Design living in a private house: interior large room in a country house

Design living in a private home (45 photos): rules and restrictions, attributes and finishing


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  • 1 Rules and Restrictions
    • 1.1 The rules of "good design colors"
    • 1.2 additional elements
  • 2 Decorating the living room
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Hall is no accident called the "heart" of the house, because it is here relaxing and guests and homeowners. Design living in a private home gives you much more room for the imagination.

When choosing a design for this type of premises, competent designer should be sure to take into account its features - it and the size of the room, its purpose and location, style of landscape design infield and facade building.

Design living in a private house

Also note the small nuances that can affect the comfort and style. We will understand which side is best to approach such a difficult problem, as the decoration of the room in a private home.

Rules and Restrictions

Hall is a presentation of some territory. The recreation area, for example, can be located in other rooms, but it is here for In order to convey information on the priorities and the individual hosts to anyone who crosses the threshold houses.

Interior of living room in a country house is to talk about the preferences of owners, their ability is good and tasteful relax.

The rules of "good design colors"

  1. If the floor area is more than 35 m², the ratio of width to length of the room should be approximately equal, it should be taken into account when planning the original structure.
  2. The visual impression of the room depends not only on its size, as the ratio of free sites of the room to occupied. The optimal value - 1: 2, and the ideal - 1: 1.

Tip! One of the most important components of the interior is the natural lighting. 2-3 large window in the private room of a country house just has to be.

Interior of living room in a country house

The perfect natural lighting in the living room country house

  1. The interior of a private house of the hall there is the need for a meaningful center. Its role is to take on a home theater or a fireplace.
  2. Equally important is the presence of comfortable seating or sofa classical and armchairs arranged around notional center.

additional elements

Besides those already voiced, there should be other local places, the location or absence of which depends entirely on your preferred hanging out in the hall.

  • A large dining table is often a place of honor, but if you have a small family, or you like to retreat, it is quite able to replace a compact table.
  • Design living room in a country house can be revived by placing the corner of the family of awards or artifacts, it can be letters or cups, children received trophies obtained by hunting, antique or family values, inherited from ancestors, family photo memories events.
    The design of a large living room

    Additional attributes of the living room as a decoration

  • Great pictures will be for a spacious room in handy. Their size should be selected depending on the square footage of the room and ceiling height. Bright decorative compositions, classical or abstract paintings will become a real decoration and fit perfectly into the design of the room country house.

Decorating the living room

Beautiful interior decoration living forms in bright colors: light brown, gray and blue, golden. At the same time, combined usually use bright, vivid decorative elements: wall panels, cushions, rugs small.

Element size depends on the brightness of its color than it is brighter, the smaller it needs to be.

The design of a country house living room

Living in bright colors

The design of a large living room can be supplemented with a large chandelier in the ceiling that can provide both general lighting in the room and create a festive atmosphere. Furthermore, it should be installed in the room several sconces, table lamps and floor lamps, help create comfort and coziness in every part of the hall.

Summing up

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