Stands for flowers: wrought iron floor and other products, video and photos

Stands for flowers - 5 types of structures and their features


Table of contents

  • 1 types of structures
    • 1.1 wrought iron racks
    • 1.2 Stands of pipe
    • 1.3 wooden racks
    • 1.4 plastic racks
    • 1.5 wicker rack
  • 2 Output
The reception itself is an interior decoration, so it is important to pick her up at the interior

The reception itself is an interior decoration, so it is important to pick her up at the interior

You do not know how beautifully and effectively place the flowers in pots at home or on the street? Let's look at this kind of designs for flower stands - they can put the house and in the yard, on the ground and on the windowsill. Read the review and you can easily decide on the best solution.

Street flower stands must be resistant to weathering

Street flower stands must be resistant to weathering

types of structures

Today we will discuss the following items:

  • Wrought iron stands;
  • Stands of pipe chrome;
  • wooden structures;
  • plastic coasters;
  • wicker rack.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for certain uses. Universal solutions do not, so a better understanding of the topic before making a decision.

Racks are different in configuration and are selected for each individual type of plant

Racks are different in configuration and are selected for each individual type of plant

wrought iron racks

Wrought iron stands for flowers are very popular due to the following advantages:

  • Strength. This is the most reliable and durable option of all. The service life is practically unlimited, especially if the products are operated indoors;
  • Versatility. Use these racks can be in a house or apartment, and on the street. In the second case, it is important to accurately process the metal protective compounds to the corrosion did not spoil the appearance of the product and is not damaged;
Stands for street colors should be painted quality

Stands for street colors should be painted quality

  • appeal. Wrought iron stands for flowers look respectable and suitable for any environment. The main thing - to choose the optimum modification.

Let us consider the basic types of products in this group:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14931679624 Single stands a low altitude. Used for large single plants in large pots.

The design is generally made under a specific container size and may have a circular, square or rectangular shape.

table_pic_att14931679635 High single rack. May have a complex shape with lots of decor and be concise.

It is best to look ensembles of several such supports, they may have different height and size and used as part of a single composition.

Of course, you can use a single element, in this case, it is richly decorated.

table_pic_att14931679646 minimalist style products. Clean lines, a minimum of parts and original forms - these are the main differences between this version.

Design can have different configurations, they are simple to manufacture, and the wizard will be able to realize almost any idea of ​​this kind.

table_pic_att14931679657 Stands for a few pots. For the manufacture of such articles used technology cold forging, the metal is bent to produce interesting designs.

racks are often decorated with decorative elements in the form of leaves or metal colors.

A variety of forms are so great that you'll find an option of virtually any size and a different number of pots.

table_pic_att14931679668 sophisticated rack. Most often, they have a number of platforms for flowers that can be arranged in any order. The picture shows the artistic forging with an abundance of decor and fancy shapes.

Such products often are made to order for a particular room or area on the street.

table_pic_att14931679679 Rack with shelves. This is a great design, which are placed in metal pallets or wooden shelves.

Plus these solutions - large capacity, the plants are placed in tiers and is very convenient for them to take care of. Racks can be wall-mounted or with access from all sides.

table_pic_att149316796810 art coasters. Designs can mimic different elements - from the popular bike to animals, plants, and other options. Such rack portion are decorative ornament.

When choosing a metal rack on the street just to check how it is set. Some options are simply placed on the ground, and some need to be concreted, which complicates the installation process.

Stands of pipe

To manufacture this variant products using iron pipes or round timber, whose surface is coated with chromium to increase attractiveness.

The advantages this option can be considered attractive and easy to install.

The disadvantage - that use racks can only indoors.

Consider the basic options of products:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316797011 Wide rack with glass shelves. This option looks original and can have a lot of shapes and sizes. The construction is very simple: the rack of tubes of different heights bonded into a single product at the expense of a thick and durable glass substrate. Also for the base can be used tree.
table_pic_att149316797112 uprights. In most cases, based on the three pipes, between which a shelf of different sizes and configurations. The design has a base flange fixed with special flanges, which stiffen the base.
Stand on wheels. Good for those who, for whatever reasons, you need to frequently move from one rack to another location. By design, they resemble the above-described embodiment.
Thrust stands. The design of one side rests on the floor and another in the ceiling, due to this and hold on. Special brackets are inserted in the right places, then you can have the flowers.

A good and cost-effective solution - the price ranges from 500 to 1000 rubles (here and below prices in the spring of 2017.).

wooden racks

This option is an affordable, to make a stand and can be their own hands, while metal products are unlikely to be able to collect without experience. The main features are:

  • attractiveness;
  • Low weight;
  • Versatility - can be used both at home and on the street, although the outside life is only a few years.

The main options are:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316797313 single rack. May be based on one or more legs and are designed for the installation of a single plant, often creeping. Different style of execution and the height of the stand, pick the product under their own conditions.
table_pic_att149316797314 Rack-ladders. A very simple and convenient solution, which is a structure of three or more layers arranged ladder. The width and height can be almost arbitrary.

Such a product can easily be done by hand, you need a few bars with screws and screwdriver.

table_pic_att149316797315 shelves. In most cases, several shelves are arranged at different heights and fastened supports. There may be varying degrees of complexity and different sizes.

plastic racks

The most budget option, which in appearance is slightly inferior to the rest of the decisions, but is not expensive and is not afraid of moisture, which is very important. Let us consider the basic types of structures:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316797416 uprights. This option is most often sold complete with pots, which is very convenient. On the base can be set somewhat further pots.

The product is very light and easy to assemble - Comes with clear instructions with diagrams.

table_pic_att149316797517 Original interior design. They can be combined with shades can have interesting forms and are most often used as a full element of decor.
table_pic_att149316797618 shelves. They may have different sizes, shapes and colors. They are going easily and quickly enough to withstand high loads.

wicker rack

A very interesting option, which is very well suited for certain interiors. Natural materials and original forms - the main advantages of products. As for the main varieties, they are:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316797619 Stand small size. They have the original form, most often placed on window sills and other elevations. It is used for manufacturing flexible and durable items that are covered by varnish to protect from moisture.
table_pic_att149316797720 big rack. Features include:
  • May have a considerable size and replace the plurality of shelves;
  • The form is different, the emphasis on originality often, and designs themselves are a good element of decor;
  • The products can withstand heavy loads, they can be used only indoors.
table_pic_att149316797721 Products from a rod. Another interesting solution, which is most often done in a single copy under a certain order.

If you have weaving skills, then you can do something like that. The main thing - to build a strong framework, which will bear the brunt.

The shape and size can be virtually any.


You know all about racks for flowers and now will be able to easily choose the best one for your home or land. Videos in this article will reveal the theme even better, and if you have questions - ask them in the comments.