Hall in a private house interior: design and photo in the village, how to decorate and decorate, arrange and repair yourself

The interior of the living room should be warm and cozy, which creates a joyful atmosphere Interior room should be warm and cozy, which creates a joyful atmosphere Beautifully furnish room in a private home - a task demanding and interesting. Of course, each owner wants to make a stylish renovation in the living room, which will delight the eyes for several more years, without losing its relevance and practicality. It is worth remembering that the living room is a room in which all members of the family, guests, friends gather, and hence the interior should be warm and cozy. At the same time, furniture in the living room should always be practical and multifunctional, so that at the right time you can accommodate guests, drink tea, relax. More details about all the nuances of creating an interior in the living room of a private house with their own hands - below in the article.

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room in a private home: design

currently living room can be arranged in a variety of styles, allowing you to select the direction to the interior of the hall for his wallet and desire. Increasingly popular are eco-friendly materials: paints, wallpapers, furniture, accessories - all this should be carefully selected, carefully studying the composition and characteristics. Building materials that do not harm health, look stylish and modern, and are absolutely safe even for children.

Many people prefer to make a living room from environmental materials, because they are safe for health Many prefer to make living from eco-friendly materials, because they are safe for health

most popular destinations for living in a private home are:

  • Minimalism;
  • Modern;
  • Country;
  • Classic style.

Read more about each of them below. The Art Nouveau style is very popular now due to its practicality. Multifunctional furniture, new-fashioned tables and sofas, which at any time can be decomposed and relax - these are its distinctive features. The color of furniture should be calm and natural, for example, chocolate, beige, white, gray. The walls are usually decorated in light colors: white, gray, beige. Decor in this style is almost completely absent.

This style of the interior is very spacious, there are no superfluous elements, the emphasis is on airiness and simplicity. You can add bright accents in the form of paintings, vases, unusual furniture of a strange shape or color.

One of the varieties of the modernist style is the so-called Scandinavian style. Here, too, emphasis is placed on the simplicity and harmonious combination of interior elements, the living room should be bright, bright accents should also be present, but with decor it is better not to get involved. The room, decorated in this style, should be light, so the curtains of white color will do the best. Large windows and parquet on the floor can literally plunge into the pure image of the Scandinavian countries, which is what makes this style so popular.

With a great desire, you can combine different styles, creating a unique interior With a strong desire, you can combine different styles, thus creating a unique interior

You can even combine several styles in one, for example, to install modern equipment and soft furnishings to choose a classic style. Do not forget about the harmony of the elements, you need to add curtains of neutral colors, which will be combined with furniture. Table and shelves can be taken in a modern style, spread a fluffy carpet, decorate walls in an abstract design, using paint or wallpaper with a large chaotic pattern. In general, here the imagination is not limited, the main thing is not to overload the interior with various accessories.

interior room in a private house in the village - that will advise the designer

The village is situated as close as possible to nature, this is what can be reflected in the interior of the living room. Natural stone and wood are the best materials for decorating the hall in a private house in the village.

You can arrange the living room in different ways:

  • Install wooden beams on the ceiling or zonate the room with their help.
  • In a private house it is easy to install a real wood fireplace, and the walls around to be finished with natural stone.
  • Fireplace shelf can be made of wood, which will perfectly match with masonry.
  • Parquet from light tones of wood, as well as fluffy light carpets - an excellent solution for a rustic living room.

If your house is in the village, then the guest room can be decorated with a tree or stone If your home is in the village, while the guest room you can decorate a tree or a stone

different beams of wood are perfect for interior decoration in a private home, you can play with different types of wood and have the original design. Beautiful accessories for the fireplace will add to the interior of the highlight. On the shelf for the fireplace you can install family photos, beautiful antique watches, which will add comfort and warmth to the room.

Nice view from the window is easily profitable to beat. A large window can be left without curtains, and furniture and decoration should be chosen in neutral shades, for example pistachio, gray, beige. The main thing is that the rest of the interior elements should not be distracted from the contemplation of nature.

How to arrange a room in a private home: photo

in private homes often appartment that can also be profitable to beat. Various bar counters, as well as design techniques will help make the living room not only stylish, but also practical. Separate the living room from the kitchen can be done with a large kitchen table, which is installed between the two zones.

In a room without partitions, there is more air and space, so the wallpaper is better to choose light colors to enhance the effect.

The combined living room with kitchen in the house can be played with a modern bar counter combined living room with a kitchen in the house, you can beat a modern bar

In a private house more often than every member of the family has a separate room, so you can use the living room for entertaining and family, pay more attention to detail, furniture, appliances. By the way, do not forget about the various walls, which are popular both in the classic interior design, and in the Art Nouveau style. Using walls and thumbs will save space, you can hide things, place a TV.Various boxes and shelves are typical for modern style, because the main thing in this kind of design is space, which means that all things are better to clean. On the shelves you can arrange your favorite books, interesting vases and statuettes.

Advice on how to decorate

You can identify the main tips for decorating a living room in a private house.

Making out your living room, do not forget to take into account its size and interior Making your living room, do not forget to take into account its size and interior


  1. Pick up the interior should be based on your budget and the size of the room.
  2. If the room is large and spacious, then you can use the Art Nouveau style, as well as minimalism.
  3. Classical style is appropriate everywhere and always.
  4. Do not forget about the fireplaces, in a private house they are easier to install, they will add warmth and comfort to the living room.
  5. It is better to decorate walls in neutral shades, so as not to overload the situation.
  6. Furniture should be practical and multifunctional.
  7. Wood is an excellent solution for a private house, natural materials perfectly fit into the interior.
  8. For modern living rooms is characterized by space, so personal things are better to clean the cabinets and boxes.

beautiful living room in the house( video)

You can summarize and say that the creation of the interior - it is fascinating, but laborious. Natural materials and warm shades are best suited for a private home, you should pay attention to each element in order to get a practical and beautiful design, which will remain relevant for many years to come.

design rooms in a private home( photo)