Kitchen design 12 meters: trim spaces from 13 to 24 meters, repair combined with living room

Kitchen: Design of 12 meters (48 photos). Finish. Location "kitchen triangle". Linear, angular, U-shaped and island / peninsular layout


Table of contents

  • 1 finishing facilities
  • 2 Location "work triangle"
    • 2.1 The linear layout
    • 2.2 angular
    • 2.3 U-shaped
    • 2.4 The island / peninsular layout
  • 3 Summing up
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Quite often, in the course of repair stumbling block becomes small, and (surprisingly) quite large kitchen: design 12 meters as difficult to consider and implement, as the design of a small room in Khrushchev.

That is why we have decided to pay attention to the interior space of large area. He is devoted to this article.

Kitchen design 12 meters

So, you can congratulate you - you in the presence of a kitchen of considerable size. How can plan and implement 12 meters kitchen design so that it was convenient and cook, and she looked presentable? Try to determine what factors should be considered when planning a 13 m kitchen design.

finishing facilities

Thus, the cornerstone of any interior is decoration. Since you can implement a variety of design ideas for the renovation of the kitchen through a variety of building materials and finishing techniques.

As experts recommend, let's start from the top finish - from the ceiling. There is almost an ideal option would be a multi-level ceiling of plasterboard, painted structural paint or plastered with his own hands.

The reason is quite simple, planning design of kitchen 15 square meters, we are confronted with a particular problem - a huge empty ceiling space.

Fill it with absolutely nothing, except that we can hang the cabinets straight to the ceiling, thus "beat" a little bit of free space. A multilevel plasterboard false ceiling can be designed so that the transitions between the levels of the "ate" part wasted area.

Kitchen Design 12 meters

Multilevel ceiling

  1. Visually reduce a large space to help intelligently arranged built-in lights. If you place them closer to the center, the periphery of the ceiling is partially gone into the shadows. Thus, we are not only visually reduces the space, but also bring a certain share of comfort.
  2. Walls can decorate almost any color, but are not limited light colors. In suitable paint, textured plaster or washable wallpaper as a finishing material.
  3. Working wall above the countertop advisable oblitsevat tiles in terracotta or pastel colors.
  4. The best material for the flooring is ceramic tile floor. To hide the little dimensions of the room, the tiles should be laid "vrazbezhku" offset rows.
  5. Also, planning of 16 meters kitchen design, you can stay on the diagonal tiling, the main thing that she tile was not too big.

Note! It is better to abandon the polished tiles mirror effect. This floor finish is able to visually enlarge the area of ​​the premises.

After finishing work is complete, you can begin to develop the interior design.

Location "work triangle"

The main thing that is advised to pay attention to interior designers - is the location of the so-called Triangle: sink, stove and refrigerator. Indeed, in many respects the functionality depends on how these elements are arranged rationally.

Most often in small apartments we are faced with the problem of tightness when cooker, fridge and sink are very close to each other. For large areas there is the opposite problem - large distance between key points makes the cooking process in the marathon.

Ideally, even in a very large room (for example, if we are planning to design a kitchen 24 square meters) perimeter of the triangle should not exceed 7 m.

This effect can be achieved when planning the design of 12 m kitchen, we are separated stove, sink and refrigerator on different walls or passed by one of these elements on the "island".

Next, we'll look at how to implement the classic version of the interior rooms with an excess of the area and what to consider when selecting the set, for example, under the design of the kitchen is 14 meters.

The linear layout

The first version of the interior, which will be discussed - a traditional linear layout. Most often it is realized in an elongated small square kitchens.

But in large enclosures use a linear layout is limited, and here's why:

If furnish only one wall, the room will look pretty empty. The exception is a headset with a very wide work surface. They fit perfectly into the design of the kitchen 17 square meters, but can be inconvenient to use.


When the angular layout set is located on two adjacent walls. If we are not too elongated kitchen 13 square meters - a design with linear layout is preferable because the work surface along the short wall will be "stolen" part of the area.

Kitchen Design 15 sq m

corner layout

Also, when the angular arrangement we have more opportunities on location "work triangle" - stove, refrigerator and sink can be "diluted" by the adjacent walls, planned a workspace more rationally.


If you are planning interior square room with a large area, almost ideal solution would be the location of the headset in the shape of P. In this case, with the help of numerous hinged boxes, as well as the working surface of the walls, we evenly "cut off" part of the area.

This allows you to position the center of the room universal table. If necessary, it can be used as part of the working surface.

The island / peninsular layout

Kitchen 13 sq m design

Planning a large area

Island or peninsular type is ideal for large area. Solid dimensions allow room for the traditional headset, located along the wall (or more adjacent walls), to add the so-called island - the land in the center of the work surface.

This portion may be completely isolated from the headset, and can be connected thereto one of the sides in the shape of T. In the latter case it is customary to speak of "peninsular" type.

Design square cuisine

Kitchen with island

  1. The presence of the island allows you to make him one of the elements of the "triangle", for example, washing or plate. This approach significantly regulates the working space and allows to spend less time on the move.
  2. The island location is gaining popularity. One reason for this is the fact that virtually no island can not do, planning and implementing design of a kitchen-living room of 15 square meters.

Summarizing all the above, we again encourage you to a responsible approach to the issue of finishing the interior and interior design. Carefully plan the whole study the specialized publications and slowly, get to work.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

And we are sure - your kitchen will turn out exactly the way you wanted!

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