The original interior of the kitchen in a classic Italian style, with an oven

The kitchen (36 photos): Italian style, country, classical and other design options


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Kitchen - an important part of the house, in which the residents spend most of their time, and on its design depends on how households mood and comfort in the home.

That is why the interior of the kitchen should be designed so as to meet individual preferences and in harmony with the general decoration of the apartment.

Which design to choose, and what materials and tools will be needed to implement it, we will tell later in this article.

kitchen interier

Choosing kitchen design registration, the owner should be based not only on their own preferences, but also from the size of the room, as well as their own financial means.

For rooms of small size will not fit pretentious and pompous style like Baroque or Empire style, in addition, their design leaves a lot of money.

The most popular today are the interior of the kitchen in the Italian style, country kitchen, the classic design of kitchen units or original contemporary styles. Consider some of them.

Italian Cuisine

The most popular, for some reason, use the design of the kitchen - dining room in the Italian Art Nouveau.

kitchen interior Italian

An example of Italian design

Combining beauty and ecology of natural wood, strict and clear lines, bold colors and a lack of intricate decorations - the combination of these factors affect the final decision when purchasing a kitchen headset.

This interior kitchen suitable for small spaces and for a large area of ​​the room, harmoniously blend into any decor.

Nouveau - a free laconic style that allows you to organize an elegant and functional space in any home. First of all, for it is characterized by a large amount of space and thoughtful arrangement of furniture.

All surfaces and furnishings are usually decorated in bright colors. In addition, the interior of the Italian cuisine allows the use of yellow, reddish and golden hues, decorative patterns and bright accents.

Flooring for the kitchen in a modern style with parquet covered better quality, with a beautiful pattern. In the work area, of course, need a tiled covering, imitating wood.

For additional decorating the walls of Italian style in the interior of the kitchen allows the use of floral motifs, stone mosaic or wooden panels.

Interior kitchen with a stove

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Seating of the room can be covered by a carpet or carpet to create a cozy atmosphere. Walls paste over self-colored wallpaper and bright decorated with paintings, painted cloth or massive bulbs.

Wall lights in the form of lights create an unforgettable atmosphere. Ceiling - monochromatic light and can be decorated with solid glass tube or use spot lighting.

Kitchen set usually made of wood, facades feature bright décor, be sure to use decorative metal and glass inserts, colorings simulating drawing a textile coating of surfaces of natural skin.

The desirable to use exotic species of tree, doing kitchen interior luxurious and memorable as the material for the cabinets.


Quite popular design of kitchens in private homes is a country-style. For example, the interior of the kitchen with a stove can not even imagine decorated in any other form.

classic cuisine in an interior

Country kitchen

Somehow, all the associate country is decorated with an American ranch, but the oven - a traditional Russian attribute.

Therefore, the best option would be a Russian interior design. Like all ethnic styles, it involves the use of wood, bright fabrics and embroidery, lots of ceramic and wooden accessories.

And now it becomes a real salvation for solving environmental problems, because using only natural materials for cladding the house.

An important feature of the Russian style - functionality. In the old days all the furniture is made of wood, and performs several functions. So, I was sleeping bench, which during the day were used as a seat.

The housing center has a table covered with cloth and a beautiful tablecloth. Most of the things were stored in chests, which also could be used as stools.

Decoration of the house served as a drapery, elegant fabrics - velvet, brocade, and on the floor lay carpets or animal skins.

In our time, especially of ancient dwellings actively takes over the interior of the kitchen. And it occupies the central part of Russian oven. Help create the necessary atmosphere of wooden furniture, bright tablecloths, towels and motley samovar at the head table.

Varied wooden and ceramic tableware, beautiful accessories complement the decor of the room.

Note! Household appliances will have to disguise under the historical surroundings, so as not to disturb the authenticity. This will help you colorful tablecloths and decorative fabric inserts.

Surface finishes - a separate item in the creation of traditional Russian style. You will need wallpaper imitating a log or stone masonry.

Italian style in the interior of the kitchen

Russian kitchen

They can replace the usual plastering walls, simulating clay mud hut. Ceramic tiles Wood will join harmoniously into the overall picture.

Suspended wooden ceilings - a great alternative to plastic or drywall, perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen. Wooden parquet floor - complete the creation of a unique atmosphere.

To complement the effect of the window can be decorated with shutters and hang linen curtains.

The basic material for the manufacture of furniture, of course, wood. It is best to use ash, oak or pine

For the manufacture of accessories, shelves, stands and frames can use birch. For greater authenticity of furniture is better not to paint, and promo. Wooden benches and tables will recreate the atmosphere of Russian log hut.

Classic design in kitchen design

Consistently popular since the 17th century and to this day remains a classic kitchen design. All the classic dishes in the interior of the apartment look luxurious and beautiful, but also will cost quite a large sum.

original kitchen interiors

The kitchen in classic style

Classic style - this is always the best materials and the highest quality, and so it requires a lot of expenses. Space for kitchen design in a classic style should be fairly large area - a room in a country house with high ceilings, perfect for your purposes.

As the flooring is best to use a parquet made of precious wood. Stone or marble finish in conjunction with heated floors, ideal for the classic interior.

Walls paste over with usual elite vinyl wallpaper trim or decorative plaster.

Especially original design are textile wallpaper or natural cane fibers. Murals will add luxury to the interior of the kitchen.

Multilevel ceiling of plasterboard with a complex lighting system - harmoniously completes the overall picture, creating a unique atmosphere.

Windows and doors in solid is the best fit into the classical interior. Plastic windows "under the tree" - a more economical version.

Curtain off the window should be heavy drapes of precious fabrics with delicate pleats. Classic furniture is different geometric, material - artificially aged wood with carvings.

To decorate, use a cloth with floral ornaments, elegant vases and figurines.

An example of classic design

An example of classic design

Conventionally, this style can be divided into two classes: a bright and artsy and "restrained", with simple shapes.

First distinguished luxury, lots of decorative elements (pilasters, carved plinth, gilding), the second is limited to simple forms and uses frames and glass "windows" for decorating facades.

Common to all of the classical style is the color scheme of kitchen sets - white, brown and cream tones - the basis of design.

Complementing the kitchen interior hand-carved, inlaid and gilt bronze - thanks to these elements of classic furniture is becoming a rarity.

Various designs original

Kitchen in futuristic style - the original version of the interior, which will appeal to fans of the experiments.

Futuristic interior of the kitchen

Futuristic interior of the kitchen

Bold design for maximum use of technological innovations: a powerful electric plate for cooking food, large sink with shredder rubbish, all kinds of shelves and supports for knives and bottles - and all that is made of metal with glass inclusions, which looks very bright and effectively.

Such kitchen interior - original and unique, the future in the design of kitchens.

The combination of cold stone, glass and transparent metallic sheen - basic colors in the design of all surfaces and furniture.

Tiles on floor and walls, false ceiling with built-in lights, and chrome appliances form a grim futuristic picture, strikes visitors at first sight.

French style is not something new, but do not lose popularity since its inception.

High ceilings, arches and intricate symbolic wooden elements - distinctive feature of the cuisine in this design.

The kitchen in the French style

The kitchen in the French style

Table-bar with granite counter tops profitable emphasize the dignity of premises, decorative cabinets with metal inserts can hide appliances, maintaining historical authenticity floor covered limestone give sensations luxury.

Directly next to the work area has a dining table made of wood, decorated with carved and designed for meals and parties. For added decoration of furniture used forged items, as well as decorative aging.

Basic shades - bright white, metal and wood color, the surface of kitchen furniture is often covered with the original pattern. This kitchen interior will surprise guests and home owners will appreciate the cozy atmosphere.

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