How to choose wallpaper for painting walls is better for a child's room, what color?

How to choose wallpaper (30 pics): decor, light and color options for the child and innovation among the coatings


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  • 1 The decor - an important aspect of
  • 2 More light, less light
  • 3 And now the children
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Set wallpaper - one of the most difficult dilemmas during repairs. After all the walls occupy a vast area, and are the first thing stops our eyes. People who caught the Soviet times, are used to a limited choice, or rather, to his absence - paper wallpaper with floral pattern - the maximum that could then afford.

But today, when the range of the construction market pleasing to the eye, to choose something not so easy for himself, but lost in the infinite sea - incredibly easy. Let us together find the answer to the question of how to choose the wallpaper for the room?

how to choose a wallpaperA common mistake of our society is that when we need wallpaper, we immediately go to the market or other point of sale, hoping for a chance encounter with a "wallpaper their dreams." According to experts, this is the wrong approach.

Charm favorite wallpaper, likely will not last long, and when the wallpaper is not in harmony with the overall interior design, owners apartments are only a bad mood, and decoration of the walls with their hands while not bring positive results.

Remember, to the choice of wallpaper, as well as to any important issue, one must first prepare, collect information, to understand the details and nuances.

And even then it is safe to go for this purchase. How to choose wallpaper for the walls and prepare for this purchase, you will learn later in this article.

The decor - an important aspect of

How to choose wallpaper for the walls

Wallpaper for the room

Our excursion into the world of wallpaper to answer the question of what to choose wallpaper for the room and other rooms in the house, let's start with the design.

three main components can be distinguished in decor wallpaper: drawing, color and texture.

  1. An infinite number of pictures, but conditionally specialists are divided into "flowers" (it can be not only flowers, and any recognizable figures or objects), stripes, large spots, spotty backgrounds and wallpapers without drawing.

So, let's talk about "colors". It is important to know that they, too, come in several forms - large, small, vague and contrast. Each species has its own peculiarities and performs its function.

For example, large "flowers" in the design of the walls of the bedroom visually reduce the space, and small, on the contrary, are expanding. Also, small patterns can be unobtrusive backdrop for any style, while the clear, large "flowers" immediately take all the attention on himself, dominated.

The degree of contrast, in principle, has the same properties as the pattern size. The clearer and more contrast image, the greater the portion on the overall picture of design.

Along with the wallpaper in the "colors" popular are striped wallpaper. They go perfectly with the design of all styles, except for those which are not inherent in straight lines.

how to choose the wallpaper for the room

The use of wallpaper with stripes in the interior

Vertical stripes visually enlarge the wall, as if to pull her up, but the amount in this case is reduced. But if the band will not be contrasting and slightly blurry, the ceiling will be extended, but the volume will not be affected.

Another interesting solution is the wallpaper with large spots.

But before you choose a wallpaper, you know that this type of wallpaper are evident, so do not paste over the room this type of wallpaper, but to highlight some of the most profitable it is.

Wallpaper in small spots can be used on any wall in the kitchen and decor reminiscent of the spray from the spray paint of two or more colors. Such spots are well masked even noticeable unevenness of the wall. They scatter the rays of light in different directions.

If you want to emphasize design objects, choose plain wallpaper or wallpaper with a barely noticeable pattern. These wallpapers may seem boring, but it can be prevented by a well furnished room.

And if you're going to something else to decorate your wall (photos, pictures, wall installation), you should choose this type of wallpaper.

Sometimes we want to re-design and then wonder paintable wallpaper which to choose. Just plain wallpaper perfectly suited for these purposes.

More light, less light

As the right choice of the figure, the question of how to choose the right color of the wallpaper, just as important.

The color should be chosen not only based on their own preferences and tastes, and even on criteria such as size of the room, its function in the apartment, the location relative to the cardinal.

How to choose wallpaper for the nursery

Plain wallpaper in the room design

So, remember that the premises, south-facing, suitable cold colors (pink, blue, green and like), but for the rooms located on the north side, it is necessary to choose the warm colors (orange, yellow, red).

In rooms with large the meter can not be afraid to use saturated colors. But in small rooms the question of what is better to choose wallpaper, is more acute.

Deep colors create a sense of closeness and neuyutnosti, because they reduce the space.

It is also worth to compare their preferences with the functions performed by a given room.

Remember that the color red is very exciting, invigorating, it stimulates excessive appetite, so in the bedroom they are not relevant, and in the dining room and the kitchen it should not be used if your plans do not include kilograms recover in the near future 10.

For the living room, you can unleash the imagination and decorate it exactly to your liking.

But the problem of how to choose the color of the wallpaper is not very much for the children, making, because too exciting, but especially cause aggression, they should not, so you should stop for a yellow-orange tones and light tones.

And now the children

how to choose the wallpaper for the nursery

Wallpaper for a child's room in light tones

This is how slowly we moved on to the main family members and their personal quarters. Children - flowers of our life, I want to make the best of everything for them.

And in her room the child will spend a very large part of his life, because the interior in this room must be perfect, promote the development of the little man.

As we have learned, wallpaper - an important part of the design, but how to choose wallpaper for the nursery, we have yet to understand. Often during the selection of wallpaper in the nursery we take the unwritten rule of all time: the girls - pink and boys - blue.

Psychologists have long shown that these colors are really positive effect on the child's mind, but let's look at these and other options, which will be no less enjoyable for your child.

So, what to choose wallpaper for the nursery to please your child?

Let's start with the traditional colors, such as pink. The total value of this color - peace, creating a romantic and optimistic attitude.

This color perfectly calm children after a hard day, improve appetite and mood for calm and sweet sleep. So if your girl is hyperactive, an excellent option is the pink room.

If the daughter of a quiet or listless, she does not have enough strength, tires easily, add to her room a few red accents. After all, the red will stimulate your child, and add energy to it.

how to choose a wallpaper

Room boy

As for the boy, the traditional color is blue or shades of blue. This tone is perfectly soothes and calms, but this color is "cool" room, so you should add some warm notes.

Now we move away from the standards and talk about what is still to choose wallpaper for the nursery, in addition to pink and blue. In principle, you can rely on their own preferences and tastes of your child, but remember some simple rules.

Note! Flashy and very vivid wallpaper is very negative impact on the psyche of the child, make him nervous and even aggressive, so try to avoid these colors especially at an early age. Nor should we resort to contrasting colors, such as red and green or purple and orange.

Regarding the age of the child and his or her preferences, you can talk a lot, of course, each man is unique, but there are some general criteria that should be targeted.

  • If your child of about three years, you can watch him, to determine the preferences of the child.

Since one can not be considered a first taste of the baby, because at this age the child is formed as a person. Psychologists recommend to pay attention to warm pastel wallpaper without great graphics and story pictures.

  • If your child has already reached 4-7 years, the ideal option would be the wallpaper with cartoon characters, because they like everything. You can also choose the wallpaper with an interesting story for your offspring.
  • But the teenager, based on their tastes and preferences, can choose for themselves the style, color, pattern. The main thing that was from what to do.

Innovations in the field of wallpaper

Of course, the world does not stand still, every day of the great scientists make discoveries. But all this is so far away and nothing to do with our topic, you say? And that's not true.

What is better to choose wallpaper

3D wallpaper in the apartment

Recently, in the world of wallpaper has changed. To say that the range has increased a thousand times, we will not, because it's obvious.

Let's talk about quality rather than quantitative changes. Not sure how to choose the right wallpaper somewhat unconventional appearance? Did you hear about the wallpaper 3D?

These wallpapers are a smart alternative to get bored of the usual wallpaper. Drawing on the wallpaper of these may be very different from the waves of the sea and nature to your children or family photos.

And given the functional purpose of a room, you can understand how to choose a wallpaper.

For example, Bathroom suitable 3D wallpaper on which the porthole with fish for the children's room will be displayed - kittens or puppies, bedroom - gentle waves and white sand.

But remember, these wallpapers can be used only in areas with a large area, because in a small room, they will look like usual wallpapers.

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