Self-adhesive wallpapers wall

Adhesive Mural (36 pictures): coating characteristics


Table of contents

  • 1 secrets of choice
  • 2 Classification
  • 3 The sequence of work
    • 3.1 Soak
    • 3.2 Sticker
  • 4 Summing up
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More recently, in our market appeared novelty - adhesive wall murals on the wall. This know-how for a small period of time has earned wide recognition and good reputation.

It seduces them what small expenses can be easily and quickly freshen up the interior.

Self-adhesive wallpapersPractice proves that the use of such photowall during repair significantly reduce the time and it will make it more clear and easy. Fabrics characterized prolonged period of service and resistant to external influences.

Fashion photo pictures and stories, modern macro, saturated colors - wall decor worthy of your design. It is important - to choose the right! After all, even the presence of wall photos in your living room can be a highlight of the whole apartment.

secrets of choice

  • Try accents. For small rooms is recommended to buy with a background wallpapers slightly lighter tone than the rest of the walls. This will add the effect of the prospects and increase the space of the room.
Self-adhesive wallpapers wall

Mural on the wall of the children's

  • For accentuation of attention on one area of ​​the wall, choose a contrasting color picture.
  • To create a calm, peaceful and delicate atmosphere should pay attention to a monochrome photo panels in the color of the walls, because it will perfectly into the interior, but will not dominate it.


Self-adhesive wallpaper are made on the basis of vinyl with a protective PVC coating. The surface may be matt and glossy.

they are used only on flat surfaces:

  • laminated MDF;
  • door panels;
  • furniture fronts;
  • glass;
  • mirror.

When printing images on a transparent film and label it on glass or a mirror surface effect is achieved vitrage.

The basis for the self-adhesive photo wallpaper should be smooth and water resistant, because before the process of gluing it will be very wet with water and soap solution.

Another advantage of these wallpapers is that they are not afraid of water, do not fade in direct sunlight.

Self-adhesive wallpapers

Mural in the interior space

They can be used in the bathroom to decorate the facades of furniture, mirrors. Also wallpapers, self-adhesive can be used indoors and outdoors, in areas with significant levels of humidity, curved walls or columns.

Such webs have a wide range of colors and textures. Mural completely ready for use and installation. Due to the special sticky layer are pasted without the wallpaper paste.

The sequence of work


To stick the adhesive wallpapers, which already have a dry adhesive layer on the back side panel to roll outward adhesive layer (easily that adhesive does not come into contact with the front surface) and a lower water.

The liquid fabric need to hold only a few minutes (the exact amount of time must be specified in the manual).

Self-adhesive wallpapers

Mural with nature

After soaking the wallpapers you need to leave for a while to absorb moisture (the exact time you will also learn from the instruction). The water should be changed every second web.


For convenience, all of the paintings are numbered. Pokleit wallpapers need to butt joint, exactly adhering to the pattern. The width of each cloth of about 45 cm.

Cut a strip of wallpaper on a 5-7 cm longer than the height of the wall. The extra length will make it possible to regulate the strip of wallpaper to design exactly the same as the previous strip. Carefully align the edge of the first soaked strip of wallpaper carried out on the wall of a pencil line. Squeeze wallpaper and flatten them roller or trowel, squeezing out excess adhesive.

When the walls are ready, draw a pencil line on the wall, where it will be the first band to stick wallpaper.

Do the same with the next strip, carefully leveling edge and combining the drawing. From time to time, check to make sure that the wallpaper is located exactly vertically. So continue to paste over the room.

Summing up

A paradise of nature, tropical island, birch grove, hot desert or rapid waterfall all this is now in your home, no matter what time of day or time of year, and all thanks to Mural.

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