How interesting pokleit wallpaper: how fast, original, smooth paste over combined

How interesting pokleit wallpaper (33 photos): Combining based rules coupling visual division walls horizontally and vertically


Table of contents

  • 1 What is important to consider?
  • 2 When the combination is justified
  • 3 Rules-based combination
    • 3.1 Visually divide the walls horizontally
    • 3.2 Dividing the vertical walls
  • 4 Summing up
  • 5 Photo Gallery

Wallpaper - the most common finishing material, which is in its usual form is known from the XVII century. We will not delve into the roots of wallpaper coating better explain how interesting pokleit wallpaper.

how interesting pokleit wallpaper

What is important to consider?

The use of different textures able to add a static flat wall speakers, not allowing the paintings to merge into a single spot of color.

To this combination is not "cut" the eyes, choose one dominant shade with further imposed on him various reliefs and drawings.

In addition, combining with wallpapering two kinds is an important instrument of visual correction of space. This case involves the use of fabrics in contrasting colors.

When the combination is justified

Before pokleit wallpaper combined, let's see how this decision is justified.

And it is applicable in the following cases:

  • With high ceilings and a small floor space.
  • If necessary, dividing the large area of ​​the room into functional areas.
  • If you violate the length and the width of the room (the room disproportion).
  • When the need for a focus on a single element of the room - niche column.
original pokleit wallpaper

Variation combining wallpaper

Tip! If you are wondering how fast pokleit wallpaper, we will answer that is faster and easier to self-adhesive fabric glued on an ad hoc basis, without requiring the use of glue.

  • If desired, the desire to make the most of the wall more dynamic.
  • If necessary, the visual association of adjacent rooms without loss of the individual characteristics of data rooms.
  • If the design solution involves the use of one of the walls of the room as a key element of the interior.

Rules-based combination

Pokleit wallpaper original may be using a variety of textures, patterns and colors.

how pokleit wallpaper in the bathroom

Combining how pokleit wallpaper in the bathroom

But you need to strictly follow the rules of their combination:

  • Matched combining scheme should comply with the overall style of the room, fully reflect its purpose, as well as the specifics of the room.
  • When creating better to use combinations of fabric of the same thickness.
    Because of this you do not have to think how exactly pokleit wallpaper in connection with possible inconsistencies edge webs or how to avoid problems with the selection border.
  • It is not recommended to combine luxury with cheap fabric. It will be the most advantageous to look trim the same price and quality categories, characterized shades and textures.
  • Widescreen saturated color panels recommended balance monophonic stripes and discreet webs with a fine pattern.
  • Floral ornaments are perfectly combined in a pair with wood textures and patterns.
    Figures geometric content can well complement the abstract motifs.
  • Bright, saturated colors look good in combination with muted neutral shades.

To achieve harmony in the combination of all the elements in the interior must be chosen wallpaper, with common traits: shades of color, similar style of drawing, an identical scale elements.

Visually divide the walls horizontally

Horizontal division is a kind of classic finishes. This method would be justified, if the height of the room is quite large and the visual division of the plane is required.

Before pokleit wallpaper original method of combining the horizontal must draw a horizontal line with an aspect ratio of 1: 2.

Interfacing strip can be located in the bottom third wall bound sill height and at the top.

as a combined pokleit wallpaper

In the photo horizontal combination

Classic proportions in the combination (formula dividing horizontally):

  1. Bottom (2/3 or 1/3 of the height of the room) - the strip, up - plain or with small pattern.
  2. Bottom (1/3 of the height of the room) - a small figure or one-color, top - large flowers, stripes, monogram.
  3. Bottom (2/3 of the height of the room) - painted wallpaper in the large flowers, monograms, top - plain.

Regardless of the method of combining, as the separation, as well as a decorative molding strip can be used or a curb.

When selecting fabrics for combining pay attention to the sheet thickness. Thin sheets stuck combined border, while the thick embossed webs (e.g., foamed vinyl) curb be inset.

If the thickness of the lower and upper sheets differ significantly, their joint recommended decorate molding or strip.

Dividing the vertical walls

Vertical combining an excellent method of eliminating the interior of monotony by alternating bands of several tones of one color.

In this case, such a gradation is visually perceived as a bizarre game of shadows.

Combined as a wallpaper pokleit

Combined wallpaper pokleit both their asymmetric way

Now let us consider possible ways of vertical separation walls:

  1. Symmetric. In this central portion with two flat sides is allocated a bright background in comparison to wide bands.
    This will create a visual distortion that can hide excessive elongation of the room, the room at the same time will become wider and more spacious.
  2. Asymmetric. Such an option allows wallpapering give the room life and dynamics of the room after this visually will seem wider and shorter.
    To achieve this effect can release a wide band walls (as in the previous method), and on the opposite wall must paste narrow strips of different widths.
  3. Visual association of two walls in the room in different colors (hues). When the interior device uses two dominant hue smooth the sharp distinction that occurs between them can by combining interlace.
    Vertical striping does not provide any special equipment gluing wallpaper, everything is done in accordance with a standard scheme.
    The only rule here is to choose the same quality fabrics and thicknesses for accurate joints.

Summing up

The combination - a universal way to create an interesting design space. We can only wish you good luck and to offer video in this article.

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