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Oriental style for those who have long wanted to visit the East. Create a room design in the Japanese style, it can only be clearly adhering to the principles which are peculiar to Japan.

room design in the Japanese styleThis interior - especially here there are strict guidelines regarding:

  • furniture;
  • color of the floor;
  • shade of the walls.

It's like the exact recipe, not to be changed, but to guarantee success.

Design of an apartment in the Japanese style

Design space in the Japanese style

interior Features

Eastern interior suited to any type of home. Low simple dark walnut furniture, mahogany or black ash or, conversely, from the lightest birch or beech.

Unnecessary items should not be. Each element - simple and convenient. Sofas with simple austere backs instead of curtains - Roman curtains or wooden blinds.

The main principle - smooth paint, but if you want a holiday for the eyes, you can add chinoiserie motifs with dragonflies, birds, temples and pagodas.

A minimum of accessories, but quite acceptable stylish prints and wall panels. Paper lanterns create a soft light without disturbing the austerity conditions.

room design in musical style

Interior room is decorated in Japanese style

Design of an apartment in oriental style for those who seek to know and expressive interior.

Interior - restrained and simple. In the color palette - a light wall design, which perfectly sets off the dark furniture, creating the effect of fine engraving.

Eastern interior - is a quiet walls covered with white paint or plaster. The simple solution - the traditional approach.

If you want a picture, you can decorate the walls decorated with gold leaf.

Japanese style in interior design

Japanese interior

  • Floor apartment - it is the base for the rest of the environment. This can be a coating made of marble, natural or laminate that gives a sense of air and freedom. Use can be no more than two options for flooring.
  • This will help keep the interior design. Oriental interior - no carpet, but you can apply the coating of neutral shades with a relief in the form of a hem that mimics the mat.
  • All that brings nature will never be over in the eastern interior.
  • Textiles will add sophistication and refinement. Cloth only natural colors (unbleached linen, cotton, alpaca volume). Suitable fabric with flower pattern on a smooth field, located rare bamboo.
  • You can throw pillow or throw across the table bamboo path. And remember, the smaller, the better. Interior sticking to tradition, involves more vivid colors - cherry blossoms, pagodas, birds.

Hallway, bedroom, kitchen

East Living - simple design and comfort, low furniture, at least cushions in contrasting colors. Entirely light-colored walls and dark furniture - the main feature.

  1. To add comfort, can be slightly diluted with interior silver-gray, green or even pink lotus color. Paper lanterns decorate the room design and folding screens to help achieve the desired sense of order.
  2. The number of items put up for review should be minimal. Ideal use of smooth ceramics.
  3. East bedroom - a place to sleep, a place to relieve stress after a hard day. Bedroom design in the Japanese style - a sleek interior and nothing more.
  4. Particular importance is attached to the kitchen. Kitchen space should be well planned, everything should be on hand as well as cooking oriental - it's speed.
  5. This oriental meal takes place at floor level. But European dinner can also be given oriental flavor.
  6. It is necessary that all the subjects were elegant and refined oriental - white or black porcelain, wicker stand of reeds under the instruments.
  7. Rooms Designed in oriental style was born in the sixteenth century. Lots of light, air, minimalism, simple and restrained, used only natural natural materials - a Japanese color in interior design.
  8. Use screens, partitions made of paper, cloth or matte, thus sharing a common area on the destination zone.
  9. Characterized by a balance between opposites: between day and night, between fire and water, between the ground and the air.

Take advantage of our advice: feel free to play with contrasts, using dark to light tones.

The interior with oriental flavor

room design in oriental style

The nature of the Japanese style


Walls can be painted Japanese graphics or wallpaper paste over bamboo. One of the main components can be considered a Japanese sliding wall and bamboo furniture fasuma.

You can put in all the space that is subject to minimalism. What is important is the color scheme and matching color.

An important element - a constant reminder of nature. Its image as a textile designs (cherry blossoms, yellow leaves, stream) or figures should be present necessarily.


Number of furniture is minimal. It is all small, geometric shapes, made of wood or bamboo, with a smooth surface. Pillows - the frequent replacement of the chairs.

Niches that are built into the floor and walls, replace storage cabinets and utensils.

Design of an apartment in oriental style

Japanese style design

The apartment should be a single entity. All the elements carefully designed and selected to create a composition which may be called "That's it - Japan."

The lighting should be as natural and diffused.

As decoration, you can use a porcelain vase, a Japanese fan, characters, paintings, dolls in kimonos and even a samurai sword.

Council last: a special touch will make a small tree bonsai or flower arrangements.

Summing up

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