How to make a design project of an apartment: design room interior with their own hands

How to make the design of apartment project (36 photos). Plans and electrical circuits. Elements of interior, ceiling and floor plans. Estimates. computer visualization


Table of contents

  • 1 Stages of creating a project
  • 2 Plans and schemes electricians
  • 3 Development of additional elements of the interior, ceiling and floor plans
    • 3.1 Plan additional elements
    • 3.2 floor plan
  • 4 Scan the walls of apartment
  • 5 Statement (estimates) the necessary materials
  • 6 Computer visualization of premises
  • 7 Summing up
  • 8 Photo Gallery

Any of us, purchasing a house or crimson idea of ​​making major repairs, faces the challenge of how to make a design project of an apartment. This article focuses on how to make the correct and professional documents.

How to make the design of apartment project

Stages of creating a project

Interior design apartments

Obmerochny plan apartments

The first measurements are made flat. It is worth noting that they are the basis of a design project apartments, because of their accuracy depends on the accuracy of all working drawings. After removing all the data, draw obmerochny plan. It is best to use for this special computer program.

Next, it will be necessary to make the Terms of Reference. It fix your wishes regarding the future design of the room repaired.

During its creation, you can see the design examples. Gathering as much useful information, proceed with the development of options for redevelopment, and the definition of functional areas with the placement of sanitary ware, furniture and equipment.

Work through the various options, based on their own ideas of interior design. The number of re-planning decisions are not limited to, at this stage it is important to pick up some of them, which will be best for you.

Selecting the desired option, modify it, this one-bedroom apartment design and will be the basis for your further actions.

After selecting the location of the plumbing, furniture and equipment, put their dimensions and bindings plumbers its axes. In this case, made two plans: the first - bindings plumbing fixtures, the second - arrangement of furniture items and equipment with bindings.

Next, you need to make a plan that will be built frames and partitions. It all important information relating to the dismantling and installation work must be inscribed.

For example, in blue, shown under construction walls, red - the ones that should be removed, are explanatory footnotes that should be insulated loggia, built in a particular area podium.

interior design with their own hands

Plan of the existing situation

When you create the interior design of the apartment with his hands, to give information on one convenient plan.

In some cases, it is better to split into two plans: disassembly and assembly. Sometimes a third plan called "Plan of the existing situation", which shows the future openings and partitions with their size. This document is required in case of the need to harmonize redevelopment project and the wiring in the corresponding instance.

When you have already agreed upon and approved by the plan with the layout of furniture, plumbing arrangement with bindings, disassembly / assembly plan, explication of rooms, you can begin to develop plans and ceiling finishes floor.

At this point, the project design apartments with their own hands created a very important part of the stage.

The design of the apartment with his hands

Visualization of functional zones

You will need to find interesting ideas that will help solve the compositional, structural and spatial tasks. With the foundation of the scheme of functional areas, choose the most interesting solutions for the floor.

Note! When the boundaries of different floor coverings can help visually expand the amount of space or to blend it, make functional and interesting to highlight and emphasize the individual zones, set the interior dynamics movement.

At this stage, the floor plans are schematic, layout of tiles - conditional, most importantly, to work out the types and coatings border.

Parallel to this, create variants of ceilings, Design of interior room.

In this case, it is important to consider the layout, arrangement of furniture and flooring border. On plans for designated types of ceilings and border facing materials, all elevations are marked ceiling lighting, calculated area as necessary given layout coatings.

When the concept of ceiling and lighting scenario chosen, you can begin to deal with electricity.

Plans and schemes electricians

The design of the room with his hands

Driving electricians in apartment

  1. Plans for ceilings and layout of wall and ceiling lighting fixtures called lighting scenarios, most closely associated with the placement of switches. Consider the circuit connection of all devices and their groups.
  2. Next, in regard to each switch select his view how many keys he has - one or several. Enter the height and the binding of each of the switches to the nearest partition wall or doorway. The arrows show how a lighting device or group switched data equipment.
  3. Often, when creating a design of the apartment with his hands, in large rooms or long corridors set duplicate switches are located on different sides. This makes it possible to control the lighting from different points of the apartment.
  4. After the circuit overhead lighting connections will be developed, let bind all wall and ceiling lighting fixtures to the nearest doorway or wall.
  5. Further, the developed instrument layout and sockets. Specify in it that will house all the appliances, sockets and low-voltage equipment for the TV, phone, internet. If you plan to make the system of underfloor heating, also select all of the electrical components of the structure.
  6. Be sure to specify the type of sockets: telephone, television, plain, Speaker, semi-industrial (power), their number.

Development of additional elements of the interior, ceiling and floor plans

Apartment design their own hands

ceiling plans

Plan additional elements

Sometimes the interior design of the apartments with their own hands is developed with the presence of complex structural elements: the niches of plasterboard, chipboard, OSB, ceilings, having a non-standard configuration, columns and semi-columns of different materials. All these elements require further explanation.

Give general schematic views of all of the interior details, plans should have their exact dimensions. If repair ceilings scheme is complex and has several levels, be sure to make their own plan, which has a mesh for the construction, all the radii and bindings.

room interior design

floor plan of the apartment

floor plan

Next, you need to continue to be the design of the room creating accurate floor plan rendered with the layout of tiles.

At this stage, selected tiles throughout the apartment. For this purpose, you will need to visit the construction markets and shops and pick up suitable collection of tiles not only for sex but also for walls of all the rooms, where it is planned to blow.

Once you have decided on the material, do the layout of tiles in color, specify the exact dimensions, do not forget the joints and the direction of the layout. Then you can calculate the total amount required cladding material.

Scan the walls of apartment

Interior design apartments with their own hands

Sweep the walls in the apartment

We continue to create a home design with their own hands, proceed to the scans rooms.

For the first you need to make a plan to sweep all the walls of the so-called marking. It will be a kind of navigation on sweeps around the housing.

On the plan of the apartment every number the premises and in front of the walls put figures indicating the sequence number in the sweep in the room. Marking the walls in the room starts from the entrance and continues clockwise.

Furthermore, the transition from plan to own scans. You have a computer in the specialized program should already have a virtual layout and design of the apartment: self placed pieces of furniture, sanitary appliances, equipment, ceilings, floors, fixtures and all constructive elements.

All this is laid out, so you do not interfere with the Occupy Wall.

Begin to remove the sweep with a virtual layout and the walls are drawn in all the rooms. They specify the altitude and where any of the elements relative to the other and ask the right size will be placed.

Creating interior design with their own hands, you can even display color.

Statement (estimates) the necessary materials

Interior design of the apartment with his hands

Estimates of the design project of apartments

Note! After all scans are done, you can accurately calculate the necessary amount of material for each of the walls in square meters. These indicators paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, tiles, linoleum can be converted into the number of packages.

Also, calculate how much you need meters of cornices, baseboards, moldings.

Make a door schedule, fixtures, sanitary ware, furniture. If the room has a tile, you can already at this stage to create a room design in color and with a specific layout.

After that, you will make a detailed estimate consisting of counting the number of aggregated and costs for each of the types of consumables and covering materials for each of the premises. With this document you will be able to navigate safely in the construction market with the acquisition of all necessary.

Computer visualization of premises

And finally, the design of the apartments with their own hands the computer completes photorealistic 3d visualization of all premises.

Modern programs allow you to work through visualization on the highest technical level. This allows you to very reliably consider how it will look next interior design house or apartment.

Note! You will get the opportunity so realistic to imagine the future design of the apartment because of the texture, texture and color. You quite simply will proceed to the choice of finishing materials, as it will become clear which colors will look good on the floor, walls and ceiling.

Create room design

Program for drawing up design projects

It should be noted that the process should take place at the same time with a choice of cladding materials.

3D visualization is the most expensive part of the design in the performance of the professionals. But not do without it, as it lets you see the whole room with the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture, fixtures, decor design elements, texture and color.

Visualization gives an idea of ​​the interior concept, "revive" it and allow you to pick a specific style.

In some cases, visualization is carried out by hand, this is called "manual feed." But for this it is necessary to have artistic skills, so the computer feed is more common.

It is worth noting that it is much more cost-effective and simple and gives a more complete and accurate picture of the situation in the future apartment. The simplest variation of 3D visualization are linear black-and-white images.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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