Kitchen design 8 meters: dining finishing 5 m2 and 10 meters with an arch

Kitchen: Design 8 meters (39 photos). Instruction, especially zoning


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    • 1.2 color solution
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The kitchen is an area of ​​8 m² is considered a small room. But the owner of the apartment and would like to post a comfortable working area and a table for dinner and the reception of guests, and even make the interior a unique and stylish. Small kitchen: Design 8 meters - a topic on which we'll talk.

Kitchen design 8 meters

Often, chasing functionality, the owners make the room completely impassable and uncomfortable. Of course, not everyone likes the style of minimalism, but also clutter the room too, not worth it.

Think dining table may be more appropriate in the next room, and you can free up space in the room, you may want to buy built-in refrigerator or make a regular in the hallway - placing all the necessary interior and appliances depends on your needs.

Instructions for creating design

Kitchen Design 8 squares

Example design small kitchen

Consider the guide, through which 8 squares of kitchen design can be made from scratch.


We determine the location of furniture, given the layout.

Decide on the type of room (square, rectangular, narrow), consider structural additions in terms of (gas boiler, ventilation shaft), which may interfere to create a kitchen design. The last stage - layout of the furniture, which is of several types.

  • L-shaped. For small rooms the square shape, the sink is located in the "dead" corner for convenience.
  • U-shaped. Headsets and appliances are placed along the walls, it saves space in the center. Of course, for very small spaces it is recommended to put furniture along one wall.
  • The island. By U-shaped layout is added to the dining table, exposed in the center of the room. If desired, the table can be replaced with serving bar and get kitchen design 8 meters in the shape of the peninsula.
  • Design kitchens or narrow passage It involves placement of furniture parallel to the longitudinal walls. The passage must be wide enough to movement on it it was convenient.

Note! Refrigerator, stove and washing should form a so-called working triangle.

color solution

Selected on the basis not only of personal preference, but squaring the room. Interior design small kitchen does not involve the use of dark colors, it is best to choose a monochromatic light wallpaper for pasting walls. Bright colors are also best not to use, at first they will be pleasing to the eye, and then become irritating.

Creating a kitchen design 8 square meters, do not forget about the flooring. The main requirement to it - moisture and heat resistance, anti-slip properties and easy cleaning portability.

Traditionally, the best material for the floor is considered to be a tile, but you can use stone, parquet, linoleum, wood and carpeting, as well as their combination to create unique interiors.

Kitchen Design 8 meters

Original flooring in the kitchen

Furniture and Appliances

  • Choosing appliances and headsets. You should already decide on the style of the room, and choose on the basis of it.
  • For a classic design recommended wood cabinets and shelves, as well as built-in furniture; in high-tech use many metal kitchen appliances and silver shades. Remember, the depth of home appliances and kitchen sets is 60 cm.
  • Note the structural disadvantages when choosing furniture. For the gas column may need special cabinet without bottom and lid, but with thermally insulated walls. And to mask ventilation ducts have to decrease the depth of one or more cabinets.
  • Lighting in the kitchen - a very important element. To ensure comfort during cooking, you need high-quality artificial lighting.

Based on the fact that many dishes perform several functions and are divided into zones - functional and the dining room, the best way to do multi-level adjustable lighting. Zoning light will help you pick out some sites and to create the necessary atmosphere.

  • Ventilation - the final, but one of the most important points that you should keep in mind, creating the design of the kitchen 8 m2. Evaporation during cooking must be removed immediately powerful extractor.
  • Do not forget also about textiles for windows. Depending on the style it can be as heavy satin curtains, blinds and light, slightly closing the sun. Shutters, by the way, are the best option for the kitchen.

Zoning - chief designer tool

Design 5-meter kitchen

Zoning using shelves

With increasing size of the room added work and the designer. To come up with the idea of ​​large kitchen design is often more complex than small.

Create design 5-meter kitchen easily?

For rooms that combine features kitchen, dining room and living room - a bit more complicated. Intelligently divided into zones, to come up with a separate interior for each of them and to combine it all into a single picture can not everyone.

Often, as the boundary between the work area and other parts of the premises using the bar. The difference can be used as a floor covering zoned element.

Arches are excellent examples competent separating parts of the room. Without taking up a lot of space, they create a single picture and complement the interior of any room.

Unfortunately, creating a kitchen design 10 square meters of space and other areas, construction companies often offer ready-made model arches, not taking into account the particular layout of the apartment.

Kitchen Design 8 square meters

Arch with a bar

It is not recommended to put too wide arch at the boundary between the kitchen and the dining room, because the wider the aperture, the more attention has to be paid to the harmony of colors and style of the interior.

There are additional elements used in conjunction with arches, it can be an arch-floors, takes the form of an arch just below the ceiling or beams with supports in the form of columns and pilasters.

If you need the original kitchen design with an arch look at the arch with a bar. It is convenient in terms of functionality are structures with recesses of plasterboard, which can be used as bookshelves, dishes or design elements.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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