Design studio with a niche: design options

Design studio with a niche (30 photos): The unit kitchen area, a children's room, a study and a bedroom


Table of contents

  • 1 Particulars of space
  • 2 Design options and layouts
    • 2.1 The design of the kitchen area
    • 2.2 The device is a child's room
    • 2.3 Study
    • 2.4 Bedroom design in the niche
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One bedroom apartment with a niche is considered one of the most interesting options in terms of a possible design and layout. Design studio with niche provides tremendous opportunities flight of fancy, because a similar opening has a very broad functionality.

Design studio with a niche

resettlement options:

  • mini children;
  • kitchen;
  • bed and sitting area;
  • workplace or home office;
  • the gym;
  • wardrobe.

In some cases, the flats without creating a niche this element of the interior with the help of artificial walls of plasterboard.

Particulars of space

The niche can be issued contrasting the overall color concept of the room or properly "fit" in its interior. Do not use dark colors, because they visually reduce it. As light is necessary to use recessed lighting in the ceiling and the same illumination on the side walls.

The lateral and ceiling lights in a niche

The lateral and ceiling lights

The shape is also important. For example, the horizontal serve as a good one for the room with the long and low furniture.

Design options and layouts

The design of the kitchen area

Niche for kitchen area devices are often created when the living room and kitchen are located in the same space, the so-called studio apartment. Kitchen part because of the presence therein of increased noise and odors to be the maximum isolated.

Isolate part of the kitchen area can be self-made wall of plasterboard, while leaving a space for entry. Between the gypsum boards must be laid a layer of mineral wool soundproofing.

kitchen repair option should also take into account the rules of registration of limited space. Give preference to the use of light textured and glossy surfaces, accessories, visually increase the space.

Tip! Kitchen set is better to buy a mirror or matte glass facades, which will contribute to a very visual increase cuisine.

If you plan to repair small-sized kitchen, the niche can be organized under a compact dining area, placing in it a couch or a couple of chairs and adding a small dining table.

Placing mini-dining niche

Placing mini-dining room

The device is a child's room

If the one-room apartment has to get along with their parents and the child in a niche you can make a baby.

  • Furthermore plasterboard walls, fences can be in the form of a cabinet with books or toys for children, as well as curtains.
  • Children must have a large number of shelves, which in addition to the functional value, visually increase the space.
  • When selecting a color scheme is better to give preference to the basic white color and one of the neutral color is not too bright colors, such as purple or green.
Children in the niche of small apartments

Children in a small apartment


As in the case of repairing a child's room, a niche under study is best to position the window full daylight positive impact on disability.

  • Optionally use plasterboard partitions to form enough space to enclose the sides of cupboards and / or bookshelves, between which the desktop.
  • In this case, it will create the right to privacy enclosed space, and everything you need to be constantly at hand.
  • To enliven the office space on the shelves you can place some house plants.
Work cabinet niche

Work cabinet niche

Bedroom design in the niche

Rules of registration of bedrooms:

  1. The niche should be located away from windows and sunlight.

Tip! If sunlight is still interferes in the morning to sleep in the doorway should arrange an opaque curtain, suitable for color to the overall interior space.

  1. Lighting in the bedroom should be two types:
    • the overall ceiling is not too bright;
    • Wall sconces in the form at the head of the bed.
  1. For a more functional and efficient use of space in podkrovatnom space can be arranged drawers for storing clothes and clothing. And can do without a classic bed, erecting the podium with drawers, put on his mattress or mattress.
  1. On the front wall hang one or more small paintings, and in the side make bookshelves and storage of household trifles.
    Bedroom in an alcove studio

    Bedroom in an alcove studio


One bedroom apartment, even with considerable size of the room will not indulge hosts spacious, so developing design studio, remember that virtually every square meter has to be used wisely and maximize effectively.

Nisha also solves many zoning tasks. Without it, simply can not do, if more than two people living in the apartment. It is suitable for virtually any purpose, except that the device bathrooms (for obvious reasons) and a living room.

Design studio with a niche is an excellent functional solution designed to replace a missing room.

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