Interior room apartment with children: the design of the narrow room for preschoolers

Interior room apartment with children (36 photos): comfortable layout


Table of contents

  • 1 Stages of repair studio
    • 1.1 initial stage
    • 1.2 Selection of the main room design
    • 1.3 Calculating the number of materials
  • 2 Repairs in the bathroom and toilet
  • 3 repair room
  • 4 Summing up
  • 5 Photo Gallery

Almost every owner of his apartment ever had to deal with such a problem, how to repair. Interior room apartment with children can be made according to the latest fashion trends with new and interesting ideas and different design secrets.

Today, there are many options to repair a studio apartment, but you do need to choose one that will best suit your tastes and preferences.

Interior room apartment with baby

It is necessary to consider the main stages of the repair in your apartment.

Children's design for preschoolers

An example of a one-room apartment with a children's zoning by using the plasterboard wall

Stages of repair studio

initial stage

The first thing to do - to make a plan, which is some instruction, which regulates the sequence of repair of an apartment in a new building, or in an old house, from design and development to the calculation costs.

Below is a list of the main stages:

  • The choice of design.

Decide what result you want to get in the end. For example, when planning the interior nursery for the girl and the boy, you should immediately think about the color scheme, as well as the presence of a certain amount of furniture.

Interior nursery for girls and boys

An example of zoning space with bookshelves

  • Calculate the required amount of materials and tools that will be directly involved in the process of repair of one-room apartment with his hands.
  • Purchase of tools and materials.

Note! Not necessarily to get all the materials at once. Very often the repair is carried out in stages and, therefore, all materials are not immediately useful. They can buy gradually, depending on the speed of advancement of works.

  • Repair of sewer with your hands, electrical wiring, plumbing and heating systems, as well as the replacement of windows and doors.
  • Repair bathrooms.
  • Decorating the kitchen.
  • Repair immediately the room.
  • Repair in the hallway.
Design a nursery in a nautical style

Example of zoning studio with sliding constructions

Selection of the main room design

This issue Treat with the utmost seriousness and responsibility, because it is you have to live in this room.

Use a different color combination in the interior of the nursery. This will help to diversify the dull monotony of the interior or allow qualitatively zoned room on the main part and the part where the children will be placed.

To design and can be on their own. For this you need a piece of paper, pencils and a little imagination, importantly, do not forget about the interior practicality.

You can easily arrange design a nursery in a nautical style, or a picture on the wall of your child's favorite cartoon characters.

As for style, the apartment can be arranged in a single solution, but you can try to combine the individual elements of different styles.

For example, the interior of a child in a nautical theme designers are advised to complement the curtains and decorated in a country style.

The combination of colors in the interior of child

An example of the interior of a small room

You can use computer programs, visualizers that are designed precisely for this purpose for the independent development of the design.

Child's narrow room

room design in white

Calculating the number of materials

All materials require careful calculation. Taking into account the geometrical dimensions of your apartment and features a design project, calculate how much and what you need.

Performing modern interior of a child, you at least need.

Interior Children's Room for three

Example design of the room in red

  • sand;
  • cement;
  • profile;
  • glue;
  • putty;
  • sealant;
  • insulation;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • drywall.

For external cladding:

  • wallpaper;
  • paint;
  • tile;
  • panel;
  • flooring;
  • baseboards and corners.

Fulfilling children's narrow interior of the room, you will also need sockets, wires and switches.

Repairs in the bathroom and toilet

Repair in this room is very specific and the materials are selected, respectively.

The sequence of works:

  • Removing the old lining surface removal plumbing.
  • Leveling plaster walls.
  • Execution of cement screed on the floor.
  • Laying tiles and floor tiles.
  • Finishing PVC ceiling panels, which need pre-mounted on the profile or a wooden frame.
  • Processing of the sealant joints.

Note! All pipes and communication better hide. This can be done by cutting the wall or in cabinets. To hide the sewer riser, but have access to it, lined pipe profile-frame plasterboard.

repair room

Performing interior nursery for the student, the first thing to do is to - remove the old wallpaper and align the wall putty.

Tip! Pre-soak them with warm water to make it easier to remove the wallpaper.

Modern interior infant

Furniture that saves space in your studio apartment

  • To make the children's part of the cozy, properly zoned room. Your child will feel like he is in a separate room. To do this, you will have to change not only the colors and texture of the wallpaper, paint or other decorative materials walls of this part of the room, but also to work with ceiling and lighting.
  • Be extremely careful, because the design of suspended ceilings in the nursery should be combined with the style and colors of the walls and ceiling.
  • Use proper lighting. It can be positioned on the ceiling in the form of several light bulbs, and you can hang a chandelier and put several floor lamps and sconces. So, your child will always be able to conveniently anointed for a good book or to receive guests in a warm atmosphere.
Design of stretch ceilings in the nursery

Design studio in pastel colors

  • Separate area for child can be through a variety of curtains, screens, bookshelves, and other items of furniture or using sliding structures and plasterboard walls.

Designing children's design for preschool children, many parents are building an arch, carrying her in fancy colors.

To do this, from a sheet of drywall should be cut two pieces the desired shape. Then attach them to the floor, ceiling and walls, using aluminum rails.

guides should be attached to the ends of which are in front of this incised so as to be able to change their shape. Close the gap formed strip of drywall, curved in the right direction.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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