Green interior of the living room photo: tones and colors for the hall, decoration and design, bright apartment, style of gray walls

Green color in the design of the living room will make the room comfortable and cozy green in the design of the living room will make the room comfortable and cozy mood in a particular room is determined by the light and color, so green interior room, a photo of which is perfectly demonstrated it can be attributed to calming. Slow rest, spiritual conversations in the family circle, a meeting of people close and dear to your heart - all this can be done surrounded by soothing green tones. At the same time, it must be remembered that such an interior needs qualitative preparation. Otherwise, you get an acid room.

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    • Prerequisites for creating a room in
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green in the hall: the positive and negative sides

versatility of this color Zackyuchaetsya that she likes almost everything. Fans retro or those who are still difficult to choose a color solution for the hall, can without hesitation make a choice in favor of a reserved green.

Separate elements of green color in the interior of the guest room will help to relax and relax Individual elements of green color in the interior of the guest room will contribute to relaxation and tranquility

main thing - remember that you can use color in its pure form, and its shades. Cold olive or fire lime - even a beginner will be able to implement a design project provided a harmonious combination of shades.

In general, this coloring has functional and psychological advantages:

  • Promotes relaxation after a busy day;
  • People who are exposed to excessive stress during the day, can relax in this interior;
  • A calming design forms a great mood for the household;
  • If during the day the room receives a sufficient amount of sunlight, then it is light and cozy;

Thanks to the use of environmentally safe and durable materials, the room will not require general wall cleaning for a long time.

Prerequisites for creating a hall in green

Having decided that the living room in green colors should be, it is necessary to think over the practical aspect of the project implementation. Designers talk about the existence of certain requirements. They touch on the stylistic features of the room and apartment in general, as well as the functional purpose of the living room. Speaking of stylistic features, we need to rely on our own preferences.

The perfect solution is to decorate the living room in green, which is organically combined with black shades A great solution is to design the living room in green color, which is organically combined with black shades

Those who can not imagine my life without retro, must pay at the wallpaper, made in pastel shades of green. Careful attention should be paid to the shades and texture of the wallpaper. Depending on how the coating shines, the degree of color saturation will depend. That is why it is not recommended to take a too embossed or brilliant version. In this case, the probability of making the hall uncomfortable is great.

In the future, it is recommended to adhere to the following practical suggestions on how to avoid mistakes:

  • universal color of the wallpaper is considered emerald or asparagus;
  • Each shade is compulsorily harmonized by the colors that are close to it;
  • The maximum allowed number of shades of green in one room is 3;

If the living room has an exit to the balcony, then in the design it is better to use something close to lime.

The green living room has several functional areas

The presence of a large amount of free space is a great opportunity to change the design of the habitual landscape. If you intend to equip a small cabinet in the hall, then it will be highlighted by a soft shade of green. Psychologists have proved, then in such a space one can distract oneself from the bustle, concentrating entirely on the work.

Beautifully add to the interior of the green guest room will help you stylish modular paintings or other elements of decor beautifully complement the interior green guest room will help you stylish, modular patterns or other decorative elements

considered the most comfortable work areas, furnished in the style of an emerald. If a small amount of sunlight enters the room during the day, then the preference should be given to a malachite shade.

Generally speaking, there is a small number of cautions, the account of which is mandatory:

  1. recommend using purple design elements for visual differentiation of 2 or more functional areas.
  2. If next to the desktop there is a place on the wall, then you can place a picture on the historical theme.

You do not need to litter the wall too much. For example, a reproduction of the house-museum "The Manor of Trigorskoye" in white-green shades will perfectly cope with the formation of a visual center in proud solitude.

living room in shades of green: the selection rules furniture

It may seem absurd to complement a green interior furnishings of similar color. Designers recommend not to rush to conclusions. Concentrate is necessary on harmonious combinations, allowing to really transform space in a room. Opens a list of successful pairs of green-beige duo. Right next to them is a properly selected green and black. No, it will not be too gloomy in the room. The main thing is to make sure that dark green is correctly combined with black, depending on the characteristics of a particular room.

Correctly selected interior in a green living room will help create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere The correct interior in green living will help to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere

In addition to these, there are a few good combinations:

  • «Green apple" and black;
  • Brown and green;
  • Dark wood and malachite;
  • Light blue and green;
  • Gray-emerald and gently purple.

Harmonious combination of different shades of a natural shade of green with a number of other colors allows to recreate a psychologically comfortable atmosphere.

cozy green interior room( video)

is necessary to take into account the size of the room, its degree of illumination, the predominant texture of furniture and a number of other features. Among other things, it is necessary to be spicy with glossy and shiny surfaces. Even a professional designer can not easily recreate the necessary color saturation.

Design green living room( interior photos)