Can I hang wallpaper on vinyl wallpaper and some adhesive vinyl coating of wallpaper best?

Can I hang wallpaper on vinyl wallpaper (48 photos). How to dissolve the glue, to make an artificial joint. Especially paper webs


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  • 1 Food Technology and glueing
    • 1.1 preparation
    • 1.2 infliction
  • 2 artificial joint
  • 3 paper coating
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Among the many questions about the accuracy of the technology of pasting different types of surfaces finishes, including vinyl, one can often find discussions about whether it is possible to hang wallpaper on vinyl wallpaper? Let's work together to find the truth.

whether it is possible to hang wallpaper on vinyl wallpaperWallpaper glue on top of vinyl wallpaper can be only in the case if the surface close to the paper. If this instance, as part of which there is a silk or other similar components, give up the idea.

If you still want to stick coating on top of the old, take care of high-quality adhesives and applied correctly.

Food Technology and glueing


Locate on the reverse side of the pack by adhesive preparation instruction for pasting vinyl wallpaper. In accordance therewith pour cold water (can be even less than indicated in the table), and to pour the powder.

Vinyl coatings Structure

Vinyl coatings Structure

Then a mixer to mix the paint weight. At the same time, make sure that the glue immediately get wet and did not take lumps.

Note! The consistency of the glue should be approximately the same as that of cream.


  1. Then prime the wall with glue.
  2. If the wall were found any defect, shpaklyuyte them until the wall is moist, but not wet.
  3. When pasting walls conventional paper coatings, which tend to greatly expand when wet, without ground surface primer deep penetration. This will reduce their ability to absorb.
  4. And when gluing vinyl wallpaper is better to be primed wall.

artificial joint

Make a decorative joint easy. For this:

  1. Sheets that have already soak, stick overlap by 2 cm, wait about 5 minutes.
  2. Center joint press down with a spatula, a little bending the it.
  3. Cut the resulting compound. Do this office knife. Try not to press strongly, so as not to cut into the base of the wall, such as drywall.
  4. Remove the trim, dock them and roll up the plastic roller. Then rinse with glue and sprinkle the surface of the atomizer, blot it sponge.

How to choose the glue for vinyl wallpaper - the best is the one that corresponds to the type of coverage.

paper coating

Room design

Room design

Consider some features of the paper coating:

  • The low cost and the same quality. Such coverage will cost you much cheaper, but is it worth saving? After a few years you will have to once again face the problem of repair. If you want pokleit them in the kitchen, this hour will come even earlier.
  • If the room where the repair is carried out, a relatively stable temperature and humidity, paper coating can still be glued. There, they will last longer. Paper finish - great for living room, children's room or bedroom.
  • Decorative paper surfaces can be single- and two-layer. Simplex can be difficult to find in the United States and Europe at the moment to issue paper duplex. They are characterized by high density, strength. In such a coating can be focused more and more design ideas. They are also perfectly suited for printing.
  • Apply and remove such coating is less convenient as compared to the non-woven finished.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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