Zoning kitchen and living room: design and photo, how to separate the space zone, bedroom and recreation room, options

As a rule, the zoning of the kitchen and the living room is done in small rooms or studio apartments As a rule, the zoning of kitchen and living room is done in small rooms or studio apartments Zoning kitchen and living room is a convenient and practical solution. But how correctly to carry out such planning, which will create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness without compromising functionality?This zoning is an ideal solution for small apartments and so-called studios.

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options kitchen-living room without losing the zoning area

not required to perform zoning kitchen and living room, etc. And the help of a full wall. It can be replaced with an ordinary false pack of the same drywall or polycarbonate. These materials are quite cheap, fastened to the guiding profiles. Of course, it is possible to divide and using the usual sliding door-partition, but it is considered not functional. In addition, moving from the living room area to the kitchen and back, you will have to constantly open a large door that occupies the area from the ceiling to the floor.

With the proper zoning of the kitchen and living room, you will get a functional and practical option for arranging an apartment With proper zoning kitchen and living room you get a functional and practical option arrangement apartments

Total division of space to perform better:

  • With decorative plasterboard false walls;
  • Semi-transparent inset( not laid over the entire width of the room);
  • Color differentiation;
  • Light demarcation;
  • Separation by ceiling level.

Which option is best for this or that?It already depends on the area of ​​the room, and on the interior design and wishes of the owner of the house. Designers prefer to simply divide the design by lighting or finishing, creating the illusion of a partition. Physically, this will be one single room.

How to separate the kitchen and living area area with lighting

The easiest way to divide a room into a kitchen and a living room is to use lighting. One part can be made with a glossy stretch ceiling where along the perimeter there will be lamps with upwards directed beams, the second part - usual gypsum plasterboard( it is possible and a multi-level) ceiling with traditional lighting - a chandelier. This is just an example. Variations of alignment - very much. But, as a rule, the kitchen part is illuminated at the expense of small lamps( it is possible and light-emitting diode), a drawing room - more brightly. If there is also a bedroom there, then the lighting should be made customizable, with the possibility of adjusting the hue, brightness and other parameters.

With the help of lighting, you can competently and nicely divide the room into a living room and kitchen With lighting, it is possible to divide the room competently and nicely into a living room and kitchen

When dividing rooms by lighting, the following rules should be observed:

  • Do not use lighting that affects both zones simultaneously;
  • If the living room is also a bedroom, then light is separately made for rest, and for usual time;
  • The dining area and the table itself can be illuminated with a separate lamp;
  • If you use a bar rack - for it is also better to allocate a separate lighting( as a rule, directional lighting is used).

Interior zoning: kitchen-living room

If you use interior zoning, then the following options are used: partitioning with wallpaper, color scheme, the interior itself. There is no physical barrier between the rooms. However, if one zone will be located on the same level, the second - on the other, this zoning will be more rational and convenient. And in place of the step, you can, for example, create a room bed to go through the whole area. If earlier kitchen and living room and so were separate rooms, but they are planned to be combined by demolishing the wall, then it is recommended to leave one part of it. It is with her help that you can visually zoning rooms. The piece of the wall itself can be decorated with various design solutions. The best of these is probably the arrangement of the aquarium right in the wall.

Interior zoning of the kitchen and living room can be done by dividing the color scheme of the design

Key advantages

  • Possibility to realize several design solutions simultaneously;
  • You do not need to follow the same color schemes and gamma;
  • You do not have to buy a separate TV for the kitchen - it will be combined, and there will not be a physical partition between the rooms.

The disadvantages include only a complex design project. Fortunately, it is not necessary to make it independently - you can entrust its creation to a specialist. And on thematic forums you can see in advance a photo of how such projects look in reality.

Kitchen area with living room: how to prevent inconveniences

The ideas of dividing the hall into a kitchen and a living room have a significant drawback - it is a smell shift. Fortunately, such a problem can now be solved with the help of special ventilation shafts with forced exchange( installation of a cooler).But with lighting can be difficult. The simplest way to solve the problem of all possible inconveniences is the installation of a screen. It can be activated automatically or by remote control. Methods of installation can be very diverse.

To save more space in a room with a kitchen-living room it is not necessary to block it with wall shelves, household appliances, ungainly sofas To save more space in a room with a kitchen-living room, do not block it with wall shelves, household appliances, unplugged sofas

But if the apartment has only one large room that also acts as a bedroom andWorking zone, it is recommended not to create separate zones at all. From the dining room will have to be protected exclusively by a bar rack or corner kitchen set. The same zoning will be done already with furniture.

To preserve the maximum possible amount of free space, it follows:

  • Unsubscribe from the wall shelves;
  • To give preference to embedded equipment;
  • Use a folding bed that can be hidden in the closet at any time;
  • Turn a balcony into a living area( if there is one).

Options for dividing the living room and kitchen( video)

The emphasis should be on the fact that the kitchen and living room should fully maintain their basic functionality. Accordingly, the main thing is the amount of free space for movement. Visually it can be increased due to transparent curtains on the windows and a glossy ceiling, floor. The reflection that they give, just creates the illusion of a more open space.

Zoning kitchen and living room( photo)