The kitchen: bamboo wallpaper in the design of modern style

kitchen interior - wallpaper (39 photos): design, choice of wallpaper patterns, the use of bamboo coverings


Table of contents

  • 1 The technical side of the issue
    • 1.1 Rules wallpapering
    • 1.2 eliminate shortcomings
  • 2 Choosing the type of wallpaper
  • 3 bamboo wallpaper
  • 4 Summing up
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the question arises after remodeling the kitchen and the primary surface treatment: what to do with the walls? You can not bother and paint them with paint, you can use a tile - it is practical and convenient, but the best option to decorate the interior of the kitchen - wallpaper.

In the construction market, you can find a variety of different types, colors and textures that will transform your kitchen.

kitchen interior wallpaperThe first step is to determine the necessary kitchen design and color. Finishing must fit under the kitchen, furniture and accessories.

Note! Wallpaper for the kitchen must be washable - this coating is more resistant to humid atmosphere and high temperatures.

The technical side of the issue

Color textured wallpaper

Color textured wallpaper

Rules wallpapering

Making wallpapered kitchen requires a careful approach to the technical side of the issue:

  • When cutting each strip should be greater than the distance of 10 cm from the ceiling to the floor. The excess part is trimmed after application.
  • The adhesive is applied only on the opposite side of the web, the reliability can be dotted fluff the wall in several places.
  • The strip is glued on the ceiling, one end is aligned with the adjacent wall. Do not forget to check the quality of spirit level (level), or hang on the lower part of the sinker for compliance verticality.
  • Smooth surface by using a plastic spatula. Spatula move from top to bottom and from inside to outside. If you can not flatten the crease can be formed to pierce the air bubble with a needle.
Decorating kitchen

Decorating kitchen

eliminate shortcomings

  1. Uneven joints between the webs.
    The first band must stick strictly under the kit, to withstand the "rule of verticality."
  2. Appear the irregularities of the walls: dents, bumps and holes.
    Before pasting required to align and grind walls, covering them with a primer.
  3. Coverage extends from the wall.
    Possible problem - excessive moisture. Dry walls and ventilate the room, better coating is glued on a dry surface.
  4. paintings diverge at the seams.
    Most likely, the wall surface is poorly tipped. The solution - re-sanded and primed the wall.
  5. Visible seams.
    Possible problem - the edge of the wallpaper are directed against the light. Begin to paste over the wall from the window to avoid the appearance of shadows on the joints.

Choosing the type of wallpaper

The easiest way to create the interior of the kitchen in a modern style - the wall with wallpaper paste over the same color. Solid material fine texture will be a good background for furniture, curtains and decorative elements.

interior in modern style

The interior in modern style

Monochrome wallpaper in the interior of a small kitchen requires striking additions. Textile inserts, kitchen facades with beautiful fotoprint, striking apron perfectly complement the interior.

Monochrome coating can easily decorate inserts with contrasting bright wallpaper pattern. For example, the white base can be pasted flower ornament or place the insertion in a wooden frame. We obtain spectacular decoration, replacing a picture or poster.

Look good mix of green on white and black on a light background.

  • Bright background of the interior must be balanced with simple furniture, not to create congestion effect. Light furniture with a minimum of accessories is well suited for contrasting trim.
  • Wallpaper can be used as a decorative element: paint the walls, and the area on which to focus, to paste over bright wallpaper.
  • A good design is considered to be the course of accent wall - version of the decor, when one of the walls is glued bright extravagant paintings, while others - self-colored and monochrome. This method allows you to create a "live" space and diversify the interior.

bamboo wallpaper

Texture coating bamboo

Texture coating bamboo

Wallpapers of bamboo - a great option for the design of eco-friendly and natural interiors. The material itself is very beautiful, durable and has anti-allergenic properties, which makes it indispensable in the interior of country, Japanese and minimalist design.

In addition, they do not require additional painting or varnishing, do not crack or delaminate.

Bamboo wallpaper in the kitchen

Bamboo wallpaper in the kitchen

There are several types of bamboo cover: cloth, sewn wallpaper, with applied patterns, decorative. Dimensions rolls are allowed to stick strip in both the vertical and horizontal direction.

Kitchen - a room with high humidity and temperature, so the bamboo surface is perfectly suited. Bamboo is resistant to dirt and is not afraid of water.

The service life is much longer than that of other natural materials. To prevent the absorption of odors, slices treated with the silicone composition. Bamboo is not electrified and, therefore, does not attract dust.

Due to the weight of the positive qualities of this material is used to create a pleasant atmosphere of the east.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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