Beautiful kitchen interior: help to create a design in Art Nouveau style in a country house

Beautiful kitchen interior (photo 36): Art Nouveau and design facilities in a country house


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One of the most visited places us in the house is the kitchen. Here we spend a large segment of our lives, because it takes place in the kitchen cooking, it the use, in addition to the kitchen - the most popular place for entertaining and holding celebrations events. Therefore, attention should be paid not only cosmetic repair this part of the house, and its arrangement and to the smallest detail.

To make a beautiful kitchen interior and to the time spent in the kitchen, was carried out with use, it is necessary to pay special attention to the combination of colors and shades.

beautiful kitchen interior The choice of color design of a kitchen - it is a rather difficult task. So, bright colors can look too aggressively in a classic design, but well integrated into the modern and high-tech.
to create an interior kitchen

EXAMPLE dishes in cold tones

Conversely, cool colors often worsen kitchen interior with their own hands, picking up light and positive mood, though, it would seem best to fit into it.

Note! Professionals are advised to choose a color that would help to relax after a hard day's work or have had a stimulating impact and energizing in the morning (it depends on whether you prefer to mostly be in this part of your houses).
In the kitchen, which is constantly heat from the steam and heat, perfect to use cool colors (all shades of blue, green and gray), and poorly lit, small kitchenette is well suited all spectrum of pastel shades (peach, pink, pistachio, lemon or apricot). But we should not completely rely on the rules of color, it is better to listen to yourself.

If you do not know what kind of interior design to choose, you can always see the design of the kitchen in the pictures on any web site dedicated to the construction or design.

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Kitchen design in pictures

Kitchen in a modern style with photo printing

If you are to the liking of a free lay-out, full of improvisation and departure from the classics, you should pay attention to the style of "modern" in the kitchen design. It is he who will allow you to turn all your even the most unusual ideas.

It is believed that this style incorporates the best features of all the styles that exist today. In addition, this style is considered to be a transition cycle from classic to hi-tech.

Characteristic kitchen interior in modern style different floor levels, wide window openings, stained glass windows, a combination of European and Asian traditions as well as classical and soft parts, curved lines.

  • In the design of the furniture is mainly used black lacquer and mother of pearl.

For this style of furniture is relevant is different: both antique and modern, as well as combinations of very different materials such as wood and metal union in one kitchen.

For those kitchens interesting solution is the use of glass and acrylic, as well as bold colors and photo printing. Model of this style perfectly suited to modern, active and energetic people.

  • The great advantage of the Art Nouveau style is that it is perfect for the kitchen with any footage.

This versatility is achieved by arrangement of furniture in the kitchen. For kitchens of small size furniture is placed in series or built L-shaped.

In larger kitchens as usual settling island kitchen, two rows or a U-like kitchen.

To a large kitchen in a modern style is always a limitless number of proposals and ideas, but with a small kitchen, problems may arise because space saving - the main task for this size.

  • This style is not cluttered with unnecessary details, it is very convenient for the kitchen with limited space.

Kitchen Art Nouveau actualized built-in furniture, household appliances, as well as spot lighting, which makes even the smallest kitchen more spacious and cozy.

The kitchen in the country house

The country house are all accustomed to rest, and any vacation we associate with a delicious lunch or dinner.

kitchen interior in modern style

Beautiful interior of kitchen in a country house of wood

To the hostess, who had come to rest, not to burden the pleasure of staying in nature routine preparation of food, worth well thought interior of the kitchen in a country house.

First of all, such a kitchen should be spacious and comfortable, especially if the hostess kitchen is small in size, there should be room for creativity. If in a country house not very many places, it is possible to combine the kitchen with a dining area, it will increase its area and thereby create additional opportunities for the hostess.

In the creation of the kitchen in a private home should be especially careful approach to the selection of furniture and all the details of this part of your possession. Furniture have to be comfortable and functional.

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