As pokleit wallpaper or fiberglass itself: in a corner, on chipboard or plaster, without seams, in the toilet

How to pokleit wallpaper (36 photos): the necessary tools and features sticking


Table of contents

  • 1 Calculations and materials
    • 1.1 Tools and materials
    • 1.2 settlements
  • 2 Preparing walls
  • 3 cutting wallpaper
  • 4 sticking
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It's no secret that the surface of the walls in the house occupied by a large area, determine the entire style of the room and immediately attract the eye. The quality and accuracy of registration of the walls plays an important role in building design. And that your repair was successful, and acquired the usual room a fresh new look, we want to give a few recommendations on how to pokleit wallpaper seamless.

how pokleit wallpaper Getting a quality repair begins? With reference to the instructions that came with the building materials, wallpaper is not an exception.

If no special rules, you can manually start this complex, but interesting to do.

how pokleit wallpaper in the corner

Embossed wallpaper for the bedroom

Calculations and materials

It is important to keep in mind:

  • accuracy and care to prepare the surface;
  • selecting a high-quality coating;
  • selecting a suitable adhesive quality, which corresponds to the coating type.

Tools and materials

You also need to prepare everything necessary for this process. So, we need:

  • roulette;
  • stationery knife;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • rubber roller;
  • putty knife;
  • a bucket with water for the preparation of an adhesive;
  • roller;
  • glue;
  • damp sponge or cloth.

Now that all the tools are ready, you can deal with the phase in which the process is divided into classic gluing surfaces. And the question of how to glue wallpapers our experts answered in another article.


The first step is to calculate the required number of blades in order to avoid wasting money and material. To do this, use the calculation table, which can be taken from a sales assistant in the building supermarkets or other point of sale.

But remember that these tables can be rather impressive errors, because they take into account the area of ​​the openings is inaccurate.

how pokleit wallpaper on chipboard

Wallpaper with a pattern in the interior of the living room

You can also use the old-fashioned method of calculation.

So, take a tape measure and old roll that is equal to the width of the wallpaper, which are planning to buy, measure along the wall around the room the desired number of strips. Wall with openings for windows and doors are measuring the same manner.

Now we can measure the height of the surface, to understand how to properly pokleit wallpaper. If the wall height of 2.5 m, from one reel length 10,05 m turn 4 of the strip.

But an important condition is the monotony of paintings, no drawings. If you have to customize the picture, based on the calculation - 3 strips of 1 roll. You can use the leftovers for pasting of surfaces of door and windows. Before you choose wallpaper for the bedroom or the kitchen, pay attention to the size of the figure, it is larger than, the more residues.

The next step - count the number of rolls.

Preparing walls

When the material in the required amount purchased, you can proceed to the next stage - the preparation of the surface. Our goal - dry and smooth wall.

If the walls have old coatings, certainly delete them, lightly spray with water and removing a narrow spatula.

how pokleit wallpaper seamless

Beautiful interior hallway with the wallpaper with a pattern

You should also seal the crack filler. Another no less important point - prior to pasting should be primed substrate. For priming is possible to use a weak solution of glue.

cutting wallpaper

The next step will be the preparation and cutting wallpaper. But before you start cutting fabric, you must make sure that all purchased rolls belong to the same party.

  1. Rolls laid out on the floor to be cut into strips. The size of the strips, measured in accordance with the height of a pasted wall and do a small reserve of 2-3 cm.
  2. Cut the cloth must be carefully with a knife stationery. If the selected wallpaper to fit, the strips should be cut according to the pattern shift.
  3. pattern displacement step should be specified in the data sheet, which is attached to the material.


We now turn to the most glueing, but to figure it out, how to make wallpaper paste. From this ingredient on the fate and life of the coating, so to this issue is to approach responsibly.

Glue to choose according to the type of fabrics, this information can be found on the adhesive packaging or in a sales assistant.

Cooking method:

  • breed glue, depending on the proportions specified in the instructions from the manufacturer;
  • in a bucket with clean water stirring create funnel;
  • in the crater small portions pour glue;
  • Ready glue should be left for 10-30 minutes to infuse.

It's time to learn how to pokleit paper wallpaper. Steadily apply the adhesive on the reverse side of the cloth and fold the glued side in, end to end.

pokleit wallpaper

Wallpaper with geometric pattern in the interior of the hall

Allow the glue has absorbed for 5-10 minutes (the exact time specified in the recommendation of the manufacturer).

If you glue the vinyl fabric is better to put a uniform layer of adhesive on the reverse side of the cloth and the paste over the surface.

Difficulties may arise with the dilemma of how pokleit liquid wallpaper, but in this matter is best to seek professional help.

Note! For quality fining walls follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer to a particular type of fabrics. Only in this case you will be satisfied with the quality of the work.

You have decided to pokleit wallpaper of fleece? Apply with a brush a special glue to the wall and start to glue fabric. Nonwoven fabric was advantage lies in the absence of the need to apply the adhesive to the sheet.

As pokleit fiberglass? Use technology, described for the non-woven fabrics.

how to pokleit wallpaper

Wallpaper with a pattern in the dining room design

The next step is gluing strips to the wall. You must begin to glue on the window. For this draw on the surface of flat vertical line and glue the first strip from the ceiling, straightening end along a given line.

Now we need to smooth cloth brush to remove the air and get rid of the defects. Attach a second band abutting the first. Gently remove the excess with a clean cloth wallpaper paste.

Is highly undesirable, after gluing completed immediately make furniture, as well as to establish a plinth, because newly pasted wallpaper is very unstable to damage.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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