Design project of two-bedroom apartment + interior of a typical two-bedroom n 44t

Design project of two-bedroom apartment (45 photos): possible design options for rooms, especially two-bedroom apartments


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  • 1 Possible options for interior rooms
    • 1.1 style chalet
    • 1.2 Scandinavian style
    • 1.3 French interior
  • 2 One-bedroom apartments
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When repairing typical apartments designers constantly solve the same problem: to remove the shortcomings of the current plan and create a new, more functional and comfortable.

This creates a new design project of two-bedroom apartment, which includes the necessary remodeling and selection of finishing materials.

project design two-bedroom apartment

Select Design 3-room apartments of different ages for each room, or on the contrary, to create a unified stylistic composition, the decision depends on you. The main requirements for the new design - the functionality and comfort.

Possible options for interior rooms

style chalet

Want to go back to the cozy cabin in the Alps, then it is your choice of interior design.

design two-bedroom apartment

Interior in light tones

Style Features:

  • Finishing made of natural materials.
  • The color scheme - juicy and bright, but it is important compatibility with the stone and wood shades.
  • Living room - the center of the composition. The basis is an artificial fireplace, decorated with stone and wood. The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams, floor covers ceramic tile heating and walls faced with plaster.
  • This design involves the use of two-bedroom apartment furniture gruff style with unpolished surfaces. Oak tables and stools look great next to chairs upholstered in leather.
  • Dishes for chalet style - terracotta. Will serve as an additional decoration rugs and skins on the floor, forged metal parts and fixtures that mimic candles.

Scandinavian style

Interior design two-bedroom apartment

EXAMPLE interior Scandinavian

Us move further north and look at the style of harsh northerners-Scandinavians. It is characterized by unique comfort and naturalness. Main features - simplicity, functionality and lightness.

The interior uses only light and beige shades:

  • Scandinavian interior design two-bedroom apartment needs a lot of light. Windows with light and transparent curtains attached to wooden curtains, floor, covered with light wood and the walls painted in white, blue and beige, represent love heat and sun.
  • Furniture inherits the colors of the walls and the floor and made of wood. Other materials - plastic and metal is also allowed to be used, but they should not be combined in a very complex structure.
  • Sofas and chairs covered covers bright and decorated with pillows. Interior will complement technique, executed in bright colors.
  • Accessories are not very popular in the Scandinavian style, the design of a typical two-bedroom apartment can be decorated with several statues and glassware on the marine theme.

French interior

design two-bedroom apartment in the panel house

French style

Continuing the theme of the popular European design of the apartment, you should get a fairly unique style - the French.

He is perfect for the young and romantic personalities who love comfort:

  • The walls are usually painted semi-matte paint or plastered. Wallpaper with a simple pattern suited to the overall decor.
  • Furniture - the main method of focusing. Forged interior items classic black color perfectly fit into the interior. It is appropriate to look not only antique, but plain old metal furniture.
  • Bedside tables and cabinets are reminiscent of the style of the Soviet 30th. Grandma's bedside white organically complement the bedroom area.
  • Use artificial aging items, if you create French design two-bedroom apartment in the panel house. Complete atmosphere can create unique arrangement of accessories, it may be crystal vases or metal figurines.

One-bedroom apartments

Design project of one-bedroom apartment § 44t

interior example

Typical two-bedroom apartments - more complicated variant for the designer. Indeed, depending on the number of occupants and the necessary functionality will have to combine several rooms, and this will lead to the inevitable alterations.

Note! Before starting the repair of typical apartments make better pre-design project, that in the process it was not necessary to recalculate the size of or to think about the choice of the necessary materials and furniture.

Thus, the design project-bedroom apartment § 44t begins with a detailed plan of the premises indicating the location utilities, electrical wiring, vents and other elements that must be considered when developing interior.

Apartments type P44T - quite cozy and modern, they are easy to make the interior comfortable without major alterations.

  • In the first place, to increase the area used for balconies space, combining them with living rooms.
  • The bathroom is also better to make a joint, it will accommodate not only a shower, toilet and sink, but also the washing machine.
  • Selecting a Skin depends on your desires, but do not use the "bulky" design like the Baroque or Rococo.
  • Any design bedroom apartment § 44t involves multifunctional furniture to save space.

Summing up

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