Curtain Design for the kitchen: sewing curtains for a small kitchen facilities with their own hands

Curtain Design for the kitchen (36 photos). The choice of material. Basic styles. Curtains for a small room. fastenings


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Find the perfect curtain design for the kitchen is quite difficult. Their appearance at the same time must be beautiful and create a cozy atmosphere, because the kitchen is often the whole family and guests during the visit.

The material for the curtains to be practical. Particularly worth considering constant influence of steam and high temperature. In this article we will discuss the most common variants of the design of curtains for the kitchen and show you how to choose the appropriate option.

Curtain design for the kitchen

The choice of material

After reviewing dozens of photographs depicting already invented by someone solutions, you can create a design curtains for the kitchen with his hands.

For this very need to be a professional designer, it is sufficient to choose the right style, mounting method, the material and color of the future product.

The material from which the curtains to be manufactured future, must be resistant to the following factors.


  • elevated temperature;
  • humidity;
  • food odors;
  • direct sunlight;
  • regular washing.

Tip! Keep curtains from fading help Holders with magnets, with which you can drape beautifully product, without damaging it.

Resist all other material factors will have on their own, so it is best not to choose very expensive fabric for curtains contemporary design, which after a few years it will be possible replaced. These few years with no loss of the original species can serve only fabrics containing natural fibers.

Such as:

  • cotton;
  • poplin;
  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • silk;
  • tulle.

With tulle requires extreme caution: it is too easily soiled, so it is used only at a considerable distance from the window plate.

Curtain Design for the kitchen with his hands

Curtains of tulle

Tip! If the curtains are too close to an open fire, you should pay attention to the fabric with special impregnation, making the refractory material.

Whatever material you choose, it should not be tight, otherwise the blinds will collect a lot of dust, which is unacceptable when dealing with food. The kitchen is preferable to use short curtains that for two reasons.


  1. they do not accumulate in the dust itself;
  2. allow full use of the sill.

main styles

There are 4 basic styles of kitchen curtains for decoration:

  1. Country. The style is incredibly popular, because the village has always been associated with natural and wholesome food. Should choose only natural fabrics. There will be an opportune elements of embroidery, macramé and other manual work. When choosing colors best fit into the style of country music cell or a floral pattern of medium size.
  2. High-tech. Contrary to the first style, stylistically blends well with an abundance of home appliances. Create a design curtains with their hands should be concise, without swags or similar decoration (lambrequins called frill, located above the curtain). Material color - white, blue and all shades of cold.
  3. Japanese style. The decor should be nothing superfluous: the simple clean lines, light color, possibly with Japanese motifs (such as characters) - absolute minimalism.
  4. East style. By itself, the style involves the presence of heavy thick curtains. In view of the fact that in the kitchen, such materials should be avoided, it is possible to use a light cloth, but they add splendor using swags. Fabric can be chosen embroidered with gold thread and painted with intricate patterns.
    design curtains for a small kitchen

    Kitchen curtains in oriental style

Curtains for a small kitchen

If the kitchen has a small size, a window decorated with exceptionally light curtains, as dark colors visually reduce the space.

Style "Cafe" - a very interesting design curtains for a small kitchen, so we will focus on it separately.

The idea is to consolidate on the casement windows of a small cornice. This short eaves hung decorative curtain. This solution makes a cozy little room, kitchen hides users from prying eyes.

In addition, the upper open part of the window allows light to penetrate freely into the room, increasing its visual. In this design will look wonderful products of light translucent fabrics.

Curtain-style "cafe"

Curtain-style "cafe"

Tip! Style "cafe" is for those who need a budget resolution. Curtain length 30-60 cm require very small tissue consumption.


Mounting is also an integral part of the design of window curtains. Consider the most common methods.


  • Clips. Are quite common, but the clamps teeth spoil the fabric, so thin curtains kitchen it is better not to use.
  • Loop. To the curtains sewn loop of fabric finishing that complements the main color
  • Ties. To sew curtains contrasting straps that are attached and then in the form of ribbons.
  • Eyelets. At the top of curtains mounted plastic or metal rings. This mount creates a soft and graceful folds.
    Curtains on the grommet

    Curtains on the grommet


Having defined the necessary parameters can begin to sketch. Design of kitchen curtains, described in the article, is the ultimate manifestation of the mentioned styles. In practice, adhere to the clear requirements rarely. Often, one of the styles is the basis and supplemented depending on taste preferences kitchen owners.

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