Styles of interior design: 2 level apartment in the English, Italian, Mediterranean, loft

Styles interior design (60 photos): English interior, loft, Mediterranean and Italian design


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'S Style of interior design can be selected at the request of the landlord, or offered a designer or construction company. In any case, the basis of good style - that's the beauty, comfort and functionality.

Nowadays there are a huge variety of different interiors, each of which has positive and negative traits, and can be applied to specific areas. Interior Design Styles

If you decide to do repairs in the apartment, you probably know that sooner or later have to decide on the future design of the house. In this paper, we propose to consider the most popular and used variants of design houses, flats and various rooms.

English style

design of apartments in the English style

Example English interior

So, if you decide to register design apartments in the English style, it is worth to know its distinctive features and characteristics. It is believed that people who prefer this style, quite picky and have a refined taste.

This flat design option will give comfort and elegance in the best British tradition.

The first mention of the design appeared in the 18th century, and its history is divided into two stages: from 1714 to 1901 and from 1901 to today. The original English style is characterized by restraint and proportionality, grandeur and symmetry.

Clearly shows the influence of the design ideas of the Hellenic and Roman architecture. The color scheme is often chosen on the basis of the points of the compass: north corresponded to lemon-yellow and pink, the south - on the contrary, cold shades of green and azure.

Noticeable also borrowing from the rococo and oriental elements of the interior.

Modern English style was created a little later, his osnovopolagatelem believe William Morris. Thus, the interior design in the English style bordered between this aristocratic style and a reflection of the technological development of society.

The main features of English design of the walls - the use of valuable wood (mainly red tree, but it does not exclude the use of walnut, oak and yew), aged effect, curved legs and carving from furniture.

design of the room in the English style

Cabinet in the English style

Such an environment in harmony with the decoration of the walls in bright colors and superiority in the textile accessories.

  • Cabinet - native English room. Interior it is closely connected with the nature and activities of the owner. Furniture finished with leather and velvet, required the presence of a desk, leather couch and reclining chairs. A rich library and a massive table lamps complete the formation of the interior.
  • Ladder perfectly complement the design of 2 level apartment. True English stair railings decorated with mahogany and various sculptures.
  • Living room - this is the biggest room. This is where you take the guests and spend most of the time, so a round dining table with a set of chairs, covered with leather, optional. Near the walls usually stand drawers and cabinets with glass doors.
  • Fireplace - an important attribute that must be present in every English house. Its height is almost up to the ceiling, and the standard lining - made of stone, carved wood or limestone. Shelf above the fireplace is suitable for accessories, family photos and the old clock.
    Design apartment in the English style

    Bedroom in the English style

  • Traditional British bedrooms are known for low temperature. Its specially maintained at a level to sleep under feather beds with plenty of pillows. Bed in the Victorian style of iron, with knobs and a high back, ideal for the interior.
  • Wall covering plays an important role in the formation of the desired atmosphere.
  • Famous for the design of apartments in the English style textured wallpaper and carved panels of natural wood. Wallpapers can be extremely varied: self-colored, with floral patterns and heraldic motifs.
  • Pilasters and elegant cornices perfectly complement the interior. Completed wall decor oil paintings, antique guns and hunting trophies. Angles are illuminated lamp.
  • Windows rounded shape, reaching almost to the ceiling - a tribute to the British tradition. The more windows in the house, the more light that gets inside and the atmosphere is cozier. Curtain window curtains lambrequins.
  • An additional design element is a textile.
  • Typically, design of the room is decorated in the English style with pastel colored fabric in tone to the overall design. More classic version - calico, tapestry and damask.

Tradition, authenticity and naturalness allowed to create a style that has been around for centuries popular. The luxurious and elegant interior is perfect for owners of large apartments.


Quite young, but already is a popular style of loft. During the program, social rehabilitation of abandoned buildings formed the basic canons of this design.

Interior design in the English style

Designed in the style loft

It attracts such registration mainly students, creative people and young people.

Style Features:

  • Decorating the walls is not very pretentiousness: use ordinary plaster, leaving the insertion of a brick or concrete pavement. The simpler the wall - the better.
  • The surface of the different rooms, you can allocate different shades corresponding to room style. For example, for living more appropriate light shades in the bedroom are appropriate dark shades, while the dining room is used dark red and terracotta-colored, stimulating appetite.
  • To cover the kitchen and bathroom tiles using light colors. The floors are laid out as tiles. In other rooms can use wooden floors and carpets. The ceiling is painted to the walls.
  • Making interior design in a loft style, choose absolutely any favorite furniture.
  • Not only welcome too bourgeois and luxury home furnishings. Can be used: metal beds, folding chairs, tables of lightweight material, open shelves, furniture with leather upholstery and antique accessories.
  • With technology designed luxury apartment loft style blends well. You can not even hide the wires, sockets and switches: it will add interior color.

Note! Usually used for loft apartments with a free layout, so in small spaces it will look out of place and boring.

By the way, without the intervention of tenants of the house, rather impersonal style.

Interior design in the style of a loft

The apartment is in a loft-style

It is therefore recommended to decorate the interior of your favorite books and figurines to place the necessary accessories and equipment, hang carpets and lighting tips.

Mediterranean style

Romantic necessarily interested in another version of design - design apartments in Mediterranean style.

Combining the cultural characteristics of countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, this design is perfect for the design of a country house or large apartment.

design apartments in Mediterranean style

Example Mediterranean design

  • The floors in all the rooms are made of natural stone or tile with a mosaic pattern. The combination of wood and ceramic also gives an interesting effect.
  • The walls are plastered, while maintaining the texture of. Color decoration green-blue or bright yellow.
  • The windows can be made of any material, but must be black. Doors are usually wooden, painted in the color of the walls.
  • Wrought iron or wooden furniture with ornament is perfect for a Mediterranean style. It is recommended to use covers of light shades or curtains in bright cage.
  • Typically, the interior design in Mediterranean style is formed not only by the finish, but also accessories. Often use indoor plants and flowers, rough texture rugs, pottery, wrought iron lamps and other souvenirs from the southern countries.
  • In the design of bathrooms is usually used and the mosaic tiles patterned with patterned. It is recommended to use glass in the interior accessories and fresh flowers.
  • For the living room will be a good decoration for decoration balcony terrace: entry and expansion of vegetation clearance.

Italian design

Europe is considered to be a classic Italian style, so some of its allocation in the interiors practically does not occur.

Every year, the Italian furniture masters surprise her works of art in the world of interior items and accessories to decorate the environment.

Design apartments in the Italian style

Classic Italian Design

The main feature that distinguishes the design of apartments in the Italian style from many others - is the abundance of space and warm colors.

Terraces and decorated with flowers also produce "Italiano" from a variety of styles.

  1. Light and color

For the Italian style must be chosen bright and soft pastel shades. Focus on any area, you can use metal inclusions. Frosted glass and metal without shine quite often used in this design.

Windows is not necessary to hang - would be enough of a smooth fabric curtains. Shutters should be used only in the event of the windows on the south side.

The main motives - plain and geometric patterns. Total light tone is often diluted with checkered or brighter highlights.

  1. Furniture

Typically, design of interior in the Italian style is performed with the help of Italian furniture, different quality and comfort.

interior design, Italian-style

The kitchen in the Italian style

Consideration should be given cabinet with glass doors and original finish.

Chests Cassone - a distinctive feature of Italian design. Made of fine wood and decorated with precious metals, they are a real highlight in the interior.

Magkaya furniture - usually monophonic, welcome metal shelves and niches, built-in furniture and floor lamps.

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