Interior kitchen 9 sq m and 15: the design of the narrow space, combined with a balcony and a loggia

Interior kitchen 9 sq m (30 photos): increase in the premises and the combination of a balcony


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The kitchen is highly dependent on the shape of the room: a different layout is required to elongate and narrow spaces than square.

But to make out the interior of the kitchen 9 sq m with a balcony is necessary not for everyone - on this method of expansion room can only dream of.

kitchen interior 9 sq.m Nine square meters - is the most common size of the kitchen facilities on the territory of the former USSR. Owners of apartments with a kitchen not to be envied: the room size is small enough to accommodate all the necessary pieces of furniture, so we have to somehow get out.

Many housewives are dreaming to increase the space was subject areas and make the kitchen the size of a truly great hope for finding the desired comfort.

Some achieve the desired, thanks to the special design of a kitchen and dining room: the demolition of walls and combining several rooms, the lucky ones are added square meter balcony directly to the kitchen, and the rest is nothing to do but try to make the room cozy and functional through proper design and plan.

But the interior of the kitchen 15 square meters does not require the application of special efforts at repair.

How to increase the small room

The first weapon experienced designer - color. Add lightness and elegance is possible even in a room cluttered with furniture, we need only know the rules of color registration rooms.

Kitchen interior 9 square meters with a balcony

Accents for painting walls

Light shades - the perfect choice for decorating the walls of a small kitchen. They allow you to visually expand the space, make the kitchen more spacious.

It is best to use white color in the main versions of the kitchen renovation, however, in view of its low practicality, fit cream, pastel yellow and beige shades.

A good way to decorate the white walls serve as a wallpaper, a variety of which allows you to select an option to your liking.

Washable wallpaper with a pattern, fabric and relief - on the basis of specific parameters of the room, you should choose the most suitable model.

The best material for the manufacture of furniture will light shades of wood that will last longer than the non-natural materials and organically fit into the interior.

To not load space in a small kitchen design should not use massive closed cabinets - bright facades and open shelves will help fight the greyness and monotony. Cupboards and decorative accessories perfectly replace cabinets with solid doors.

Planning - is another way to increase space. For example, the interior of the narrow kitchen must use an angular layout.

interior of the kitchen 9 sq m wallpapers

Glass facades - for ease of premises

This allows us not to create a "corridor" between the furniture, arranged along the walls without causing inconvenience when cooking. Also popular are quite linear, and n island-shaped layout, each of which has its positive and negative characteristics

Combining the kitchen with a balcony

the interior of the narrow kitchen

Dining area on the balcony

Radical enough, but effective way to increase the space of the kitchen is to combine the room with a balcony.

In some apartments, and this option is possible, in principle, easily performed in several steps:

  1. Room preparation, demolition of walls between the kitchen and a balcony.
  2. Balcony glazing, insulation of exterior walls.
  3. Installation of additional heating (floor heating).
  4. Redecorating the room.

When dismantling the partitions between rooms should be aware that the wall is a carrier, so do not get to work without consulting with a specialist.

kitchen interior 15 sq.m

sill design in the kitchen with loggia

Complete dismantling of the wall can threaten your safety, so it is best to use the windowsill as a bar and remove a window unit.

Do not forget about insulation, the balcony wall is in need of major repairs, loggia same wall consisted of a brick, so it has the best quality of heat-carrying.

Note! The transfer of the battery pack is prohibited BTI, so for heating in more of the kitchen can meet underfloor heating or electric heater.

The resulting interior kitchen with loggia are usually organized as follows: a dining area in the new part of the room. There is no need to transfer communication (gas, water) and worry about the additional illumination.

The design of the dining area is made in the same style with a kitchen or allocated zoning method. Comfortable furnishings complete the creation of a comfortable place to relax.

On windows it is best to hang the curtains, the choice of which depends on the layout of the room:

  • In small rooms is better to choose light curtains with a horizontal pattern.
  • Curtains can be abruptly released in color, with a focus on the dining area.
  • Should not be limited to one type of tissue in the selection of curtains can be combined.
Kitchen interior with balcony


Making kitchen interior room with balcony, some owners are finding other uses for the pair additional square meters - organize a beautiful garden right on the balcony, or placing cabinets ammunition storage.

In principle, it is possible to combine both of these options, because the large balconies have enough space for storage area and for decorations.

When making a closet on the balcony, you should use a cabinet or rack with lots of shelves. Should not be completely integrate premises - better to separate the pantry window sill or curtains.

The free part of the premises you can organize small beds for growing fresh herbs: so you will provide yourself with vitamins throughout the year, in addition, the plants will decorate the room.

Making interior kitchen 9 sq m, each owner is faced with the problem of placement of interior items mean little area, but proper use of a balcony or a loggia, you can get a few square meters for personal use.

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