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How to glue vinyl wallpaper (45 photos). Features of bonding and coating removal


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Vinyl wallpaper got their wide distribution in the 50-xx years of the last century. But then they had a slightly different range of properties and features. In the 70s in the Soviet Union, these wallpapers called "washable", as they can be safely wash a certain number of times.

Today such wallpapers have additional characteristics and properties. To learn how to properly glue vinyl wallpaper you'll learn in this article.

how to glue vinyl wallpaper In the past century, the popularity of "washable" wallpaper was at its peak. Such wallpapers are usually composed of two layers of paper, which is impregnated with a substance such as vinyl chloride.

At that time, almost the entire population of this type of wallpaper paste over with bathrooms, kitchens and corridors.

how to hang wallpaper vinyl

Finishing vinyl wallpaper

Today, many people mistakenly assume that vinyl wallpaper not leak air, as it was in the last century. Naturally, this is misleading.

At present, the structure of wallpaper has micropores which easily pass air and thus retain moisture.

It is important to know how to glue vinyl wallpaper correctly. For this it is necessary to know what characteristics and other characteristics has a particular material.

Vinyl has the following characteristics:

  • This material is considered to be very strong to erosion;
  • Vinyl wear-resistant;
  • These wallpapers are not only able to decorate the wall of your room, but also serve as an excellent decorative ornament;

Vinyl wallpaper can be characterized by a huge variety of styles, designs and types. Ordinary wallpaper - wallcoverings, which serves as the basis for the vinyl or embossed pattern on the surface.

There is a kind of vinyl wallpaper, wallpaper like foam. Their difference lies in the fact that the production of this paper has been subjected to heat treatment. After that, they have the original form and structure.

how to pokleit vinyl wallpaper

Example of wallpaper based on vinyl for the living room or bedroom

The third type of vinyl wallpaper - a silk screen. They are composed of silk, namely, silk threads, which are located between the layers of paper.

Vinylic additionally treated with different substances to their under surface are not formed are different types of fungi. These solutions are completely harmless to children, adults, and even pets.

Use these wallpapers can be in virtually any room, both for the walls and ceiling. They are very easy to wash and clean.

Foam wallpaper will help you hide the main surface flaws of the ceiling or wall. To do this, carefully examine the question of how to properly pokleit vinyl wallpaper in the room.

Features gluing vinyl wallpaper on the wall

There are many guides and tips on how to hang wallpaper vinyl. They can be purchased in stores with special construction literature or download on the Internet.

how to glue vinyl wallpaper video

Stylish living room, a modern vinyl wallpaper

Gluing vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing with their own hands is simple and practical, as well as the usual wallpaper. However, there are some features and subtleties of this process.

The first rule when pasting premises such wallpaper - do not stretch them wide, because when dry they can be compressed and then the gap formed between the joints.

For convenience, use the special rubber roller. It is best to choose a cushion, designed to enhance the rolling joints.

Note that for high-quality repairs and fast drying of the room should be a constant temperature and a complete lack of drafts. Also pay attention to the humidity of the room. It must be within the average.

Before you hang wallpaper embossed vinyl, you must start preparing the walls. First of all, get rid of old wallpaper.

If the walls before it was paint, something from her, too, you need to get rid of. Do it with a trowel. If the paint can not be, then use a variety of solvents.

By the stage of preparation of the walls also include plaster of the wall defects (dents and irregularities). If you are papered ceiling, then rinse off the surface or remove whitewash coat of paint.

In other words, even the quality of gluing non-woven wallpaper is directly dependent on the quality of the wall.

Especially the removal of vinyl wallpaper

how to hang wallpaper embossed vinyl

EXAMPLE abstract pattern on vinyl wallpaper

In addition to performance and aesthetic characteristics, it is very important to know the basic rules of how to glue vinyl wallpaper, as well as the characteristics of their removal from the surface.

  1. Protection from fading

Various types of wallpaper have varying degrees of resistance to the rays of the sun, namely to UV light. This type of radiation is particularly detrimental effect on the vinyl wallpaper.

Brightness and color drops sharply. To date, there are several ways to combat this problem.

The first of them, when the plant surface wallpaper treated with special substances that protect wallpaper from fading. The second - in the wallpaper when initially administered reflective particles, such as foil, mica, etc.

These elements will help your wallpaper remain bright longer performing with some decorative function. Most of these relate to the decorative wallpaper, which are used as room decoration.

  1. How to maintain the color and brightness of the wallpaper

If your wallpaper is not a high degree of resistance to burning (this information can be found on a roll, where special signs indicating the characteristics of wallpaper), then protect them from fading you will have otherwise.

how to glue vinyl wallpaper correctly

Example of wallpaper vinyl-based Nursery

In this case, hang throughout the apartment curtains and heavy drapes, and live as if in a cave, of course, is not necessary. An ideal variant is a protective film for glass windows.

This so-called toning of glasses. Such a film can be protected from the sharp and direct sunlight not only wallpaper, but also furniture.

Please note that in order to prevent burnout, wallpaper must be protected not only from UV rays, but also from artificial light. So it is not recommended to direct bright light beams on individual sections of the wall.

If the room you use wall illumination, it is best to choose a lower power bulb. They will create an atmosphere of comfort and general comfort.

If you are still unsure about how to properly glue vinyl wallpaper - photo and video on the Internet will help you thoroughly examine the whole process from A to Z.

Here qualified professionals have expressed their views on various conditions premises where the planned repairs and pasting the walls with vinyl wallpaper, as well as the use of stickers on vinyl wallpapers.

You can also purchase a variety of magazines, which will not only find answers to questions about how correct gluing vinyl wallpaper, but interesting ideas and tips on how to make your home more comfortable and original.

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