How to choose wallpaper for the hallway a little: what and what color?

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway (42 photos) to create a unique design


Table of contents

  • 1 Why finish in the hallway - this is important?
  • 2 Criterias of choice
    • 2.1 Drawing, print, decoration
    • 2.2 Wallpaper type
  • 3 Choose the color of the material
  • 4 Summing up
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Coming home after a hard day's work, the first thing you see - it's a hallway. It was from this room begins comfort of your apartment. How to choose wallpaper for the hallway - the topic of our today's article.

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway

Why finish in the hallway - this is important?

When choosing a coating for the corridor, keep in mind that the range should be sufficiently non-marking. And it's not just another whim hall design in the house, and practical advice.

After you enter from the street it is in the corridor, so there is always more dust. But also to choose darker shades are not worth it, because due to lack of natural light window is very small.

So, how do you choose wallpaper for the hallway? Where to begin? Covering the walls must be combined with furniture, ceiling and floor.

Criterias of choice

Drawing, print, decoration

Be sure to think through drawing. Remember that a large pattern will make a small entrance hall even less, and a narrow vertical strip "pull" the room.

In addition, you can use special stickers on vinyl wallpaper, which will create a unique interior.

What wallpaper to choose hallway

Hallway with two kinds of wallpaper.

If you want to add more light, you can use the design method: the lower part of the walls pokleit wallpaper dark, and on top - light, using the same drawing.

The hall can be visually divided into two rooms, if near and far wall relative to the door to paste different coatings and seam to close the toe strip. Whatever you choose, remember that the surface should be subject to one style.

For example, dark parquet floor with the door "antique" will never be combined with a bright yellow trim flowered.

Note! Do not chase fashion trends and choose the coverage that will make your hallway cozier. The use of expensive materials does not make the hall more beautiful, if the finish will not fit into the interior of the apartment.

For a wide corridor will suit almost all color finishes. It can be monotonous, with prints or patterns, stripes or polka dots.

The long corridors are not recommended to use a large pattern. Ideal for this type of the corridor will be neutral tint with simple patterns.

Wallpaper type

Now we should think about what to choose wallpaper for the hallway. Them there are several types:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • textile.

Let us consider each type separately:

  • Paper. This variety was quite popular before the advent of new materials. They are of two types: single-layer and dual-layer.

This is a relatively cheap material, eco-friendly and easy to glueing. However, their life is not more than 10 years, so be prepared to re-repair facilities.

The disadvantages of a low strength and vulnerability to mechanical damage. Choose their worth only when you have limited finances.

  • Vinyl. This double-layer thick coating. They are good because they can perfectly mask the imperfections of the walls, are resistant to sunlight, are well tolerated in the wash, have a high density.

However, vinyl coated tend to stretch during application of glue, and after drying - is compressed, which leads to a discrepancy seams. Such material is sufficiently advantageous to use from the standpoint of price / quality ratio.

  • Fleece. The underlying interlining - or synthetic textile fibers which are able to pass air. They are durable and do not soak under the influence of the adhesive, perfectly conceal small irregularities of the walls.
what color to choose wallpaper for the hallway

Corridor pasted non-woven wallpaper

With direct pasting is not necessary to apply the adhesive onto the surface of paintings, wall lubricate them enough.

  • Textile. Production of textile coverings made on the basis of the paper. On top of the base layer is applied directly to textiles, this may be cotton, jute, flax.

Depending on the manufacture, there are two types of textile coating: based on solid filaments and webs. When using the last pasted canvas, which fully covers the walls of the room.

Price depends on the texture, degree of naturalness and sustainability. These coatings have insulating properties, is resistant to fading.

Choose the color of the material

Now it is necessary to decide what color to choose wallpaper for the hallway. Bright colors, such as red, pink, cause fatigue, and sometimes irritation.

What wallpaper to choose for a small hallway

EXAMPLE corridor with textile wallpaper

Yellow gives positive emotions, and the use of orange is a feeling of euphoria and mood rises.

Green has a calming effect, however, can cause fatigue.

It should be borne in mind that under the influence of the color of light can change, so before you buy it is recommended to take a sample and look at it directly in the hallway.

What wallpaper to choose for a small hallway area of ​​less than 5 m²? Remember that the big picture will narrow the already small space.

The strip also has a negative effect on the interior. Therefore, the best option would be a neutral color coating with a simple pattern or ornament.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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