Red and white photo room: interior in black color, living room with blue design, white tones, new walls

The decoration of the hall in red and white color perfectly suits non-ordinary and creative personalities room decorated in red and white is perfect for a special and creative individuals large red-and-white room in any apartment gives a powerful energy boost. At the same time, its characteristic varies depending on the method of combination of these colors. In most cases, this duet is dominated by white, which is balanced by the shades of red in the design of the room. This rule has the character of an unspoken recommendation, the violation of which will provoke a nervous overstrain.

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features a living room interior in red

Energy, Power, strass movement - a partial list of epithets, which deserves the red. At the same time, white is responsible for calm, however, its excessive amount will make the room look like a hospital room. Balance will help to achieve a harmonious combination of both shades. Even when it comes to a hall in which red will dominate, designers do not recommend leaving space without the interspersed white. This applies not only to people inclined to increased excitability or suffering from chronic diseases, but also absolutely healthy. Long stay in the hall, decorated in red tones, not the best way will affect well-being.

Many people prefer to choose a red and white combination for decorating the living room, since such a room allows you to cheer up in a short time Many prefer to choose a red-and-white combination for the design living room, because this room allows you to cheer up a short time

Before you start you need to study the characteristics of the red color and its shades:

  • Quickly cheer;
  • Promotes increased attention;
  • Positively influences the quality of intimate life;
  • In case of prolonged stay in his environment, fatigue is noted;
  • Citizens with various pathologies of the cardiovascular system should exclude the possibility of being in a similar living room.

Also this interior requires more time to maintain cleanliness.

Classic red living room: the choice of shade

process of selecting the optimal colors for a particular room can be compared with the work of sappers. The slightest rash step will make finding in such a room physically and psychologically unbearable. In order to simplify the task, designers have developed several practical recommendations. A universal option is the terracotta. Thanks to its use, even a tiny room will become cozy. The main thing is to use a natural tree for balance. It is not necessary to buy furniture from expensive breeds. It is enough to choose the texture imitating the wood. If we talk about the second color, it is better to stop on cream or matte.

In order for the interior of the guest room to be harmonious, it is necessary to select not only the color design, but also the furniture set To the interior of the guest room was harmonious, should be selected not only color registration correctly, but also of furniture

addition terracotta shade, allocate a few more:

  • Ruby;
  • Scarlet;
  • Shades of red wine;
  • The color of the red brick.

There are no significant limitations associated with their use. Just need to make sure that in a particular interior they will look good.

A special computer program will help in this, allowing you to apply various stylistic solutions to the 3D model of the room.

Furnishing of a white-red hall has its own subtleties

Having decided with the liked shade, it is possible to pass to a choice of a case, chairs, armchairs and other. It is necessary to begin with an understanding of the simple fact - the texture and shades of furniture should be combined with the parameters of the wall. The second rule prohibits the selection of cabinets and chairs in such a way as to give the impression of a "chessboard".It's about the interior, where the floor, ceiling and walls are the same color, and the furniture is different. In this there is no functional or aesthetic component.

When decorating the living room, it is necessary to think in advance how it is better to divide the room into separate functional zones furnished living room, it is necessary in advance to consider how best to divide a room into separate functional areas

most rational solution would be compliance with the sequence listed below:

  • visually divide the available area to the functional area;
  • The relaxation area is accented by a white bed, supplemented with white pillows;
  • It is allowed to use the red-blue combination in cases where it is necessary to designate contrast transitions;
  • Free space on the wall will be decorated with a red triangle or white square, which will create a sense of perspective;
  • It is desirable to avoid furniture with a lot of glass impregnations in the doors.

In a confined space, furniture-transformer is used.

Creative living room black and red interior

Supporters daring experiments can pay attention to the options for living room design in an unusual style, combining black and red. For many, both colors are associated with something inharmonious. If the first one can recall the blood, then the second one will cast a gloomy sensation. To defeat biased stereotypes will help correct selection of both shades within the framework of the hall. You need to start from the functional purpose of the room. More time will be needed in those cases where the living room is used exclusively as a place for rare meetings. In this case it is necessary to take into account the aesthetic preferences of the owner.

Decorating a black and white living room, special attention should be given to white color Making black and white living room, special attention should be paid to white

In cases when the room resting, doing and just spend time together members of the household, red and black combination will be a real ornament for the usual square meters.

The main thing here - to observe a few simple suggestions on how to properly arrange the visual accents:

  • prevails always white;
  • Functionally significant points in the interior of the house are highlighted in red;
  • Black color is desirable to use on the lower levels, which will give the hall elegance.

the case of elongated room, then to the floor spreading red or maroon track, running to the window.

The attractive blue and red decoration of the hall

More and more immersed in the world of design of experiments, citizens begin to try unbelievable at first sight combination. This is a design that includes a blue and a red tint. As in the case of the red-black version of the design, white is the basis of any concept.

Make the living room in red and white color interesting and original can be with the help of beautiful textiles or stylish elements of a blue decor Make a living room in red and white interesting and original, you can use the beautiful textiles or stylish elements blue decor

old house or new, which only recently settled planning to make repairs people requires parting visual accents atHelp color.

Make it help a series of practical recommendations that take into account the different features on the parameters of premises:

  • Bright ceiling complement the dark edges;
  • The material used for it is the Krasnodar or Siberian spruce - the most resistant to external exposure materials;
  • The bed design the rear wall and a base formed in the red color, and the bed itself - white;
  • The blue color is used to form visual accents: windows, doors, switches and the like;
  • allowed to use blue or beige shade for forming smooth lines when going from the couch to the chair.

If we talk about the field, ideally, to focus on a combination of light gray and red.

Cozy red and white hall( video)

Red and white color - a permanent pair in the design art. Depending on the volume of each of these colors, the room can create a wonderful atmosphere for active people or make their stay in the room unbearable. The white should prevail in the field of vision, and black, red, blue and even beige can supplement it. Here, everything depends on the aesthetic preferences of the owner of the apartment.

Design red and white room( interior photo)