Living room in the style of minimalism: interior photo, modern furniture design, a hall with a sofa, apartments are ordinary

Style minimalism - this is an excellent solution for decorating a modern living room of small size minimalist style - a perfect solution for the decoration of modern living room small Today, in any apartment living all less likely to become a gathering place for large and noisy companies: in most cases, the celebrations are transferred to a cozy cafes, stylish restaurants, original pubs. The present living room is a place for rest and relaxation. This determines the modern trends in the design of the hall. How to decorate the living room in a minimalist style so that the room does not become ordinary, does not lose its cosiness and does not turn into a cold and inexpressive - read in the article.

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Modern living room: the interior in the style of minimalism

discreet and sleek design of the living room in a miniMalist style allows you to escape from everyday stress, rest from a hard day's work. But this does not mean that such a room is deprived of coziness: against a background of neutral tones, warm elements stand out more.

The walls in the minimalist living room should have neutral tones. Wallpaper in modern interiors replaces decorative plaster, interior paint. As a wall decor you can use brick or stone masonry of light or natural shades, whitewashed lining or natural wooden boards, decorative plates opposite with walls of flowers.

The minimalist style living room, as a rule, is decorated in neutral colors Living in a minimalist style, as a rule, issued in neutral colors

Ceiling minimalist room must be perfectly flat. This can be achieved with gypsum board, tensioning structures. The color of the ceiling is classic, white.

For floors suitable laminate, natural wood with an unexpressed texture. You can choose and parquet, but in this case, you should avoid complex masonry. A modern solution will be a modern floor. The color of the finish can be either identical to the walls, or diametrically opposite - black, dark gray, dark brown. As a plinth, it is better to choose flat, veneered structures.

Living room minimalism: furniture and upholstered furniture

Furniture for a living room in a minimalist style should have a thoughtful storage system. The number is not the main thing here: instead of buying a separate coffee table and a module for storing small personal items, you can purchase a laconic system with a wide table-top and a sliding cabinet, and replace the usual slide with a stylish closet. In addition, furniture should be rational. Style does not tolerate the confinement of the room: the room should only have what it needs. Household appliances are recommended to be built in modules, and the wires are hidden behind the plinths or fronts of the fittings.

Basic requirements for fittings:

  • absence of decorative elements( the ideal option would be a model with an automatic opening system);
  • Simplicity of forms( it is recommended to give preference to square and rectangular modules, shelves with hidden fastening mechanisms);
  • Restrained colors( the main color scale for the fittings - white, black, gray, beige and brown shades);
  • Durable, smooth facades( furniture cases in a minimalist style can be glossy, have glass elements).

The main feature of the minimalist style is the use of a minimum amount of both furniture and decorative elements main feature of the style of minimalism is to use the minimum amount of both furniture and decorative elements

designers recommend choosing furniture, contrasting with the color of the walls.

Upholstered furniture for minimalist living rooms should be functional and comfortable. These qualities will be fully provided with sofas-transformers with storage boxes, folding mechanisms, mobile armrests and headrests, which can be adjusted for each sitting separately. The main requirement for upholstered furniture - the sofa should be a simple form, discreet color. For upholstery, strong, natural materials are selected. Excellent for the style of the premises suitable cotton and linen fabrics.

Design of the living room in the style of minimalism: decorative elements

The design of rooms in the style of minimalism can emphasize the subtle sense of the style of the owners, their self-sufficiency and rationality of thinking. Therefore, rather strict requirements are put forward to decorative elements. Decor items should be clean colors. The main emphasis should be either on the form or on the material. The main rule of decor - to observe the measure: it is better to choose one or two decorative objects that will cling to the eye.

So, in the minimalistic hall you can arrange:

  • High vases for flowers as simple - round or rectangular shapes, and with original, non-standard bends;
  • Wall, black and white photos of apartment owners;
  • Abstract paintings;
  • Metal figurines, glassware;
  • Thick, low candles of neutral, light shades;
  • High green houseplants.

In addition, you can decorate the living room in the minimalist style with small beautiful paintings In addition to decorating the living room in the minimalist style, small beautiful pictures can be painted

Textiles are something that can skillfully dilute the restrained interior of minimalist living rooms, add a cozy room. For textile elements, you should choose clean colors, do not allow the presence of patterns.

Perfectly fit in the style of the room:

  • Bright cushions on the sofa;
  • Blankets of warm, beige shades;
  • Floor carpets of low-key colors with a soft, natural pile;
  • Fabric, frameless pouffes as additional seats for seating.

To expand the room will help mirrors. Mirror elements must have regular shapes that emphasize the geometry of the room. Designers do not recommend using mirrors with decorative frames( it is better, at all, to give preference to mirrors without them).The assembly of the elements must be hidden.

Lighting for a minimalist interior

Lighting plays an important role in creating a minimalist interior: light, for rooms in this style, there should be as much as possible. This can be achieved by installing panoramic windows( such a solution, also, visually expand the room) and choosing for their design a light, transparent tulle.

When decorating a living room in a minimalist style, special attention should be paid to the quality of lighting When decorating the living room in the minimalist style, special attention should be paid to the quality of the lighting

As lighting for living rooms in the force, it is recommended to select ceiling spotlights, neutral suspended lighting systems, floor or wall constructions of simpleForms. For lighting in the area for work, a laconic lamp on the bracket is suitable. As a central light, it is better to choose modern, closed systems of various shapes with halogen lamps in the design.

An interesting, practical and decorative solution will be lighting fixtures mounted in the fronts of the fittings.

Fashionable living room in the style of minimalism( video)

Minimalist design of living rooms is suitable for all typical apartment designs: it favorably emphasizes the spaciousness of large rooms and meets the requirements of small-sized dwellings. In addition, this interior is affordable for everyone. Minimalist design will remain relevant for many years, because, any, even the most extraordinary elements of decor and the latest household appliances, can be skillfully written into the laconic design of minimalist living rooms. At the same time, a minimalist interior can become the basis for the realization of high-tech and loft styles. Inspire simple shapes, clear lines, discreet shades and high functionality and create your own, unique minimalist interior!

Design of the living room in minimalism style( interior photo)