How to glue the glass fiber: how pokleit at the ceiling, gluing technology

How to glue the glass fiber (33 photos): specific quality gluing


Table of contents

  • 1 On the advantages of
  • 2 The sequence of sticking
    • 2.1 Preparations are under way
    • 2.2 Which adhesive to choose?
    • 2.3 sticking wallpaper
  • 3 Wallpaper Paint
  • 4 papered ceiling
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Pasting wallpaper the walls - an important stage of design of the room design. On how well the procedure depends on the future appearance of the premises it will be carried out. A good option for the interior decoration will be glass fiber - a special kind of wall coverings. Many are interested in, as well as the gluing fiberglass correctly, learning simple techniques will allow you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Glass fiber - a special kind of coatings, wherein higher strength and has many advantages.

how to glue the glass fiber

On the advantages of

Woven web of glass filaments looks great on any surface, whether the ceiling, walls or furniture fronts.

A distinctive feature is the ability to paint.

Furthermore, they have the following properties:

  • FIRE. Due to its structure (glass fiber coated with a special compound) wallpaper resistant to high temperatures, so steklooboyami pasting can be performed even on kitchen surfaces directly at the source heat.
  • Ease of use. Another advantage is the ability to use processing detergent compositions or plain water to remove dirt from the surface.
  • The strength and durability. tissue structure to withstand any load, and the material has a long service life.
  • Environmentally friendly. Fabrics made from natural ingredients, which are harmless to humans and do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Possibility of color. When people are interested in how to glue the glass wall, they will learn about the possibilities of painting.
    Due to the fact that the surface is textured fabrics, you can paint it with latex or acrylic paints, water-based. This increases the durability and makes the finishing striking design element.

Note! Covering the surface can withstand up to 20 repainting preserving texture and without losing quality. But for coloring must be purchased only in white linen.

The sequence of sticking

Preparations are under way

how to glue the glass fiber

prepared wall

To delete this old layer of plaster or wallpaper using a metal scraper. If you can not remove the old paint, use special solutions that facilitate the implementation of this procedure.

In a pinch, you can soak the paper with water, wait for the disintegration and remove it with a putty knife.

After removal of the old coating, align the surface with a plaster. We obscure the biggest cracks and we clean the walls with sandpaper.

The surface of the glass wall - textured, so easy to hide the slight unevenness of the wall.

Upon completion of this step is necessary to protect the wall from mold. For this process the surface of the fungicidal composition, as well as a primer. After that you can cook the glue.

Which adhesive to choose?

pokleit like fiberglass

knead glue

In addition to the preparation of a pasted surface, an important role in the quality of work and durability of glued wallpaper performs adhesive composition.

Glue for paper wallpaper is not suitable for bonding steklopoloten.

The textured surface weighs considerably more than usual sheet of paper, and therefore grip should be carried out at the highest level.

Typically, the manufacturer offers a special glue to each roll of wallpaper. The resulting mixture need only be diluted with water in said ratio.

If it does not exist, it is recommended to purchase products or Wellton Oscar.

sticking wallpaper

And now we come to the most important stage - wallpapering the room.

fiberglass how pokleit

Glue on the wall

Basically, gluing fiberglass technology is not much different from the standard procedure. Pasting is conducted at room temperature, without draft and expose the surface of the direct sunlight.

On some nuances:

  • Dress appropriately.
    For repairs to steklooboyami, the builder should be dressed appropriately. Fiberglass can be crumbled, and the fine particles cause skin irritation, so protect yourself with clothing with long sleeves and work gloves.
  • Two sides. Glass fiber have two sides - right and wrong. Typically, when wound into coils stored inside the front and Wrong marked gray or blue stripe.
  • Glue for heavy wallpapers. As already mentioned, the sticking should be conducted with the use of high-quality glue, intended for fiberglass.
    Basis glue - modified starch with chemical additives. Strongly diluted adhesive composition may serve as a substitute primer material.
    It should be noted that the adhesive is applied to the surface of the wall with a roller and not on the wrong side of the fabrics. Special attention to the characteristics of the adhesive composition should be given, if you do not know how to stick the fiberglass wallpaper on the ceiling.
    With this arrangement of blades is required really high-quality adhesive.
  • Prepare and label webs. Cut sheets on the roll with a small allowance for easy alignment pattern. Wallpaper glue butt, combining stitches.
    Follow coincidence pattern to the surface topography was homogeneous.
  • After the web wall stickers, bleed using a plastic spatula, and the joints with a clean damp cloth. Now that you know how to hang wallpaper.

Wallpaper Paint

as the fiberglass stick

Painting of fiberglass

It costs you only pokleit fiberglass as it's time to start painting the surface. Paint glass wallpaper only after complete drying in 3-4 days.

They are very well absorb the paint, so to reduce the consumption of coloring materials must be primed wallpaper heavily diluted wallpaper paste.

Do not apply too much paint flow rate - 500 ml per square meter.

Painted wallpaper in two parts with an interval of 12 hours. Use the best water-based paints, coating made with their use, quite durable and retains its characteristics.

For public premises or rooms where the walls get dirty quickly (such as a kitchen) used acrylic paint that is resistant to abrasion.

If you decide to repaint the fiberglass, you will need to paint with a deep texture, the old layer can not be removed. By the way, remove steklopokrytie quite difficult.

In this article we explain how to hang wallpaper without the help of professionals.

papered ceiling

pasting steklooboyami

Fiberglass ceiling

Quite often using fiberglass paste over the ceiling. They strengthen the surface structure and prevent the occurrence of cracks.

If you do not know how to glue the glass wall to the ceiling, remember, this procedure is quite simple.

  1. Prepare the surface. Remove dirt from the ceiling and the old plaster, and align gruntuem.
  2. Turn off the electricity and close the windows to avoid drafts.
  3. Cut into strips and mark up the ceiling. If the wallpaper is not shown, you can not leave allowance, the texture will hide the joints between the webs.
  4. The adhesive is applied directly to the ceiling. Use special glue for heavy wallpapers.
  5. Glue together paintings from the edge and moving toward the center. The surface iron spatula for removing air and glue residues.

Now you already know how to glue fiberglass and ready to independently carry out repairs in the apartment. Decorate your room with original wall coverings and enjoy high-quality repairs, surprising guests with their mastery of the house.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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