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How to glue vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing (51foto). Stages walls and complex scenes


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  • 1 Stages of wall decoration
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    • 1.2 The process of laminating room
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In today's market of finishing materials is growing in popularity gaining wallpaper on non-woven backing. This is due to their high quality, durability and ease of care.

For information on how to glue vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing, observing all the rules and intricacies of the process, you will learn in this article.

how to glue vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing In order to carry out a qualitative pasting the room, you will need:
  • wide spatula;
  • bucket;
  • sharp knife;
  • sponge or cloth;
  • plummet;
  • brush to smooth on the surface or rubber roller;
  • pencil;
  • Brush for applying adhesive;
  • meter;
  • scissors.

Stages of wall decoration

Below is a step by step guide on how pokleit vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing.


Working surface promazyvaniya paintings glue

Working surface promazyvaniya paintings glue

  • Before you proceed with the preparation of walls before decorated with his own hands, it is necessary to carefully check all the rolls to meet each other. Drawing and color should be identical.

In order to properly determine the height of the band add in room height of 5-7 cm.

Note! What you need to cut out fabric so that the patterns on adjacent bands coincide and "evolved" into a single element. Doing this will be easier if you cut at the same time two or three rolls.

  • Before vinyl wallpaper paste on a paper basis, carry out a thorough cleaning of the surface of the walls of the old coating and finishing materials.
  • If there are cracks in the wall, they are kindly requested to remove putty and primer. Remember that in order to achieve a neutral color you want to use pigmented primer neutral shades.
  • After the primer has dried, you can safely proceed to the main stage.

The process of laminating room

If you choose this type of wallpaper, their surface can be left dry, smear with only a wall is necessary. However, note that you are using the adhesive must be of high quality.

Smoothing irregularities special brush

Smoothing irregularities special brush

For better fixation of the canvas on the wall, you can fluff edge of the canvas. Apply glue to the canvas and the wall is recommended using a paint roller.

Note! Before you glue non-woven wallpaper with paper backing, select the location of the first band. Often begin work on the wall with a window. This is necessary so that the seams are not too conspicuous.

To paste the strip evenly, using pre-coat the wall level vertical line. On it will be easy to navigate.

To dry the surface for finishing the kitchen with his hands in the room temperature should be the same. Also watch out for the fact that there are no drafts. If you have a problem wall, experts recommend to put a piece of paper under the joints of plain paper, it will help to avoid the backlog of edges from the wall surface.

difficult places

  1. angles

Current guidelines on how to hang wallpaper non-woven paper, do not recommend to glue strip "into a corner" or "through the corner."

During cutting out fabric for angles (internal and external) leave allowance of approximately 5 cm. Next strip must be glued overlap.

pasting the ceiling

pasting the ceiling

After that, cut the double-seam strips with a knife and connect to the full coincidence of their drawings. If necessary, at the junction of a small amount of glue can be applied to the canvas.

  1. Window niche

Cloth at the window position so that the strip with a stock covered niche. Then make a few incisions in the sill area and the upper edge of the box, remove the excess. The second side of the window must be pasted over a similar manner.

  1. doorways

Do not to paste over the door on both sides at the same time, since you will not be able to successfully combine the figure above the door.

  1. Radiator
how pokleit vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing

Vinyl fabric for gold

most of the wall panels for the main paint chip color. If you want pokleit wallpaper, cut a strip of 10 cm width of tape and stick them with a hand roller with a long handle.

  1. curbs

If the interior decoration of your room provided the curb, ground frieze fabric glue the butt.

  1. Ceiling

finishing the ceiling with his hands the same technology with the technology of pasting the walls. Strip glue from the room window. For this difficult lesson be sure to take a mate.

  1. Sockets and switches

First of all, turn off the electricity and remove the outlet or switch. Stick the strip on the wall, and the place where the socket, cut crosswise and fold the corners inwards. Once the wallpaper dry, reassemble the socket or switch.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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