Options for wallpapering: fashion creative sticking two kinds of interesting options for pasting in the bedroom, in the nursery

Options for wallpapering (60 photos): the combination of design and other original ways


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If you do not know how to combine different types of wallpaper, to achieve a proper decorative effect. How to hide the flaws of the particular layout of the room using wallpaper. Are you interested in options for wallpapering in the hall, bedroom or kitchen. This article is for you!

There are many options for how to apply wallpaper in the room. You can combine several colors, or to focus on the differences of texture, choose an interesting mix of patterns or even make a choice in favor of drawing liquid wallpaper.

options Wallpapering

Do not forget about combinations of tiles, artificial stone, wood and upholstery materials. Let's look at all these examples.

How to combine wallpaper

stickers wallpaper options

horizontal striping

Combining wallpaper - the most popular design method. Think what would you like to see your room after the repair, do not be afraid to experiment with textures or color coating. Rate the functions and features of the room.

What options stickers wallpaper can be applied in your case, taking into account the height of the walls, the width of the room, layout elements?

The suggestions below are options suitable for virtually any standard interior with distressed rooms will need to experiment, combining several types of alternations.


Thus, the version of "vertical stripes". The use of the interior strips of two kinds of different colors and textures - a rather original way to create an atmosphere and make the dynamics of the room.

options for pasting wall wallpaper

Standard separation of horizons

You can combine or shades of one color, or use a contrasting combination. Monochrome combination will create a shadow effect of the game, and contrasts to emphasize the uniqueness and character of the interior.


The division into horizons - fairly common way of finishing. It is perfectly fit into any design style, allowing you to alternate absolutely any fabric with different colors and surface topography.

What alternate - contrasting or monochromatic band, it depends on you. The main thing is to pick up their correct width.

For example, in rooms with high ceilings, experts recommend to combine strips in a ratio of 2: 1.

Very impressive look is a combination of non-woven and textile wallpaper, rough terrain smoothed soft colors and patterns.

Interesting options for pasting wall wallpaper can be obtained through the use of additional decorative elements.

Place the joint need to determine before the bands and labels highlight the line that must be parallel to the floor, it will be the same with furniture divider level.

Horizontal wall-paper hanging takes place from top to bottom, and left at the junction of overlap, which is cut only after drying and "contraction" of paintings.

Note! Place seam can be hidden by a border or a special tape, it will hide possible defects and cracks formed during bonding.

Very often paintings are of different widths. The use of polyurethane moldings or wooden strips (depending on design) makes it easy to solve this problem and diversifies the interior of the additional decorative element.

Methods pasting rooms

creative Wallpapering

Using the curb

  • You do not know how to paste over the wall in the bedroom? We offer you an original method - wallpaper coating inserts. Decoration of the interior inserts have to be carried out on the prepared wall.

To begin with, glued monotonous background fabric light shade. Then - thick massive pieces, for example, nonwoven sheets. These inserts can be of a different size and shape. Classic style allows the use of rectangular structures, but you can experiment okleivaya wall of geometric figures.

  • But in the nursery as inserts can be used vinyl stickers depicting favorite characters from the cartoon.

Also quite original decoration of the interior liquid wall will be simulating a fabric cover. They are safe, made of natural materials that allow their use in the nursery.

Combining in the living room will be divided into functional areas, visually separate them from each other, give the meaning of each separate part of the territory.

method can be used in the hall, called "accent wall". Thus, the wall behind the TV, stands a bright shade, sharply contrasting with the background of the room. you can make the transition from wall to ceiling to enhance the effect on this area.

Original design methods

Wallpapering in the bedroom

Examples of combining wallpaper

  • If you need creative Wallpapering, use a combination of patchwork. It is a derivative of the design with wholemeal inserts, only now the surface of the room are covered with solid inserts, without the use of background.
  • This is reminiscent of an old quilt or a view of the field with a bird's-eye view - in any case, this design looks great.
  • The main secret of this method is the harmony of materials. You can glue the chaotic colored blocks or a combination of ordered, to express their own imagination, but the main thing that all of these insert something in common - drawing, pattern or color.

If your house is a lot of niches, arches and projections, whether they are created on the idea of ​​the builder or are planning inconvenience apartments, all of this should be used to create an original interior.

Often the owners are simply trying to hide such a place away from prying eyes, but designers recommend every way to allocate them.

Pasting wallpaper in the recesses and projections is usually carried contrasting colors or vivid relief paintings. You have bright wallpaper? Make a dark niche! The fine pattern on the walls - Make the wallpaper with a large pattern ledge!


Arch, wallpapered

Finally, a few tips:

  • Buy wallpaper in one place, so that they coincide in tone and texture.
  • Use the same width of the web.
  • Use a combination of not only visual effects, fix flaws planning.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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