Room design in the style of minimalism

design of the room (photo 36) in the style of minimalism, loft, fusion and high-tech


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During the repair of the room, the landlord is faced with the problem of choosing the styling. How to combine the design of the room with others and how to spend least funds in the process of registration?

That design of the room in a minimalist style will create a unique interior, with little effort and a minimum cash outlay.

room designFirst of all, you must develop a plan for the future premises on the basis of its layout and features of the future style.

For example, the bedroom choose the location of the bed and a wardrobe - a comfortable sofa and TV, kitchen - pick set and a dining table, and for the living room.

In addition, it is necessary to determine the approximate colors of the walls and floor design with their own hands, as well as the interior. And only after that you should choose a specific design.

Examples of designs room

  1. Minimalism
room design in the style of minimalism

minimalistic design

Consider one of the most popular designs. Minimalism involves the use of light colors in the decoration of surfaces, the limited number of interior and bright, especially daylight.

  • The design of the room's walls - in fact the only decoration for the room, so it should be paid special attention. The walls can be covered by wallpaper highlight or textured plaster, which imparts an interesting effect.
  • Ceilings - mounted or suspended with the possibility of installing spotlights. Floor covered with a material that is selected depending on the type of room - kitchen tiles in the bedroom - carpet and the living room - parquet.
  • It is advisable to use only bright and light colors in the decoration of the walls. Bright colors are undesirable. Primary colors - a white and gray, extra - halftones, color of metal and wood.
  • Basic materials to create furniture - metal, plastic and glass. Welcomed the strict geometric forms and concise. Low sofas, low tables, glass shelves - a typical example of the situation in a minimalist style.
  • Functionality - one commandment of such a design. Try to choose a furniture, which would be able to perform several tasks at once, such as a sofa with a niche for bed linen, table-transformer, etc.
  1. Loft.
Making loft-style

Making loft-style

Young and original style loft appeared in the middle of the last century, and in our country recently, but has already become popular with designers.

The ideal option of finishing the apartment with his hands for young people, students, creative and original personalities.

  • Decorating the walls - very uncomplicated affair. Most of the walls were covered with plaster and crumble, leaving the insertion of brick or concrete. The simpler the decoration, the better. style feature - the color selection, such as the bedroom can be identified by dark shades, a living room - a light color, and in the kitchen to use the red and terracotta hues.

Note! Normally used in the loft apartments with a free layout, so this style is not suitable for a small square room.

  • Wooden floors reserve, for greater comfort can be carpeted. Of course, in the bathroom and kitchen tiles needed, and the ceiling is painted in the same way as the walls - it creates a feeling of completeness.
  • The choice of furniture is no limit. Buy what you want, loft-style are appropriate only luxurious and ornate interior. Light metal beds, chairs and tables, open shelves - great atmosphere apartment. For the interior decoration using antique furniture and various accessories.
  • Concluding the situation, set up on the shelves of your favorite books, flowers and figurines. Office equipment must be present, in addition, cords, wires and sockets can not hide - they perfectly fit into the overall atmosphere.
  1. fusion.
room in the style of fusion

The room in the style of fusion

We continue to consider new and innovative design options apartments and focus on fusion. This is a peculiar mix of different design directions, collecting the best elements of each of the interior and decoration.

Sometimes during the repair it is difficult to focus on any one thing, so that's fusion - the solution to your problem.

The basic principles of style:

  • There are no rules. Forget about the basics of design, combinations of colors and shades. Everything is permitted and bans virtually absent. However, it should be noted that fusion - it is not chaos, but a system that has some similarities between the elements, even if it is not noticeable at first glance.
  • The combination - the main principle of style. Harmoniously combine a variety of materials and textures, to find those combinations that will allow for a fresh look at ordinary things - that is the task of the designer. Allowed the simultaneous use of stone and plastic, metal and wood, soft and hard, smooth and rough - in a word, and a variety of multi-layered.
  • Also welcomed the union premises. For example, the kitchen is combined with living room and bedroom with a library, but there may be more complex combinations.
  • Achieve a bright and original effects - that's what you need from the fusion style. However, the designer must have a certain amount of courage to realize all, even the most unusual ideas.

As a result, we get an interior room, striking singularity, but at the same time functional, cozy and cheerful. He gives the impression of a single organism adapts to its inhabitants.

  1. High tech.
hi-tech design

The design of high-tech

We continue to journey through the world of modern design, in line - high-tech. Combining comfort and modern technology, so impressed the inhabitants of megacities - is the foundation of this style.

When you create the interior be prepared to follow some rules:

  • Geometric, simplicity and austerity of lines - the basis of the whole environment. The furniture consists of squares, circles and other simple shapes, and in the environment, you will not find pictures with natural patterns or bright accessories.
  • All of the furnishings are made from a combination of simple materials: glass, metal and plastic. Quite popular table with glass top and a metal base flange of plastic with glass inserts and chromed steel chairs.
  • Do not buy too much furniture minimalism does not like frills and you risk cluttering the room.
  • Instead, massive wardrobes best to install shelves with lots of shelves, divided into open and closed sections. The material for their creation can serve as plastic and painted wood.
  • Lighting should be decentralized: ceiling lights almost do not stand out on the surface and illuminate the places on which to focus. It is advisable to use cold white light, rather than the more yellow hues.
  • Best liner walls will be a simple coloring, without the wallpaper and the floor is covered with parquet and tiles dark shades.
  • The basis of style are high-tech, so relevant are: Plasma panel on walls or stands, and laptop computers, office equipment and household appliances steel and black shades.

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