the best answer to the question of how to glue different wallpaper, suitable for fiberglass, nonwoven and even vinyl.
  • Dispersive. Used for bonding fiberglass. Characterized by improved bonding characteristics.

The adhesive supplied by the manufacturer in a dry mix and reconstituted with water in a reasonably short period, 10 minutes, and can begin to perform work.

And how long does it take for gluing wallpaper? In answering this question, it is necessary to consider the time of surface preparation, mixing the adhesive, coating and impregnation of sheets, and the time of their direct application on the wall.

Summing up

After reading this article you probably had ideas how beautiful wallpaper paste it in your room. The correct choice of colors and topography, as well as their competent combination will allow room to hide flaws and make a real design work of his own hands.

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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