Beautiful interior of a living room: fashionable design youth room of 40 square meters with a wall

Beautiful living room interior (39 photos): complete renewal of housing at the lowest cost and the decoration of the room


Table of contents

  • 1 First steps
  • 2 Updating or remodeling
    • 2.1 Full update at the lowest cost
    • 2.2 Re-planning and zoning
  • 3 About decorating the premises
  • 4 Summing up
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For each of us, and especially for those who are the proud owner of your own apartment or at home, the term "beautiful interior of the living room" - individually.
Beautiful living room interior

First steps

Blinds in the interior of the living room

Highlight a guest room, very bright room

Hall is perhaps the main room in the apartment, so it is working on the design in the first place. If you are the owner of a three- or four-room apartments, distribute rooms for their design will be easy.

But most owners are faced with a lack of space. But also from one or two-bedroom apartment can get the most and space.

For the older generation standard was considered to be the interior of the wall, a large chandelier, a comfortable sofa at the TV and a coffee table with chairs. Soviet headset still stand in many apartments and serve as masters faithfully.

In our time, the head of standing good taste, and not tasteless jumble of expensive things in the apartment.

Note! Under the room emit the most spacious and bright room. After all, there you will not only relax, but also to receive visitors and friends, perhaps - to arrange gatherings and parties.

Updating or remodeling

Full update at the lowest cost

Interior living room with a wall

Light wallpaper will make the room more spacious

If you plan to use the wallpaper in the interior of the living room, choose lighter shades. The brighter the room, so it is visually more. Color in this case depends only on your taste.

However, cool colors are best left to the bedroom. Hall suggests quite active, so that even the most daring experiments here will be out of place.

Before you design the interior of the living room, think about who will be there more often. If we are a young family, choose a minimum and furniture, the loading area. Cheap stuff or furniture can be transformed into an exclusive with a minimum of imagination and creativity.

The interior of the youth living

Old furniture with new covers and original design of the walls completely renovate the room

Old pillows acquire a new and original look, if you make interesting cases for them. Sofa, inherited by inheritance, will acquire a glamorous look, if it is to issue a modern cape. Mural paintings in the interior of the living room and decor items made with their own hands, often become the subject of proud owners.

Re-planning and zoning

You can safely remove unnecessary barriers and make a studio apartment, combining lounge and kitchen.

You can even beat the design of the long form of the living room, distinguishing between its bar. This beautiful and comfortable, and functional, especially for a young family. Elongated room at the same time acquire a harmonious and full views.

Design living long

Hall, who united several zones

  • When repairing a living is often raises the question of combining it with other facilities. Optimal variant in this case - the connection with the kitchen. We often combine design living-room as well as integrate it with the bedroom or children's room.
  • In order not to divide the room cumbersome partitions zoned it visually. Make it easy with the help of light screens, curtains or furniture.
  • Good effect in this case gives the second light and design of several lighting scenarios. For example, a hall mark bright light, warm colors better and more light the area spotlights.

Tip! In the bedroom, organize soft light green or blue. These colors are soothing and adjust on a lyrical mood. By combining the living room with a children's area, keep in mind that the latter should be located as far from the door, close the window. Very quiet, safe and comfortable place to allocate a children's area.

  • When designing the living room, office, separate area for the most lit work area. Visually divide the two parts can be skillfully placed lighting, sofa or symbolic wall with shelves for books.

About decorating the premises

The design of the living room with a second light

The curtains should be in harmony with the interior space

Choosing the design of curtains for the windows, remember that they should not create dissonance in the overall interior.

It is desirable that they are in harmony in color and pattern with elements of furniture or decor. For example, with decorative covers for cushions or pattern on the wallpaper. Curtains usually chosen slightly lighter or darker than the walls. In sharp contrast with the basic background of the room will knock them out of the overall scheme and do too obsessive detail of the interior.

Make a fashionable design living room you can with the help of accessories, curtains, cushions, all kinds of puffs, paintings, original interior. And the most exclusive will, of course, things made by hand. Guests entering the house, the first thing is to pay attention to the original detail, which he filled.

Design living room cabinet

Maybe you inspire this original design

Before you undertake major repairs apartment, pay attention to the finished work of designers, photos of which we have selected for you.

Whether you need to make the design of the living room of 40 square meters or place a small room in a small Khrushchev, size of the room you can visually enlarge, using little secrets.

Bright wallpaper, least cluttered, good lighting, functionality and mobility of the furniture - that's the main thing that will allow you to decorate the hall.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

Photo Gallery