Gluing wallpaper: ways of pasting two types, video machine for applying adhesive

Adhesive wallpaper (57 pics). Features trim corners, doors, radiators and curbs. Types and subtypes of coatings


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It is no secret that the wallpaper - a comfortable, beautiful and environmentally friendly coating that never goes out of fashion interior.

Thus, the bonding of different types of wallpaper and textures - the topic of our today's article.

adhesive wallpaper

The process of selection - one of the most enjoyable and memorable repairs. At the head should be not only your design intent, but also the specifics of the room. Additionally, small, abstract pattern significantly reduce the time spent on the taping and strength, hide minor surface imperfections.

  • The color scale is selected according to the functional purpose of the room and the amount of time spend there you and your family.
  • Thin wallpaper with paper backing environmentally friendly, but are short-lived.
  • Texture good camouflage small defects surfaces.
the necessary equipment

the necessary equipment

There are various ways of pasting, but we offer the best option.

Technology implementation pasting


Cooking surface. With papered walls need to remove all the old fabric, paint, plaster, a dried glue.

This is done by soaking them well with warm water. But on complex sites will need to work with a spatula or wire brush.

The key to success in the label - properly prepared surfaces. Good zashpaklyuyte all existing cracks and bumps, smooth the transitions.

For work, use putty, water-based, in order to avoid stains on the front of the paintings.

You can now primed putty wall, re-apply the primer after training.

That's how simple and uncomplicated is the preparation walls for wallpapering - video, prepared by us, will help to understand the intricacies of the process.

Smoothing cloth and soft cloth roller

Smoothing cloth and soft cloth roller

Before you cut out the sheets, check the batch number and tone of all rolls. band is calculated by adding to the room height of 7-10 cm. If you choose fabric with a pattern, it requires a obligatory docking and fit, do not miss the sight of it during the cutting out.

Glue for wallpapering need to be dissolved in water for 15-120 minutes prior to the start of work. During this time, it forms a homogeneous mass and swell.

To apply the adhesive, use a broad brush or a special machine.

The glue that makes modern firms, slightly stained pale pink tones, it will help control thoroughness of the application of the composition on the surface of the web.

After applying the adhesive wallpaper leave for swelling, this fold them in half or "accordion" several times.

An apparatus for applying adhesive

pasting the wall

We recommend that you start to paste over the wall from the window. This will make the joints less noticeable.

Preparing walls for wallpaper gluing video

Wallpapering behind the radiator

The first strip is fixed after alignment plumb. Press down the strip must be carefully not stiff brush or special roller. The same tools are well flatten the strip since the middle and moving to the edge.

We are working with corners

To stick the web on the corner of the room, back a few centimeters, placing the sheet so that he went to a nearby wall. Seam allowance make cuts parallel to the floor.

Subsequent strip, carefully aligned, attach the second surface to the allowance.

Now about the species and subspecies

Wallpapering the two kinds of video

Paper wallpaper in interior rooms

adhesive wallpaper on drywall

Vinyl wallpaper in the room design

What does the modern construction market?

  • Today, even the paper coatings are no longer just paper, they applied special plastic films that repel moisture. As a result, their lifespan increased to 4-5 years.
  • It is considered more durable multi-layered web of paper, which are made by painting (you can change their color to 10-15 times).

If you are interested Wallpapering two types - video in this article will talk about possible options for combining different finishing materials.

  • A good option is vinyl coatings that are not afraid of moisture and resistant to sunlight.
  • Pasting of walls of glass fiber wallpaper in the office, office, living room or even in kindergarten - the best that offers the construction market in the category of decorative materials for painting.

Note! These wallpapers are difficult to detach it from the wall. To delete them, use a special chemical building remuver.

Summing up

We hope our article has been useful to you, and the photos show what it looks like gluing wallpaper on drywall, wood, concrete, oil-based paint. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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