Doors sliding into the hall: swinging photos, coupe in the living room, size and interior design

Stylishly transform the interior of the living room by using beautiful sliding doors stylishly transform the interior of the living room you can use the beautiful sliding doors Living room is an important part of any premises. We can say that this room is more important than the names of the bedrooms and the kitchen, as this is where the whole family is going and friends, it is in the living room to mark important events, holidays, it is important that this room was cozy and comfortable for hanging out. Interior doors are an essential element of decor, they play a special role, the correct choice of the model will create an amazing interior, and will significantly save space. In this matter, sliding doors will ideally help.

    • How to choose a door-coupe in the room: pictures and criteria
    • sliding doors in the living room: the photo and model variants
    • Swing doors in the room: simple installation - a pledge of beauty
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How to choose a door-coupe in the room: pictures and criteria

Choosing a new door, buyers often faceWith problemsTh small doorways, and accordingly the placement of the door. With such plans, standard doors will only cause inconvenience. More modern and comfortable option are sliding doors. About this option, we should speak in more detail and disassemble all its advantages. When choosing sliding doors, you need to pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to other necessary characteristics.

When choosing sliding doors for a room, be sure to take into account their quality, strength and functionality Choosing a sliding door to the room, be sure to take into account their quality, durability and functionality


  • Material of construction of the structure, its quality;
  • Size of the doorway;
  • Protection against extraneous sounds;
  • Functionality;
  • Required space for this type of door;
  • Need for use of glass.

Sliding doors are ideal for apartments with small or narrow corridors. Such doors are very convenient because they are easy to operate, safe. This option helps to save a lot of living space.

Among all the advantages of this type of door can be identified several disadvantages. These models are expensive, in addition, when closing, there remains a small opening that can let in the room foreign smells.

sliding doors in the living room: the photo and model variants

There are several types of doors opening, they can be divided into three types.


  1. Swing;
  2. Sliding;
  3. Folding.

Sliding doors can provide the possibility of full opening. This moment makes it possible to perfectly save space, such models are also commonly called the door-coupe. What is this model?

The advantage of sliding sliding doors is that they allow you to save space in the room advantage of the sliding door coupe is that they allow you to save space in the room

sliding doors consist of the following components:

  • razdvizheniya mechanism;
  • Cassette, its availability depends on the model;
  • Door frame and linen;
  • Fittings, it must be included in the kit.

The door coupe can have more than one sheet, the weight of the entire door structure depends on the number of the door. In accordance with this indicator, the price of the door also varies. Number of blades depends on the width of the opening in the living room, and not less important indicator is the shape of the opening, so for example, in the doorway arch-shaped doors this type of set will be possible.

Qualitatively made door structure has the following parameters:

  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Practicality in use;
  • Ability to cope with virtually any load;
  • Convenience in operation;
  • Space saving;
  • Ability to further develop a plan for redevelopment.

Swing doors in the room: simple installation - a pledge of beauty

What can be understood by the term swing door?These are the doors that swing open into the room, thus inviting you to enter the guests' drawing room. The system of swing doors has remained unchanged for many years. Their device is very simple, they are two halves of one whole. One part is fixed, fixed on the door frame. These two parts are connected by special hinges, which are otherwise called loops or canopies. Swing doors, this is the largest type of variety.

The swing doors will make the interior more refined and unique Wing doors make the interior more elegant and unique

They are used not only for installation in the room, but just between rooms as the doors.

All options are recognized to limit noise penetration. Both the first and second species can be conditionally divided into two subspecies - bivalves and single-leafed. A double swing door is installed in the living room, which has a large doorway. Their length can be up to one and a half meters. Such apertures are rarely used in modern apartments and houses, and, therefore, the installation of special latches is mandatory for such a canvas. Almost everyone is familiar with a single-winged type. These models are equipped with only one cloth.

manufacture of sliding doors and their installation

There are several types of door panels, combined, made of the same material and in conjunction with the use of glass and other materials. The first type is the most budgetary, as it is based on inexpensive wood, most often it is pine. Exterior finish is made of veneer expensive materials. The second version is made entirely of wood, it is often combined with glass. And the last canvases can be made of plastic, broom, as well as their combination. In the case of the latter option, it is possible to create completely different door models and to translate any dreams and ideas into reality. The door frame is made of wooden bars. They are fastened by means of anchors, mounting foam or glue. In order for the box to look aesthetically pleasing, it is complemented by wooden platbands. A very important role is played by the opening mechanism.

You can install the sliding doors yourself, the main thing is to purchase the necessary materials and tools in advance Install sliding doors can be independently, most importantly - in advance to acquire the necessary materials and tools for the job

It consists of a pair of elements:

  • guiding profile;
  • Auxiliary profile;
  • Stopper;
  • Restrictor;
  • Rollers.

The guide and auxiliary profiles serve to determine the side of the main fabric travel. A stopper and limiter is required to monitor the door openability. They are attached below and above to the walls. As for the videos, they perform a specific function, they hold a weight of the whole cloth, so it is important to monitor this figure to the correct holding.

This type of door requires special attention when choosing. Before you choose the right door, you need to calculate which material is best for you, which mechanism will be more reliable and, as a result, determine the color.

All these criteria will contribute to the long service of the door in the living room. To install such doors must use the services of a professional, as improper installation entails poor functioning of the mechanism, rattling and jerking when opening. The door for the hall must be chosen from the account of conveniences in operation, it should appeal to all residents of the apartment. A beautiful sliding door can not only bring a touch of refinement to the interior, but also save a lot of free space.

Convenient sliding doors in the hall( video)

At some point in front of each person is the question of choosing the interior door. This issue is very important, and it is necessary to treat it with all seriousness, because it is from this choice will depend on the usefulness of the interior in the living room and the admiration of the guests by the doors. The last few years sliding doors remain the most popular in the market. In small apartments this model is used to save space. In large houses, they play a complementary design role. However, whatever role this door might play, it will remain original and convenient in any case.

Details: sliding doors to the hall( photo examples)