How to glue vinyl wallpaper: Process video

How to glue vinyl wallpaper: video (42 photos) and a master - class


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The walls in the room - an important part of the interior, and the way they are made, not only affects the overall look of the room, but also on the atmosphere in it. Rather original decor views are vinyl wallpaper.

Many apartment owners are wondering - how vinyl wallpaper glue: video and photos in this article, as well as expert advice to help make sense of this difficult matter.

how to glue vinyl wallpaper videoSo, how to choose the vinyl wallpaper? Vinyl covering - it is the second name for washable wallpaper, which are widely replace conventional paper. They consist of two layers: a paper or non-woven, coated with polyvinyl chloride.

This structure allows for pasting of vinyl upholstery and successfully withstand external shocks and dirt. Further, the upper layer is easily decorate embossed or stickers.


There are several types:

  • Structural unembossed. Dense and non-standard material, quite successfully hides the irregularities of the walls and decorate the interior.
  • CD-vinyl. It can successfully simulate the coating of natural materials (stone, wood, fabric).
  • heavy vinyl. Well it smoothes uneven walls and helps in the creation of decorative effects.
  • Silkscreen. The most popular type of material. Externally it has an attractive shine and smooth texture, requires carefully lined the walls.
  • With chemical embossing. High strength and reliability, to fading and detergent resistance.

Getting Started

combination of wall decoration

Quality pasting premises

So, with the varieties we have understood, we now consider the correct stickers technology. Maximum properly perform this process will help us videos like gluing vinyl wallpaper presented in this article.

Pasting of walls can be divided into several stages:

  • Cut the roll into strips, leaving a seam allowance of about 10 cm.

Nearby cloth is chosen so that the maximum figure coincided with vinyl wallpaper pasting walls.

Note! Glue vinyl flooring is possible only on a dry and flat wall. First, the surface is cleaned from the old finish and shpaklyuyut, then aligned and coated with primer and fungicidal composition. Only after that can be applied special glue and start substantive work.

  • The adhesive is applied only on the wall or on the wall and on the cloth itself, it depends on the type of adhesive and the substrate (on a paper basis is necessary to apply the adhesive, non-woven - no).
Sticker "butt"

Sticker "butt"

For paper-based adhesive is applied thoroughly and evenly over the entire surface.

  • Butt glue needed, but it should be particularly careful. When drying fabrics are "cringe" that will lead to a gap between them.

To avoid this, on vinyl adhesive is applied is much less than on paper, and pressed the blade is not the spatula, and a rubber roller. Drafts finish does not like, so the drying must be carried out in a closed room.

  • Pasting of walls should be engaged for 2 people.

One edge of the material web adheres to the upper wall, the other - holds the lower part, aligning vertically. Make sure that the adhesive did not get on the front side. The air bubbles are displaced by means of the brush, moving downward from the center.

  • Excess parts are cut with a knife sharpened by line. The lower portion of the web is folded under the plinth by 5 cm. Holes for outlets and switches are cut after the stickers.

Summing up

Now, after reading this article, you already know how to glue vinyl wallpaper - the video will help set the record straight.

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