As the non-woven wallpaper pokleit correctly on the ceiling: the rules of gluing

As pokleit non-woven wallpaper on the ceiling


Table of contents

  • 1 The sequence of work
    • 1.1 The first stage - preparatory
    • 1.2 The second stage - the main
    • 1.3 The third stage - painting
    • 1.4 The fourth stage - final
  • 2 cleaning
  • 3 Summing up

Modern repairs in the apartment often involves wallpaper trim not only walls, but also to the ceiling. This trend is not surprising, because it is thanks to them that manages to hide surface defects as quickly as possible.

In this article you will learn how to pokleit non-woven wallpaper on the ceiling.

as a non-woven wallpaper pokleit

The sequence of work

The first stage - preparatory

Before pokleit non-woven wallpaper, dilute the glue to the desired consistency.

Example of the ceiling in the living room

An example of a living room decoration

After his swelling, prime with a ceiling structure and allow to fully dry. Getting directly to be glued to the ceiling finish with your hands, apply the adhesive only on the stove. Cloths apply thereto and then straighten the roller or with a dry cloth.

Note! Fleece is an environmentally friendly material that is breathable, it helps improve sound insulation in the room, as well as fire safety. Its surface is completely stretched when wet, but the adhesive contact with the outer side is better to try to avoid.

Second stage main

On flizeline basis always remains the original size and texture, you do not have to painstakingly customized canvas butt when decorating the walls with his own hands.

example finish

example finish

However, there is a small feature. Selecting non-woven wallpaper for the ceiling, glue the overlapping them, and adjust the seam line later using a paint knife or blade. Clearly adhering to the technology.

After that the surface must stand up to dry completely.

Remember that in the area where the repair is carried out, there should be no drafts.

Third stage painting

After sticking non-woven wallpaper on the ceiling is fully completed, you are ready to paint. First we need to choose the color.

non-woven wallpaper pokleit

EXAMPLE decorative moldings

Choose bright colors such as blue, light peach or light pink. Remember that the colors should clearly be within the framework of the walls of the room.

You can use water-based paint in the kitchen finishing and coating based on latex for the other rooms.

For the uniform application of purchase regular soft cushion. Apply paint perpendicular to the window in two layers. So you can hide all the bad dyed zone.

The fourth stage final

If you want to make your room is really unique and refined, it is possible to decorate the surface of the moldings. Note that it is necessary to paint, together with the paintings.

In this case, you will not use the roller, and a small brush. Also, special attention should be paid to the seams connecting the eaves.


finishing in the nursery

Cloud ceiling for a child's room

If the surface has already been papered, sticky non-woven wallpaper with your hands a little bit more complicated. Possessing some of the intricacies of the technology of this work, you can speed up this process.

  1. Wash off lime

The base layer is necessary to remove the whitewash spatula, and the residues can be removed from the paint roller or plain cloth and water. Rinse all without a trace.

  1. emulsion paint
  • If the surface has been painted with latex paint, it will be harder to remove as compared with lime.
  • Before pokleit wallpaper on non-woven based, water-based finish is soaked. To do this, abundantly lubricate the surface with water twice, with an interval of 15 minutes.

example stucco

  • To speed up the process of creating a draft. The coating should swell, after which it will be easier to remove the spatula.
  • If the surface of the enamel paint, the best way was applied - sanding it.
  • If this method does not work, you have to resort to the use of a special solvent.
  • If during removal of the coating with water-based, you have damaged plaster zashpaklyuyte these areas, let dry, then prime with and already only then can start pasting.
  1. Wallpaper

If the ceiling was pasted, wet finish with hot water. After that, you can easily remove all traces of the spatula.

  1. The multi-layer paint

Non-woven wallpaper pokleit and can be repeatedly painted on the plane. However, pre-need a thorough cleaning of the surface. To somehow ease the time-consuming process to attach the drill or punch a special nozzle, which has a blade shape.

  1. Oil paint
ceiling painting

Process painting surface

How to pokleit non-woven wallpaper painted with oil paint surface? This is a question we asked the expert. The oil finish is most easily removed with a hair dryer building. Due to the high temperature coating becomes softer and more pliable, you can easily remove his conventional scraper or spatula.

Tip! Quickly and efficiently cope with the old finish is possible with the aid of special solvents, which are applied with a brush or roller. After 30-40 minutes, the layers will soften, and you can clean off their stiff spatula.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you, and now you know how to glue non-woven wallpaper for painting. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.