The design of a large room: the interior design in a modern style, high-tech, Country, Provence

The design of a large room (60 photos) in a modern style, high-tech, Provence and country


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  • 3 Provence - white supremacy
  • 4 Country - back to basics
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The traditional layout of apartments involves the use of living rooms in size, smaller is usually equip a bedroom, but the design of a large room - it's sure to living or dining room. We will understand why this is happening and it is necessary to really limit the functionality of the room for her size.

Everyone dreams to the modern design of the apartment in which he lives, was comfortable and beautiful, but in time to repair rooms there comes a time when you need to choose a design style and purpose premises.

The design of a large room

From the point of view of rationality, large room better suited for the reception of guests, watching TV or working at a computer in the same little easier to create a cozy atmosphere, so they are used as bedrooms.

Consider a few examples in which the design can be made large room.

Choosing Nouveau

room design in Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau master bedroom

Nouveau - a popular style of interior design, the hallmark of which is the rejection of strict straight lines. Casual and sleek design allows you to create elegant and functional premises, while spending a minimum of effort.

Modernism is usually divided into modern and classic, which differ from each other.

Thus, the design of the room in a modern style using a modern version, architecture is still dominated by its classic variety.

room design in Hi-tech

living Art Nouveau


  • Maximum free space. This style is similar to minimalism - more space and most convenient location of the furniture - is the main goal of the designer.
  • Basic shades - lightAuthorizing the use of brown, yellow, red and golden tones. Focus on interior items help cushion with ethnic patterns.
  • Furniture usually colored in monochrome combinationFor example, black or white glass.
    design of the room country-style

    Kitchen-dining room in Art Nouveau style

  • The furniture itself, which uses the interior design in a modern style, characterized by functionality, encouraged the use of transformers and rich decoration. Inserts made of leather - a great way to decorate the interior of the element.
  • Well thought out decor. Will look beautiful floral designs and ornate drawings, floor is usually covered with parquet patterns, and a carpet depicting the eastern themes complement the decor of the room.
  • Massive light metal design to decorate your home and make up for the lack of light.

Note! When designing the project of a small room, it is not recommended to use modern. It requires a lot of space and will look out of place in a small area.

High tech

Design project of the small room

Studio hi-tech

Hi-tech - one of the modern styles associated with technological progress and information. He will approach the inhabitants of modern cities that can not live without technology.

The interiors are typically made in cold tones, but fascinate a special atmosphere.

  • The main colors are dark and cold: blue, dark green, silver, metal and brick hues.
  • The main materials - metal, glass, but it is possible and wood dark shades.
  • Furniture - a multipurpose, modern, with lots of chrome highlights.
  • Besides furniture, the room design in hi-tech style can not exist without the latest computer and home appliances.
  • Wires from a variety of devices may be part of the room design.
  • Lighting should be bright and artificial daylight windows hidden by a venetian blind.
    Interior design in the style of Provence

    High-tech bedroom

Provence - white supremacy

If you like French charm, you will surely enjoy Provence.

Distinctive features: bright colors, wood-beamed ceilings, the floor is covered with tiles and decorated rugs. Furniture - only made of wood, covered with wax or painted in green and blue hues.

Design of an apartment in the style of Provence

Living in the style of Provence

Perfectly suited pastel shades. On the pale walls will look good upholstery fabrics, paintings and tapestries with medieval ornaments. Can be applied in the design of the room wallpaper with a simple design.

If you decide to register design apartments in the style of Provence, you will need to wrought iron furniture. Fine lines and decorative elements will win the heart of the romantic, and the furniture itself perfectly fit into the interior.

Interior design in Art Nouveau style

Kitchen in the style of Provence

Kitchen design in the style of Provence is characterized by headsets with small facades and built-in appliances. The windows are decorated with light curtains and flower pots. Welcomes the use of floral ornaments.

Country - back to basics

Living in country-style

country living


Country is quite popular in the arrangement of suburban homes, but is sometimes used in city apartments.

Country each people its own, because in Russian villages earlier put the wooden hut in the African savannah popular bungalow, and in the American prairie is a typical structure of the ranch.

What unites them all the comfort and freedom of the motive of rural life. If you love simplicity and abundance of light, you'll love this interior.

Choice of finishes and furniture

Thus, the design of the room involves the use of natural materials for finishing.

  • For floor flooring is perfect, which can cover the tracks, rugs and carpets, bound and decorated with folk motifs.

Note! Of course, in the bathroom and the kitchen still have to lay the tiles, but you can choose textured surface that mimics wood or woody material shades.

  • The walls are lined with light wood or material imitating it. Excellent will look carvings and carpets with patterns.
  • The furniture is also made of wood, are very popular "old wives' lockers and antique dressers.
  • Color shades on all surfaces and furniture should be combined, allowed to use blue, beige, yellow.
  • The central decoration of the living room fireplace is considered to be natural or artificial with a large mantelpiece.

However, a large room design can be executed even in a variety of different options. As we can see, most of the large size of the premises used for the reception of guests and for entertainment purposes.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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