As pokleit wallpaper two kinds of flowers: on drywall to concrete, how much time to glue on their own and which are easier to glueing

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An experienced designer can use many different tricks to decorate the interior of the repaired premises. The main design tool in the so-called cosmetic repair considered wallpaper, and by using this type of spin finish can create a truly unique interiors. Novice builders interested in the question, but as pokleit wallpaper of two kinds at the same time and whether such a procedure is, in principle?

Indeed, designers sometimes use this technique to create a unique atmosphere and focusing on some areas of the room.

how pokleit wallpaper of two kinds

In our time, the construction market there are many different types of wallpaper.

It is possible to separate the different types of wallpaper for some characteristics, such as washable wallpaper divided into:

  • normal, without additional protection against water;
  • moisture-proof, protected special coatings - can rub with a damp cloth;
  • washable - Wet cloth may be water with detergent;
  • supermoyuschiesya - even withstand washing brush and water with detergent compositions.

If you have not decided what pokleit wallpaper in any room, please refer to the classification by appearance.

Depending on the particular design you may need one of these wallpapers:

  • Pattern with smooth surface;
  • Wallpaper with embossed pattern;
  • Wallpaper with texture (plaster, concrete, etc.).

When selecting the correct glue for wallpaper we will need a classification by weight. There is only 2 varieties: light and heavy.

Methods of combining multiple wallpaper

how pokleit wallpaper on drywall

Combining multiple colors Wallpaper

And yet, look at a few ways to combine several kinds of wallpaper. The first of them - vertical stripes. On the background of ordinary wallpaper glued accent stripes of bright textured wallpaper or the wallpaper with a pattern.

Horizontal separation wall - a variation of the previous method. The wall is divided into two parts by means of two types of different wallpaper separated border.

It can be combined, for example, textile and vinyl wallpaper plaster.

Upholstery insert: This method involves pasting the entire room a single monochrome background. Then, in the places that you need to focus, stick insertion of bright textured wallpaper.

For these purposes, you can also use stickers - vinyl stickers.

If you do not know which is easier to glue wallpaper, we recommend to combine vinyl wallpaper with patterns and the conventional paper used for backgrounds, or different types of textured wallpaper.

We consider in detail the process of horizontal wallpapering. To begin, prepare all the necessary tools designed to work with the wallpaper, as well as two types of the selected wallpaper.

Then, you can start:

  1. Draw a vertical line at the boundary between different types of wallpaper. Usually its height is about 80 centimeters from the floor, but the wallpaper can take and exactly half of the wall.
  2. Start to glue on top, putting half of the wallpaper strip to the surface. Smooth out the fabric, remove the excess glue, then - cut an extra piece of wallpaper.
  3. Move away from the window, the upper part of the room okleivaya.
  4. We perform the same operations with the lower part of the room's walls, wallpaper pasting of a different material or a different color.
how pokleit wallpaper in two colors

Bonding between the border wallpaper

  1. Carefully customize joints wallpaper glue on the border border. To align it can use the plumb line.
  2. Trim the edges of the wallpaper under the baseboards and the ceiling before the glue dries. Use a spatula for a delimiter and neatly cut with a knife, placing it horizontally.

If you are interested, how much time to glue the wallpaper, you can not worry - this process will not take much of your time.

How to combine materials and colors

how pokleit wallpaper on the concrete

Conventional vinyl wallpaper with a pattern

Of course, the classification of the material from which the wallpaper - the most complete and used.

the construction market we can now find:

  • Paper wallpaper.
    A true classic. This cheap wallpaper, easy to glueing, which provides them with a stable demand. Typically, paper is used for background wallpaper under extra inlay.
  • Vinyl. Double Background of the two material types (vinyl outer layer and a paper substrate) have excellent operational characteristics are protected from moisture and fungi, resistant to wear and durable.
  • Glass fiber and recolorable structural wallpaper. If you do not know how to own pokleit wallpaper of this type, it is best to contact the experts.
    Commonly used in offices and public areas in view of their resistance to external damage.

Note! Such wallpapers are glued to the wall using a special dispersion adhesive, which ensures a secure grip with the wall. But to pull out of the wall without the use of spetsrastvora would be virtually impossible.

  • Mural.
    In fact, this paper wallpaper, but with the printed image. Big picture is broken into pieces and glued fragments. This type of fabric to create a unique ambiance in the room.
  • The liquid wallpaper.
    A special type of wallpaper. In fact, this semi-liquid composition, which is applied to the wall with a roll, and when dried forms a surface, pleasant to touch and similar to wallpaper.
  • Fabric wallpaper. Expensive option for interior decoration., Can be used without any additional design accessories or add-ons.
    They are quite expensive, are used in living rooms, bedrooms, decorated in the Empire style or classic.
    If the repair process you have any questions such as pokleit wallpaper on the concrete, this kind of wallpaper is definitely not for you.
  • Natural wallpaper.
    This wallpaper made from natural materials. In principle, these include glass fiber, but traditionally considered natural bamboo wallpaper, which is usually used to create a Japanese interior.
how much time to hang wallpaper

The combination of pattern and background

Now that you know all possible types of textures and materials wallpaper, wallpaper pokleit which will be much easier to choose. It is worth remembering that different materials are useful in a variety of conditions and have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, glass - a convenient way to decorate the interior, even the color of steklopoverhnosti possible, but minus their application is difficult and pasting a weak moisture protection.

To achieve interesting effects, you can combine several types of wallpaper in one particular place.

which is easier to glue wallpaper

Decoration colors wallpaper

The contrasting combination of colors and textures - is bright and original design tool. The combination of several types of wallpaper, or even wallpaper in different colors will give an interesting effect.

If you do not know how pokleit wallpaper in two colors, in the first place should be defined with the interior style of the room, find out the features of the home and its functional purpose.

Only the basis of these characteristics, it is possible to select the color and to think of variants combining different wallpapers.

independently pokleit wallpaper

Pasting of the corners

In the process of pasting the walls with wallpaper is almost always there are some problems.

Thus, issues such as pokleit wallpaper on drywall, plaster, oil paint, other wallpaper and other surfaces are popular with first-time builders.

Also, quite often novice master repair techniques interested correct pasting of corners and hard to reach places premises - areas near the door, on the windows, behind the battery.

And pasting the ceiling is considered the most difficult part of the room. For its pasting it took two people: one is to paste fabric wallpaper, and the second to hold the free edge and align, if required.

After reading this article, you already know how pokleit wallpaper of two kinds and you can safely begin to create a unique interior. As can be seen, the combination of several types of wallpaper - a rather original design course that allows to emphasize the dignity of repaired the room. Good luck in the future repairs!

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