Decorative stickers wallpaper for children and adults decor

Decorative stickers wallpaper (60 photos): Universal and children's options


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Decorative stickers on the wallpaper - the ability to update the interior without large-scale repairs and redevelopment.

The idea of ​​interior updates using any scene images is not new, but if earlier choice nears mostly landscapes, but nowadays you can find photos from a variety of styles drawings.

Decorative stickers wallpaper

Stickers: what and what?


The main difference from photowall stickers is that the fabric is not completely filled with a pattern. Stickers are both colorful and black and white.

In recent years, popular stickers with a picture that is painted entirely in one color and two-color model. In addition, there are phosphorescent and mirrored copies.

Basic material - vinyl. The film creates a certain elastic layer, so that they are easy to apply and well kept, without wrinkles and without being destroyed over time.

On the surface of the paint do not burn and do not exude adhesive spots, since the reverse side of the sheet instead of specific sticky adhesive applied solution, easy to apply and also easily unstuck from any needed.

manufacturing features

After looking at a decorative sticker, it would seem that the image is long and hard to cut. In fact, just the silhouette is applied to absolutely transparent basis, entirely pasted on the surface.


sticker-horse for interior room

Sticker-horse for interior room

A significant advantage of these accessories is their safety in terms of environmental friendliness. With proper use are stickers on the wallpaper for a long time. Apply them to the wall is very simple.

Stickers are available at the wallpaper absolutely in different sizes and a uniform standard is there. You can select an image, and in the wall, and can be one that would occupy only a small area. Positioning pattern can be a partial seizure of the ceiling.

Stickers look great in every room, even the kitchen and hallway. For example, instead of a conventional wardrobe can stick its "shadow." For garments can be screwed in the right places small handrails. The kitchens this method can simulate shelf items.

Note! Stickers are resistant to steam and water, so they can be used even in the bathroom. Especially beautiful mirrored image will appear here.

children's question

stickers for children at the wallpaper

Universal sticker: for children and adults decor

Becoming more common today have found a variety of colorful children's stickers, wallpaper, which are located on the walls or furniture.

Such labels on vinyl wallpaper is a fairly simple way to decorate the baby's room. After removal of the decor or move it to another location will not remain traces of glue on the surface and do not need to reposition the wallpaper. Stickers are designed to ensure that, in the design of a child's room to create a special atmosphere for the child.

Stickers children at the wallpaper is better to choose with your child, if it repairs - a purely adult, the decor can be charged to the kid. The girl wants to transform your room into a little princess palace, with flowers and butterflies. A boy will prefer labels with images of ships and aircraft.

Remember that the sticker on the wall must comply with the chosen style and stand out from the general interior.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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