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Self Wallpapering without experience - quite a hard task, even when it is necessary to paste over the walls of his apartment. And when the turn of the ceiling, even skilled craftsmen ready to overcome difficulties. In this article, we describe how pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling properly and achieve excellent results, which fabric choose a specific design and layout and, of course, reveal a few tricks to facilitate the implementation of such work.

Pasting ceiling wallpaper - original design solution. For those who are tired of the whitewashed ceiling, but too lazy to paint them with paint or do not want to throw away money on suspension structures, you can simply select the wallpaper suitable to the interior of the room, and pokleit them all surface.

how pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling

helpful hints

Location paintings butt

Location paintings butt

  1. Separate bonding sheet

    Separate bonding sheet

    To wallpapering the ceiling was carried out efficiently, get a helper. You will need another pair of hands that will keep the fabric at the bottom and to monitor the quality of work.

  2. Independently can pokleit cloth, folded its "accordion", but this skill is not acquired immediately.
  3. The room has high ceilings definitely need comfortable and stable pedestal - tables, construction trestles or other parts of the interior, which you're not afraid to fall.
  4. When choosing a pattern and texture, be guided by the overall atmosphere of the premises and interior design. If you are new in design, choose the coating with fine chaotic pattern. First, it will make the ceiling visually higher and secondly, you do not have to pick up the sheets that match the pattern.
  5. Before the ceiling pokleit wallpaper, turn off the electricity and close doors and windows. The surface need to soak primer composition after removing the old finish with him. It can also be applied to the surface of the diluted glue.
  6. Conveniently cut into strips, calculating the length of the window, it will make the joints between the sheets invisible. The only disadvantage of this option - take too long trestle.

Note! Transverse stripes glued easier, but the depth of the room may be too visible crossing the border sheets.

sticking wallpaper

Removing excess glue

Removing excess glue


Before wallpapering the ceiling, cut strips to length and glue the first promazhte.

Using a brush, apply the adhesive composition from the center to the edges of the sheet, making sure that the adhesive does not hit on the front side.

Fold the ends of the cloth so that they touch.


One person gets on the box and carefully unfolded one edge strip starts to press down the plate to the ceiling, a smoothing roller.

The second expands its half and helps to hold the roll. Following the instructions, you should not have any issues as well pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling, in practice it is quite simple.

Next greased sheet and an adhesive is adhered to a first butt. It is advisable to start gluing on one of the walls, combining the band while they are wet.

Trim the excess portion by using scissors, stationery knife. First complete blunt edge shears the shear line, and then move fold blade.

What wallpaper to choose?

with textured surface Ceiling

with textured surface Ceiling

Many novice builders of the question, as the ceiling wallpaper pokleit? In reality, there is no any specific type of coating intended for a ceiling.

You can use for these purposes and the usual paper webs, non-woven texture and even the expensive fabric material.

The question is different: some glue to choose for the job? After arduous and paintings on the wall are held not too good if you do not use a special glue.

Experts recommend when gluing wallpaper on a ceiling surface smear and fining and the sheet itself, regardless of the type of coating.

Summing up

After reading this article, you already know how pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling, and can even help a friend in this task. Only the observance of all rules will do the job efficiently and get a good result. Approach to this stage of the work with great responsibility.

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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