Kitchen living room 20 sq m photo design: dining room, interior and layout, squaring, combined project

By combining the kitchen with the living room, you will get more space and a unique design Combining the kitchen with living room, you get more space and a unique design combining the kitchen and living room, you can get the main advantage - the more squares to implement the boldest ideas in design. Unite living spaces in the interior to date has become very fashionable and practical. So the kitchen and living room uniting into a whole are able to create a more harmonious and practical space.

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kitchen-dining room-living room of 20 square meters. M: more features

Design 3 in 1( kitchen, dining room and living room) can be implemented with the help of some tricks.

Namely, the combined conditions may be performed if:

  • divided into zones, but to take as a basis the main element( style, color, materials);
  • Equip zones with light of different intensity;
  • Include in the interior of the island or bar counters.

Studio is just the thing for such a merger, but it is possible to make alterations and small apartment to increase space, more importantly obtain written permission to carry it out.

Sharing this interior into zones, it is important to remember that the dining room has appropriate equipment - a dining table, chairs, lighting over the table.

When combining the kitchen with the living room you can make an interesting design in the apartment By combining the kitchen with living room, you can make an interesting design

apartment Just this area can become a divisive element, such as a dining table oval soft partition seating area and cooking. Another example is a floor covering dining area and kitchen tiles formed in black, and has a seating area milky but interspersed with black streaks( the similarity marble).

The dining room and kitchen area should be in the same style, because these rooms are designed for cooking and eating, but in the living room you can make only private elements of the style, most often these are pieces of furniture and their color( material).

Creating an interior 3 in 1 is important to remember the light solution. Light kitchen area should be intense, here can be present and sconces, and spotlights. But the dining area can be equipped with a bright, attractive ceiling lampshade, which is placed low to the table.

In the living room is more appropriate diffuse light, which adjusts to rest and relaxation.

to get a functional joint space, it is important to focus on the room itself, so if the room is extended can be positioned on the wall area - a long shelf and sofa are placed on the entire length of one wall, and the kitchen small size and a dining table for another. Everything is supported by a color solution and materials, for example, beige tones in combination with white and black accents( lamps, curtains, door racks).In case the room is square, the suite in the kitchen occupies one of the walls, and the living room and dining room furniture is placed parallel to each other. With this option, you can advise you to use white as the main color, and pink or light green as accents( textiles on the couch, seat chairs).

Special kitchen-living room layout 20 sq.m. M

The layout of the combined space is an important part of the repair, it is important that all the zones are in harmony with each other. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, living room, children's and working area can be easily accommodated for 20 m2 with competent planning.

If the kitchen is connected to the living room, it is necessary to properly make ventilation so that smells do not enter the room If the kitchen is connected to the living room, you need to properly make the ventilation to odors do not penetrate into the room

project combined space planning can make the specialists, so 20 m2 really will gain ergonomics and functionality.

In addition, it is important to think through a good ventilation system so that the smells from the kitchen are not eaten up in the upholstered furniture and textiles of the living room. A good exhaust system is located in the cooking area and requires constant cleaning.

Design options for a living room-kitchen 20 m2

The design of this interior should start with a choice of colors. In this case, it is important to consider walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, textiles and accessories, but it is better to avoid sharp large-scale contrasts in such a room.

For walls it is necessary to choose light shades and semitones, so the space will become more harmonious, and making small accents will be easier. Ceilings are better to prefer hinged. As a decoration, you can choose decorative plaster, wallpaper-stained glass or wallpaper for painting.

When combining the kitchen with the living room, you must adhere to the same design and do not change the color scheme When combining the kitchen with the living room, you must adhere to the same design and do not change the color range

In connection with the operating conditions of the room, it is worth choosing a material for walls with detergent properties.

Furniture is selected in the same style, but in accordance with the requirements of each zone.

Here is a small list of furniture that can be placed in the living room kitchen:

  • Corner or single-row kitchen set;
  • Sofa;
  • Table;
  • Bar counter;
  • Bar stools;
  • Shelvings.

Its selection will depend on the style decision - the classic makes it possible to combine interesting combinations and shades, provas and modernism refer to soft shapes and colors, modern styles are saturated with chrome surfaces.

Zoning kitchen-living room 20 square meters. M: photo

To the kitchen the living room turned out beautiful and functional it is important to zoning the entire space.

Here are a few ways:

  • Lighting.
  • Mirror.
  • Different level division - the kitchen area can be raised on a low podium.
  • Wall decoration - different material, but a single color scheme, advantageously divide the space.
  • Furniture placement.
  • Bar counter - it can be installed in the passage between zones, it is used often enough to separate spaces from each other.
  • Falsh-partitions - are created specially for the interior, more often from gypsum board, a very convenient element of zoning - they can be any shape, go from ceiling to floor, they can make niches. Zoning with this element is well combined with multi-level ceilings and built-in aquariums.
  • Sliding partitions - their advantage is that they are mobile and do not take up unnecessary space.
When zoning the kitchen from the living room, you need to choose the right lighting, for example, to put mirrors and lamps When zoning kitchens from the living room, you need to choose the right lighting, for example, to place mirrors and lights

In addition, if an apartment a small partition is able to limit the early breakfast preparing breakfast from someone who sleeps or conceals unwashed dishes from unexpectedGuests.

Sliding partitions can be glass, fabric, stained glass and others.

Kitchen-living room repair 20 sq.m. M, if there are two windows and not only

If the combined space has two windows, in this case it is important to beat them and harmoniously fit into the interior, and most importantly make the accents that will create a unique style of the kitchen of the living room.

Two windows can be designed symmetrically and asymmetrically, so for example the first method allows you to make a single interior, adding between windows and decorative objects or, alternatively, on both sides, placing lamps or mirrors on it. And the second, especially if the windows are in different zones, will become an element of zoning and then you can make them in different ways, but the supporting element is important here.

The asymmetrical design looks harmonious, although it does not use paired decor elements, it is this method that can unite the kitchen, living room and the hall where there are windows.

Correctly beaten two windows in the adjacent room with a kitchen will create a creative interior right Beaten two windows in an adjacent room with a kitchen will create a creative interiors

Repair living kitchen requires whole-separated solutions. Schematically it looks like this - the division should correspond to the formula 25/75, where 25% is allocated to the kitchen, and 75% to the living room.

When creating a certain area, it is worth remembering a number of rules:

  • The rule of unity - the unity of style, color scheme, all this will help to make the kitchen a stylish living room;
  • The rule of style - it is important to know the approximate direction in the design of the kitchen of the living room( minimalism, loft, provence), otherwise the risk of getting an interior-cacophony increases;
  • Equality rule - if one of the zones is oversaturated with decor and bright accents, then the second should be as calm as possible;
  • Rule "less is better" - decorations in such a large space should be a little, it already carries a large semantic load, because it combines two rooms;
  • The rule of practicality is to choose the best practical materials for decoration and decoration, for example, curtains with impregnation against odor and grease, washable wallpaper.

Design of living room kitchen( video)

Combined space pushes boundaries, creates a mood of freedom and light. A properly selected design allows you to open new horizons in the design of such interiors.

Kitchen Living 20 square meters( photo)