Kitchen-living room design photo modern ideas: combined interior, style and layout, room repair

Interior design of the kitchen, combined with the living room, requires a special approach and thoughtful solutions Kitchen interior design, combined with a living room, requires a special approach and informed decisions struggle between conservatism and innovation has led to the fact that the design of the kitchen-living room is widespread. Owners of "Khrushchev" and "Stalin", the owners of private houses - everyone wants to transform the interior that has become habitual. Often people are in a hurry to translate projects presented in thematic publications, without taking into account the architectural features of the premises.

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Choose modern kitchen design, combined with the living room: photos

is erroneous concept of "modern style" treatingXia exclusively as use of invested material and unusual shapes. Indeed, in the 21st century, emphasis is placed on wear-resistant and light materials. Cumbersome decorative elements gave way to elegant and subtle details. Visual accents are placed in the room thanks to correctly selected color transitions, and skillfully adjusted by the amount of light.

Modern design solutions in the interior are made taking into account room size, degree of illumination and architectural features.

Bar counter often acts as a delimiter of the space of the combined premises The bar is a frequent speaker delimiter space combined premises

Among the most common are the following recommendations:

  1. Furniture selected function, wherein the absence of a large number of curved elements. Only if the interior of the kitchen-living room is designed in a classical style, it is allowed to use curtains, a massive table and vintage furniture;
  2. The choice between a sofa, a traditional dining table and a bar counter is determined by the ultimate goal. In a house where there are often guests, it is more advisable to install a bar counter. For a quiet family get-together a small table is suitable;
  3. Raised walls and columns - visual differentiation zones in the kitchen, living room is made in view of its size. Here, an inverse relationship is observed. The smaller the area, the more it is necessary for visual zoning of the false parts.

make modern living-kitchen renovation

use of environmentally friendly materials, the ease and brevity forms, the rate on light colors - the leitmotif of all the architectural changes in the environment. From the side it may seem that white color or shades of a similar color are not the most practical option for the kitchen. The fallibility of such a statement is rushing to dispel the designers.

If you compare the color white with black or matt-gloss gray, then white is characterized by less exposure to external pollutants. The universality of the snow-white color scale is obvious when it comes to its compatibility with other colors. If over time, new ideas will appear, then without any problems it will be possible to change the style to a combined kitchen-living room.

The floor covering from a keramogranite differs the increased durability and wear resistance, that allows to use it in premises with intensive loadings Flooring keromogranita has high strength and durability that can be used in areas with heavy

Among other recommendations associated with repair, is isolated:

  • Kitchen furniture preferably ordered from MDF.The facade should be glossy and white;
  • The walls are decorated with decorative tiles, in harmony with the color of the furniture;
  • to sex takes granite gray color that emphasizes the color of home appliances in the room;The
  • mixer is selected in steel color. It is convenient, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view;
  • The repair is completed with the installation of a stylish chandelier.

kitchen-living room in a modern style: design secrets

In a well-planned kitchen-studio everything is at hand. In this case, the room is not overloaded with furniture. Approximately so you can express the basic correct design. After the repair has managed to form a living space, it is necessary to fill it correctly. If the selection in the combined room is not in favor of the bar and the dining room table, then you need to purchase an option from a natural oak.

A similar recommendation applies to the bar counter. The L-shaped form, supplemented with folding sections, will save space.

A picture or a panel in the interior of the kitchen-living room is an expressive element that can emphasize the individuality of the style painting or mural in the interior of the kitchen-living room - an expressive element, able to emphasize the individuality of style direction

In addition to these, identifies a number of additional tips:

  • unite disparate elements of the kitchen help painting or mural. It should be in harmony with the overall stylistics of the room;
  • The kitchen-studio windows facing the park area, the design is made taking into account the natural light. Large windows and not conspicuous curtains - the key to success;
  • Small premises allow the integration of a living room, a loggia and a kitchen. It is desirable, that all 3 functional zones were made out in uniform style. The fewer visual boundaries, the more free space will appear.

modern layout of the kitchen living room

maximum functionality with a minimum of space - the motto of designers on both sides of the Atlantic. Planning should not eat the vital area. To implement such an idea is used Scandinavian style, the basis of which are minimalist projects. Get an approximate idea of ​​it will help the photo.

furniture and kitchen equipment is chosen in terms of functionality and compulsory registration of color characteristics.

The kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style is built-in furniture, wooden flooring, and an open plan space The kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style is built-in furniture, wooden flooring, and the open space layout

Among the other recommendations, the following are distinguished:

  • The dining area is formed at the joint of the hall and kitchen;
  • Kitchen furniture is placed L-shaped;
  • Refrigerator is purchased high with the possibility of embedding;
  • Small in size household appliances for the kitchen mounted in a high pencil case;
  • The cabinets at the bottom are visually connected by a high wooden countertop;
  • Open shelves replace the cabinets, if it is a confined space;
  • The working area in the room is separated by dark glossy tiles.

Kitchen and living room connection: designer's advice( video)

Modern design kitchen conversions are associated with the formation of a functional use plan for the zone. Natural materials, light colors, the refusal of closed cabinets in favor of open shelves - only a small part of the possible options. Visual zoning of the room is made with the help of a correctly chosen color solution for the design of the floor and walls.

Design living room kitchen( photo)