How to make a niche of drywall: video-installation instructions with their hands, especially the installation of shelves, price, photo

How to make a niche of plasterboard (36 photos): design and installation


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faced with the problem of accommodation of home appliances in a small space when designing the interior of apartment often. To address this issue, many designers have resorted to the creation of small niches, which can accommodate not only appliances, but also during the installation of shelves turn them into full-fledged cabinets.

It is also necessary to note the aesthetic component of these structures. Many designers use them to create stunning compositions that can transform a room into a work of art. That is why the question of how to make a niche of drywall, is very popular and relevant.

EXAMPLE walls of plasterboard

EXAMPLE walls of plasterboard

process of manufacturing

First of all, it should be noted that the structure may have various shapes and sizes. It may be a small partition, which will create a closed space or plasterboard lining on the wall, inside of which will be formed and a cavity for receiving items.

That is why the statement that tells how to make a niche of plasterboard with their hands, offering as example, use one of the most difficult choices, to master it, the master did not return to the study of question.

Project development


Create any design begins with the development of their appearance, and then entering it on paper.

  • To start with a clean sheet of transfer on a scale plan of the room.
  • Then it draws a schematic layout of future construction.
  • On the second sheet of paper you need to draw a side view of the structure. Usually it is a simple septum, but in this case will be done in it additional openings intended for the storage of various objects (for example, serves as plaster under niche TV set).
sketch design

sketch design

  • Since the niche is a complex structure, it is necessary to make itself a dual partition. For this purpose, the draft mark up two rows of rails, which are fixed to the floor, ceiling and walls. Before you make a niche in the drywall, measure the largest object that will be placed in it.
  • Then, on the draft note bearing vertical profilesWhich relate the horizontal webs at the level where it is supposed to make the bottom and top structures located in the partition itself.
  • Both frame profiles interrelateForming internal windows. They are the perimeter of the portal.
  • The result is a double partition of the profiles, within which the original windows are formed.
  • Also in the draft should be noted, how to do niche shelves of plasterboard. To do this, at the appropriate level in the partition mounted carrier profile, which then first support for the shelf will be attached. Accordingly, the second should be located on the wall.

Tip! To create the project must be approached responsibly, sparing no time spent. He will further guidance during installation and avoids errors.

The framework of profiles

The framework of profiles


If the project is compiled correctly and carefully, the entire installation process will resemble a construction toy assembly and will not cause any problems and difficulties.


  • Often the installation of video instructions do not pay much attention to road marking on the wall. We advise necessary to use a water level.
  • For mounting rails is best to use percussion dowels 6x40.
  • Bonding between profiles operate via screws 3,5h9,5.
Option to create a project with a clear demonstration required for the design of profiles and joints

Option to create a project with a clear demonstration required for the design of profiles and joints

  • Once assembled structure, it is fixed plasterboard sheets using screws 3,5h32.
  • Finishing niche plasterboard is performed after priming and putty. At this stage, it is best to apply the reinforcement tape and perforated angle, as required by manual finishing.
  • As for fixing the shelves, you can use the corners of the light metal, which is mounted to the wall percussion dowels and screws for drywall. You can also buy a special attachment, which price is not high, but reliability and mounting method is much better.

Tip! When the product installation, you must strictly follow the preformed project. Deviation from it is fraught with defects, which will eliminate the fairly difficult.

Design Illuminated

Design Illuminated


Having considered the proposed picture, we can conclude - niche drywall construction is quite simple, but practice is quite different, especially if you want to make plasterboard backlit own niche hands. That is why the main process in this type of work is the creation of the project with an indication of the size and all the details. Successful renovation!

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