Interior room and interesting design of the room with a staircase in the pictures in the Art Nouveau style

living room interior (57 photos): art deco and art nouveau


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Create the right living room interior is considered one of the most important and most difficult tasks in the design of the entire apartment.

It is in this room, you will be sent to friends and relatives.

interior living roomIn it you'll be spending most of their time. Consequently, the time which should be given to the selection of a particular style, require much more than the other rooms.

Run interior room can be in any style. Whether it is a classic, romantic, art deco or country. In recent years more and more popular design of the living room, which includes the eastern motifs, or the Renaissance.

No matter on what style of design living room in the house you are staying, remember that during the drafting of the living room should try to leave the maximum space. Thus, your room will be visually much more spacious and bright.

Various interior room suggested here, a meeting place for friends and relatives. In this case, none of the guests should not feel uncomfortable and uneasy in such a room.

If you place here bulky cabinets or heavy pieces of furniture, the guest will definitely feel some tightness and stiffness.

Designers recommend opportunities for all cases, including a coupe, put in a corridor, or, if available, a waiting room. So your living room will be ample seating.

Secrets of the living room decoration

  1. Complement the interior of the living room with various decorative elements. As a rule, it is a bookshelf or a variety of pictures.
  2. Proper lighting - a pledge of comfort.

Note! In the process of designing the lighting in a room is important to note that, in addition to general lighting, was used locally. However, these types of lighting should be combined and harmony, and to achieve this is not so simple.

Local coverage in the stylish interior of the living room should not be too much to emphasize the individual room area, and only a little to focus on them. For example, this area may become a large armchair near the coffee table.

Interior living room

The original living room lighting

If you are having some difficulties with the selection of lamps or other types of problems, it is best to seek advice from professionals. They will provide you with living room design in pictures.

Every year more and more popular chandeliers, lamps and pendant lights, which length can be changed. Such a light source can be set as general lighting, and position it on the ceiling, in the center of the main living area.

In this case very carefully examine the size of your room. This is necessary so as not to overload the room.

As for the location of fixtures, everything is standard. If you want to stand out, then hang the main chandelier not in the center, as it is done all over the place as well, where the table will stand.

Using this trick, you can highlight the desired area stronger. At the same time the rest of the room is less illuminated. It will be clear that this part of the secondary room.

  1. The central element of the living room make the home theater or fireplace.
living room interior in modern style

living room design example.

Most often, the TV in the interior of the living room "collects" around a lot of people. Near the fireplace you can warm up on a chilly evening, drink a glass of red wine or just to chat with the guests by a crackling fire.

Home Theater, in turn, is not a bit inferior to the fireplace. With it, you can always create the atmosphere that you want. It will be sufficient to enable the film required genre, be it comedy or melodrama.

  1. Use mobile furniture.

If you want to periodically change the interior of the living room, and to do so not only because the swap and change the decorative ornaments, use furniture on wheels. With it, it will be very convenient.

If you have a chair has wheels, then at any time you like, you can easily move it to another part of the room, for example, is closer to the table with the guests.

The most popular style of the living room are:

  • Art Deco;
  • Modern;
  • High tech;
  • Classic style.

Consider some of their features.

If you doubt the choice, the interior of the living room in the pictures you can see in magazines or on the Internet.

Art Deco

Interior living room with a staircase

An example of an interior room in style Art Deco

Art Deco or Art Deco originated in architecture and design in the late 20th century in America and Western Europe. Prior to his present name it was called jazz modernism, abstract modern, sleek modernity and modernity zigzag.

Performing interior room in this style, all the furniture should have rounded surfaces.

The most characteristic features of the art deco interior room in a private house can be called a chrome handles on the wooden furniture, small sculptures of female figures in unnatural positions, and the use of exotic materials for the manufacture of furniture and its upholstery.

This can be ivory, crocodile or stingray. Often used abstract motifs and very bright colors.

The design of the living room in the art deco style

Carrying out the final stage of repair, interior room should decorate decorative ornaments. In the art-deco style, they can be presented in bold and sometimes brash bright color combinations.

There should not be much. Let it be a few things or items of furniture. Focus on them and their high quality. Also, it can be ceramics, wood or bronze.

This style is very light and elegant. This style is often used form of waves, zigzags, sea shells, swan necks and fabulous dragons.

This style has another name - the art.

The walls are often made out as an unobtrusive background for a nice looking stylish furniture and other interior elements.

The most common type of wall decoration - they paint a monochromatic paint. There may be some inclusions of other colors in the form of small ornaments or other small drawings done through a special stencil.

interesting interior living room

Colorful art deco

The color scheme of finishing materials for walls and floors should be soft, and the furniture - a dark, almost black.

In order to isolate any one or a wall to make the room brighter, use these colors:

  • Green;
  • Orange;
  • Red.


interior room

Living room interior in modern style

Art Nouveau as a separate style originated in the second half of the 19th century - beginning of the 20th century in Europe.

It arose because of confusion with the full pre-existing styles and has become the main focus of progressive art, combining all its direction.

Please note that the interior of the living room in a modern style is not much different from the living room, made in the Art Deco style. Thus, it can be called the "father" of art deco.

For a modern, first of all, characterized by a complete absence straight lines. Furniture in the interior is very simple, but very functional.

By purchasing a different case furniture such as cabinets, shelves or dressers, do not forget that some "aestheticism" to be present in it.

It can manifest itself in a matte glazing surfaces, or delicate accessories. In all furniture should be streamlined undulating lines.

If you want to perform the interesting interior of the living room, then use the secrets of decorating living rooms.

Design living in pictures

The furniture in the Art Nouveau style

So, the main decoration materials for the room decor in this style are the wallpaper, textiles. Often the walls are decorated with images of stylized flowers, birds, insects, or other animals.

Within this style can combine incongruous elements of interior finishing materials and decor. Most commonly used wood, bronze, stone, porcelain, and for decoration - mosaic, ceramic tiles and stained glass paintings.

It is interesting that by selecting this style, you can not worry about the compatibility of the floor, ceiling and walls. Of modernity is considered normal contrast between them.

Walls can be covered with wallpaper with asymmetrical shapes or wall to divide into several pieces and make them different (several similar colors or textures still have to use it).

Ceiling while zadekoriruyte of plane plaster plastic. Thus, you will be able to achieve the effect, when the walls of your room are bright and expressive.

The interior of a living room can often see free plan. This refers to the different levels of sex, as well as advanced windows.

However, the most important principle of the living room decoration in modern style is a manifestation of imagination and no restrictions. Full improvisation on certain subjects.

TV in the living room interior

Example room design

When choosing furniture, pay special attention to its functionality. It should be very simple and practical.

Such an example may serve, for example, a chair, which is made of a stretched skin on the metal frame or some other dense tissues. Such furniture looks very original, and most importantly stylish.

Since the Art Nouveau style and has developed unevenly in different countries, we can observe another direction with respect to furniture design.

For example, a conventional chair of wood in the shape of the half of the flower or bud.

If you plan on living room interior with stairs, then run it can be made of different materials and in different combinations.

The most popular materials:

  • The combination of metal and glass;
  • Wood and glass;
  • Plastic and wood;
  • Metal and plastic.

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