The interior of a small living room: black and white design of the hall in a small apartment

The interior of a small living room (photo 45): zoning space, color scheme and style


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Appearance of a room depends on the nature and requirements of the individual hosts habits. Planning and interior create a small living room with a view of its functional purpose.

There are plenty of options for resettlement. The successful combination of original ideas zoning room renovation will ensure the harmonious coexistence of the guest and family zone on one small area.

The interior of a small living room

design secrets

zoning space

Important! The main secret is augmentation of space zoning premises.

Designers recommend zoning small space using screens, movable partitions, ceilings of different levels.

Family and guest zone can be combined or divided into separate parts. recreation area can be identified with a local lighting, lighting of paintings or niches that will create a special atmosphere of comfort.

Design a small living room

Screen zoning space

Manipulations with the change of the ceiling height, floor and furniture properly arranged substantially change the design of a small living room, visually expand the space.

Finishing the ceiling is lighter than the walls. Low ceiling in the standard small-sized apartment can visually change by creating a multi-level design and correct backlight, which will give a feeling of fullness of the room air and increase the comfort of perception space.

recreation area from the work can be separated with the help of the podium. Raising the floor for 30 -60 cm, to create an interior living in a small apartment with high ceilings, which would negate the discomfort that arises from constant opening.

In the space of a podium is possible to place a sliding bed or drawers for storage of books and things.


Colors may vary and are often made up of the representations of the owners home comfort.

Choose a basic background of the room and compliment his fellow shades or create an overall picture of the contrast.

  • Very rare black-and-white interior living in small apartments.

The correct ratio of black and white can be an amazing way to expand the space. However, the preponderance of black can darken the room, and over a white - space blur.

If you decide to use this option for the decoration of the room, keep in mind that it should be half-empty, the number of white and black objects should be kept to a minimum.

Black and white interior living room

The living room, decorated in black and white

others not so bright colors are used to reduce the contrast. This may be a gray-beige or purple carpet, which will be repaired in the design of the room a softer color. Bright colors make it possible to emphasize certain elements of the interior.

  • Today popular monochromatic decorating options including different shades of the same color line.

Interior room in shades of gray is the most attractive and suitable to be placed in a contemporary style.

Choose the most pleasant shade of gray, and to him pick 2-3 shades lighter and darker shade.

  • Gray goes well with blue-gray or lavender hues. If the walls are made in a light-gray tones, pick up furniture with a darker shade of gray color without pattern.

In the monochromatic decor it is very important to create the right lighting. This can be a lamp or desktop lamp silver tone. Silver and gray go well with a large mirror that will add light.

Interior room in a small apartment

Making a living room in a lavender

recommendations made

Low room will seem slightly higher:

  • When sticking vertically striped wallpaper.
    Interior living room Baroque

    Striped wallpaper in the interior

  • Wallpaper glue to the ceiling, leaving the white stripe on the wall.

The room will visually appear larger in volume:

  • One of the walls hang wallpaper in discreet, pastel colors (pale green or light blue), and the rest of the walls are kept in bright colors.
  • Visually increase the room paint or wallpaper with small light-colored patterns.

When designing the room-living in a small room, refuse and large diagonal patterns.

  • Linoleum or laminate stack longitudinal stripe along the wall to the window. When cross-laying the room will seem smaller.
  • Visually increases the volume and breadth of narrow, elongated room parquet, laid herringbone or deck. When using the floorboard need to bear in mind that narrow floorboards will expand the space, and wide - conceal it.
  • The glossy texture of stretch ceiling will optically increase its height carried it lights, visually expand the space.



Classic interior room Baroque presupposes a massive furniture, bright bronze chandeliers, silk wallpaper and carved wooden panels.

To create this style using stucco, columns, heavy gilded frame mirrors or paintings. It is difficult to imagine all of this in the design of small apartments.

Design living room

Baroque style in the interior

However, monochromatic light (eg, pink) color space will expand and will be an excellent backdrop for the classic style, emphasizing the exquisite luxury items used in the interior.

Today, you can buy exquisite furniture and accessories that allow you to stylize great room under the Baroque.

The modern design of the living room in the Baroque style often is saturated with bright colors. The color scheme should contain a lot of gold color on the surface of the walls, furniture, paintings. Use lights with gold, gold-plated pen set in the doorway.

For the flooring is recommended to use a shade of black currant. Upholstered furniture, heavy curtains, cushion must be made of velvet crimson or red.

Scandinavian style

The opposite option stylization - IKEA living room interior, executed in a Scandinavian style.

Living room interior in shades of gray

Fashionable style IKEA

He suggests simplicity, minimalism, natural and environmentally friendly. Today, many "eyeing" a concise objects and decorative elements that look better than the classical counterparts.

The room in the style of IKEA gives the feeling of a large amount of natural light, open space, the lack of it useless and empty corners.

For style used low furniture, strict laconic forms. For decoration and design used natural materials of stone or wood. Preference is given to light species: birch, pine, spruce. In addition, such interior can be seen glass elements, wrought iron, wicker furniture and lampshades.

In recent years, small rooms stylization is carried out in a combined form, using the complementarity of classical and modern style.

Original ideas and techniques intertwine original style with comfort, to provide tastefully decorated beautiful and comfortable interior.

Summing up

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