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Kitchen: Furniture + Design (60 photos) in the red-black and light green colors


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  • 2 Classic - red and black kitchen
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The appearance of the kitchen during the planning of the future interior apartments special attention. Interesting design solution helps households not only always be in a beautiful setting, but also make a lasting impression on the guests, who are used to the classic interiors. Reviewing the photos in magazines, it is easy to conclude that every kitchen design: furniture - Design chosen very carefully, without random combinations of colors.

Our cuisine repair school will talk about the most popular colors, as well as how to choose the right furniture.

Kitchen furniture design

Best Design

  1. Chocolate Pearls +. Black and white interior - it's a real game of contrasts. Often the cabinets is carried out in a white color, and the tables - in the black, but the opposite is possible and the repair option kitchen. Tabletop can be black, white or gray.
    Best kitchen design

    Black and white interior

Tip! If black furniture seems too dark, you can order a fully white furniture and complement its black finish of the walls and floor.

  1. orange lily. Pretty simple and yet effective design: furniture - kitchen are in the same style with the simultaneous presence of contrast.

White background tiles complemented by the bright top, and the view of a single composition gives small glass door of frosted glass, complemented by direct metal handles.

Mary kitchen design

Red set with flowers

  1. Eggplant. Color aubergine will look fresh and original. However, it is worth considering that this color and its shades are only suitable for large premises.
    Design kitchen furniture colors

    Effective design eggplant color

This interior has to be very well lit, and the color of the facades shaded by bright trim.

  1. ripe orange. Recently, orange interiors have become very fashionable. Juicy and saturated orange positive and radiates heat energy and, in addition, it improves appetite and uplifting.
    Kitchen design studio project

    Interior saturated orange

If the windows overlooking the sunny side, the color must be handled carefully. When choosing a bright shade of his sure to "dilute" the cold tones - light blue or white.

Due to the popularity of color on sale there are lots of dishes and accessories color of a ripe orange, such utensils perfectly complement the interior and emphasize the exquisite taste of the owners.

Tip! If you opted for the orange walls, buy material for a few shades lighter, since large surface chosen color will look a little different.

Classic - red and black kitchen

Queen Stroke

Design red and black kitchen always looks bright and spectacular thanks to the combination of contrasts. It is for this reason that so many housewives give him their preference.

Although with such an interior need to proceed with caution. He will not create a cozy atmosphere for a long teas. Red and black version - it is rather a style for business people, as well as those who lead an active life.

designer Tips

If you have decided on a design of the kitchen in a private home or apartment should consider these tips:

  • As a third primary color is perfect for white and shades - milk, beige, cream and ivory. A combination of three of contrasts and allows to visually enlarge the space and to avoid eye fatigue from bright red spots.
  • You can use a metallic gray, but it is suitable only for sufficiently large premises.
  • Good fit shiny metal parts, chrome or stainless steel, for example, the legs of chairs and tables.
  • Unusual impression produce natural wood, especially the lighter shades.
  • It can be used as a transparent glass and frosted that goes well with lacquer fronts.
  • Furniture lines should be straight, the shape of the facades - concise.
  • As a complement to color contrast can use the difference of textures.

Tip! If the use of natural wood is too expensive, the red and black gamma allows its imitation, such as laminate. However, in this case, the colors should be very natural to play wood.

Design red black kitchen

The kitchen in red and black tones and linoleum imitating wood

light green kitchen

Lime color itself is very bright and saturated. He is almost always appropriate, whether the design of the kitchen-studio project or a very tiny room. This is due to its unique ability to hide visual defects.

Bright light green kitchen

Bright light green kitchen

By choosing this option, it is worth considering:

  • To make things more calm kitchen design with their own hands, green furniture is complemented with white, it can be an apron of frosted glass or white tiles, as well as the decoration of the walls.
  • For a more avant-garde situation lime supplement black details such as contrasting table and apron.
  • Furniture and decoration in the same tone of lime - "golden mean" between the two previous options.
  • If paneled cabinets (curly), you should get on the pastel, not flashy shade. It will go well with gray, beige and sand color.
  • For fans of the winning combination will be bright yellow or honey apron, you can also choose a more tranquil color veneer "under the tree."

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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