Room design: wallpapers and wallpapers in the interior design bedroom apartment

design of the room (photo 36): wallpaper for a beautiful interior. Color scheme and wallpapers


Table of contents

  • 1 Starting with the material
  • 2 color solution
    • 2.1 Kitchen
    • 2.2 Hall
    • 2.3 Bedroom
    • 2.4 Corridor
    • 2.5 nursery
  • 3 Mural
  • 4 Summing up
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One of the main elements to create a room design - wallpaper. Huge selection of colors, textures and patterns makes the choice difficult, so we rush to your rescue and reveal the secrets of the correct choice of wallpaper.

Design room wallpaperAfter reading this article, the design of the room with wallpaper is not a problem, because we will tell about all the intricacies.

Starting with the material

Before working on the design, it is necessary to determine the material of the future will be produced wallpaper.

Consider the features and benefits of each type:

  1. paper wallpaper still remain the most popular, due to ease of installation and low cost. You will also have to choose from a paper wallpaper.
  • Background simplex composed of one layer of paper, they may be either smooth or corrugated; thanks to the lowest price available to the general population;
  • duplex wall have two layers of paper are pressed together; This species is more durable and dense, thereby making it possible to mask minor imperfections of the walls or ceiling;
  • matting embossed wallpaper in the register represent the product of the two paper layers, one of which is applied to pattern embossing relief repeated; a convex pattern great refreshing interior design of the house, making it modern;
    The design of the apartment with his hands bedroom

    Matting wallpaper embossed in register

  • Foaming - over two glued together is applied to paper webs acrylic polymers, which are then foamed; the resulting volumetric image is resistant to moisture and abrasion, excellent hiding irregularities of the walls.
  1. Vinyl wallpapers no fear of moisture and splashing water by coating with a special compound, and therefore can be used in the kitchen or bathroom.
  2. non-woven wallpaper possess good air impermeability and tear strength, will help to hide even small cracks.
  3. textile wallpaper It consists of a paper web laminated textile fibers. Dear kind of material that looks very impressive. However, they can be glued only perfectly aligned with plaster walls.
    room design in purple color

    textile wallpaper

color solution

Color solution depends on the purpose room.

Consider the most typical applications of colors:


To scale the selection Treat with caution, because it has a direct impact on your appetite. Traditionally, the use of color, contributing to its increase - yellow, orange, green, green. However, do not overdo it, too bright color will irritate eyes.

Tip! If you are supporter of diets and strive to lose weight, you can use the latest generally considered the opposite - reduce the appetite by using wallpaper cool colors - blue, blue or purple.

Mural Interior Design

room design in purple color


  • brown furniture will be in harmony with the brick, gray, light brown, green and beige wallpaper;
  • white furniture blends with virtually all colors of the spectrum, but especially looks good on light blue, pink, gray or purple background;
  • but the red and burgundy shades should be avoided, as prolonged eye contact, they create a depressing atmosphere.


Good fit bright colors - yellow, white, cream, gold. If you have trouble falling asleep, it is better to opt for the deep blue shades.

Tip! Wallpaper in the bedroom is to choose only together. For example, pink color, pleasing to the eye looking woman, for a man can transform a room in the house of Barbie and cause only negative emotions.


Can be used for the repair of the corridor any wallpaper, avoiding a light-colored, as they too are not practical and may be stained shoes or umbrellas at the wrong move.


The color solution may be a conventional (pink for girls and blue for boys) and saturated unusual and, for example, yellow or light green. If the interior is filled with colorful images of favorite cartoon characters or funny animals, the main background, you can choose a more peaceful.

Tip! When choosing wallpaper is necessary to consider that the pattern can influence the visual perception of the room. For example, horizontal stripes make it wider, vertical - above, a major figure - less, and small patterns, on the contrary - more.


It is worth noting a special type of finish, to radically change the interior design - wallpaper.

They are made on paper backed with PVC coating or application of special fabric made of polyester. They can be purchased from the factory as a pattern, and make to order. Most often, photo wallpapers paste over one of the walls.

Preferred subjects for photo wallpapers, which always look a winner:

  • nature;
  • a variety of textures;
  • animals;
  • cities;
  • Tale (wallpapers for a child).

On the other pictures you need to experiment carefully.

Mural with fairy tale characters in children's

Mural with fairy tale characters in children's

At use of rules and tips to design an apartment with his hands-bedroom, one- or two-bedroom for you will not make any difficulties.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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