The paintings in the interior of the living room: how to create a design with corner fireplace and an aquarium

The paintings in the interior of the living room (42 photos). use options. Features square design of the room, with a fireplace, aquarium


Table of contents

  • 1 location rules
  • 2 Variants of using art paintings in the interior
  • 3 Design features a square hall
  • 4 Living room with fireplace: design features
    • 4.1 Wood Burning fireplace
    • 4.2 gas-fire
    • 4.3 electric fire
    • 4.4 corner fireplace
  • 5 If the aquarium hall
  • 6 Design features "brezhnevki"
  • 7 Summing up
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Central room apartment or house is usually given to the role of the living room. The paintings in the interior of the living room can make her original design, comfortable and unique.

In this article, we'll show you what rules you need to follow when placing paintings.

The paintings in the interior of the living room

Usually, the room spacious room is withdrawn, because here there are friends, rests the whole family, taking guests here. By the design of the room in the house should be approached carefully, combining beauty, comfort and style.

When the repair is finished, the design laid out, there comes a time of pleasant things, which as a result and make the room cozy. We are talking about the statues and various objects of decoration and, of course, art canvases. Let's understand how to properly hang paintings in the hall.

location rules

If you are going to hang one or two pictures, you know in advance where it will be in their place and are planning a stylish interior with that in mind.

If a lot of paintings or you want to create a family photo gallery, be sure to pay attention to the rules:

  • rule One

No matter how many panels or photos, no matter what size they are, the same frame to help take the series as a whole.

  • second rule

Large canvases in the number of 2-3 pieces, hung in a row, make a blank wall lively and bright.

  • third rule

Canvases wonderful structure the room. If the belt is hung in the center, it will emphasize the symmetry of the design. If the room is divided into zones, the picture is even more will mark the zoning.

  • rule Four

Canvases of different sizes, arranged asymmetrically in the interior creates a sense of dynamics. On the contrary, the same size canvases hanging in the strict symmetry, make the interior strict and stable. This is especially true monochrome panels or black-and-white photos.

  • rule Five

Large canvases hung asymmetrically better. The distance between them must be large enough to focus on each individually.

Variants of using art paintings in the interior

Interior square living room

The color scheme of rhymes with upholstered furniture

Natural looking picture where there is no other decor.

Fit fabric in the interior of the hall can be different.

  • If a blank wall is a long low cabinet or set of bollards, well decorated surface panels over them.
  • The modern interior design is not so long ago, the notion of "rhyme". This is reflected in the parallels that are seen in the interior. Rhyme pattern can not only images but also color to interior details.
  • If the room is symmetrically canvas hung exactly in the center, emphasize the harmony of construction.
  • Pictures hanging in a certain order on the same wall, promote special aligning interior. This is especially effective for design in muted colors.
  • If dull wall asymmetrically hang a large number of large canvases, rhyming with furniture items, you get a sense of the vernissage in the room. Just remember that each object must be enough space.
  • American designers of modern interiors lately prefer to give the paintings an entire wall from top to bottom. It could be posters, and photographs, and posters. This wall is called the art wall.
  • An interesting technique is to place designers fabrics angle.

Tip! If the corner of the sofa, corner painting over it will give the design a sense of harmony and perfection.

Design features a square hall

  • Interior square lounge requires a special approach. Try not to clutter up the space of excess furniture. Take furniture corners or arrange it along one or two walls.
  • Do not place the chairs, tables and cabinets near the front door.
  • Correct deficiencies need to lay the proper arrangement of furniture, textiles and decor. By the decor in this case concerns the use of pictures. General rules for placing paintings in the interior work here. However, if a small room, not to hang the panels on the walls.

Living room with fireplace: design features

Interior living room with a corner fireplace

Corner fireplace is decorated with paintings

Living room with fireplace - a dream of many. So nice to meet winter evening with family and watch the flickering flames. But because of its features, a real fireplace is only possible in a private home.

For residents of high-rise buildings there are special models, in which the use of wood is excluded. Let's look at the different types of fireplaces and features of their placement in the room in terms of design.

Wood Burning fireplace

Fireplace - is the main interior accent. By design, in this case, refers portal and finish the fireplace chimney. It is also worth thinking about how it will look like a place for the storage of wood.


Fireplace imitates wood and operates on gas. From a design standpoint, it does not differ from the wood-burning. Gas fireplace warms the great room, including automatic and maintaining the temperature in the room.

electric fire

Electric fireplaces are very environmentally friendly and rapidly heat the room. They are inexpensive, easy to fit into any environment and do not require additional communications. This compact device is suitable for urban residents and will be the highlight of the living room.

corner fireplace

Interior in this case it will be repelled by the fireplace. Small size models allow placement of a corner of the fireplace, even in small square rooms. The design may be different - from modern to country.

Styles of Fireplaces:

  • classical;
  • minimalism;
  • country;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • baroque.

If the aquarium hall

Aquarium can coexist with pictures

Another design accent - it's an aquarium. Design living room with an aquarium - is not easy.

  • Often aquarium becomes the center of the hall, around which are grouped the furniture.
  • It is convenient to use an aquarium for zoning premises.
  • Today, the popular mount racks with built-in aquarium, but in this case with great care, consider the lighting. It can be colored and rhyme with the interior or stand out from it.

Using pictures in the hall with an aquarium will depend on the style of the room.

Design features "brezhnevki"

living in brezhnevki design requires a special approach because of its small size. The interior is better to make a light, to expand the space visually. Among the variety of styles, choose those that do not require the use of multi-layer textile and solid wooden furniture.

The design of the living room with an aquarium

A minimum of furniture - a characteristic feature of the design brezhnevki

Whatever your room, you can make it a refined and unique by using decorative elements, furniture, fireplace, aquarium, paintings, photographs.

The main thing is to approach the case with the soul and taste. Good luck!

Summing up

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